We're just pumping out these reworks! Next up, Raven!

Patch v786 Raven Hotfix

[Iron Applause] damage increased: 4060% --> 4872%
[Chain Punisher] damage increased: 8296% --> 10370%
[Chain Chaser] damage increased: 344% --> 454%
[Umbra] damage increased: 1564% --> 1877%
[Awakened Deadfall] damage increased: 10989% --> 13736%
[Guillotine Cross] damage increased: 21958% --> 27412%
[Chain Combination] damage increased: 3000% --> 3600%
[Awakened Overkill] final hit changed from single hit to multi-hit Guillotine Cross-esque attack & damage increased: 31262% --> 34388%
[Class Mastery] Dark ATK increased: 25% --> 30%
[Class Mastery II] PATK increased: 25% --> 30%

Class Balancing


Rework text blah

[Open Edge EX]

  • No longer reduces the cooldown of [Open Edge]

[Iron Applause EX]

  • No longer allows you to angle your attack to get a bonus hit off
    Additional attack damage increased: 30% → 100%
  • NEW: Cooldown reduction: 0s → 3s

[Raking Stars]

  • Damage per blade reduced from 472% → 425%

[Raking Stars EX]

  • No longer reduces the cooldown of [Raking Stars]

[Chain Punisher EX]

  • Cooldown reduction: 4s → 8s


  • Damage reduced: 2444% → 1564%

[Umbra EX]

  • No longer places a field that stays on the floor, instead sends a wave of poison out to attack (400% coeff) before backflipping to create some distance
  • Invulnerable for 30 frames (until you start flipping backwards)
  • NEW: Cooldown reduction: 0s → 4s

[Class Mastery]

  • No longer gain FD on Fade cast
  • No longer reduces the cooldown of [Triple Blade]

[Class Mastery II]

  • No longer enhances [Raking Stars] to [Raking Stars Instant] upon hitting

[Triple Blade]

  • NEW: Using [Dead Fall] enhances [Iron Applause] to [Iron Applause Instant]. [Iron Applause] does not share cooldown with [Iron Applause Instant]
  • NEW: Attacking enemies with [Dead Fall] resets the cooldown of [Iron Applause Instant]
  • NEW: Grants 1 Steal
  • NEW: Gain 10% action speed passively

[Class Mastery III]

  • Steal gain on [Fan of Blades] removed
  • [Awakened Fan of Blades] no longer throws shuriken in every direction. Now disappear into a cloud of darkness before rushing forward
  • [Fan of Blade][Chain Punisher] combo which can also be activated with the
    [Regular Attack Button]
    Grants 1 Steal

[Awakened Passive Fan of Blades]

  • No longer throws shuriken around you
  • Now leaps ahead doing damage in a small area in front of you
  • Invulnerable while leaping forward

[Awakened Passive Assassinate]

  • [Dead Fall] is awakened
    • No longer throws a explody kunai forward
    • NEW: Dodge backwards before dashing forward slinging a chain attack right then left to attack your enemies
    • Invulnerable duration decreased: 70 frames → 40 frames
    • Damage increased: 9550% → 10989
  • [Guillotine Cross] reduces the cooldown of [Overkill] by 5/10 seconds → 8 seconds

[Awakened Passive Chain Combination]

  • Push the [Regular Attack Button] to do an additional attack → Push or hold the [Regular Attack Button]
  • NEW: Animation changed based on which Chain Skill casted
  • NEW: Damage increases based on which Chain Skill casted
    • [Iron Applause] 150% coefficient
    • [Chain Chaser] 100% coefficient
    • [Chain Punisher] 200% coefficient
  • NEW: Visual effects changed to match skill FX
  • Does not apply to [Class Mastery II] or [Class Mastery III] enhanced skills

[Awakened Passive Star Combination] -> [Awakened Passive Chain Supremacy]

  • No longer allows you to press the [Regular Attack Button] to do [Star Combination]
  • No longer enhances [Chain Chaser] when casting [Dead Fall]
  • NEW: Hitting [Open Edge] or [Raking Stars] decreases the cooldown of Chain Skills by 2 seconds (Chain Skills: [Iron Applause], [Chain Punisher], [Chain Chaser], and [Dead Fall])
  • NEW: [Chain Chaser] is permanently converted to dark element its visual effects changed to green

[Awakened Overkill]

  • No longer leaps into the air to throw kunai
  • NEW: Proceed to wildly whip chains with successive attacks over and over. Finish your enemies off with a final attack.
  • NEW: Gain 10% action speed for 20 seconds
  • Damage: 1486% → 31262%
  • 100% coefficient in the rapid chains attacks
  • 100% coefficient in the final hit

[Awakened Fan of Blades]

  • Damage increased: 288% per blade → 5100% single hit

[Guillotine Cross]

  • Consumes 5/10 → 5 Steal upon use
  • No longer allows you to cast with 10 Steal for additional effects
  • Damage increased: 15134% → 21958%

[Crow Storm]

  • Can be activated with right click after [Burning Escape], or during [Chain Combination] → Can be activated out of any non-aerial chain skill

If you need help playing the reworked Raven, check out the updated Raven guide


  • Added Ice Dragon Guy's Green One-Piece (Assassin)

DPS Meter

  • DPS meter now has a skill cast log (accessible by pressing the "Log" button) that shows what skills you cast (useful for streaming or recording videos). It also has a bar that lights up white whenever you're iframed by your current action (does not show iframe from buffs)


  • Removed Grand Master and Mystic Knight login screens
  • Added several more buffs/nerfs for dynamic balance
  • Guardian's [Divine Ascension] can now be used by pressing --> holding left click after performing a [Stance of Faith] parry


  • Fixed a bug where you could not tumble out of [Cleaving Gale]
  • Fixed a bug where 1.5T HP Kodiak is incorrectly named "BTG Dragon 1,500B"
  • Fixed a bug where 1.5T HP Balapa is incorrectly named "BTG Kodiak 1,500B"