Rune Dragon tweaks/improvements, Barbarian tweaks, and a bunch of misc changes.

[PvE] Nests

Rune Dragon Nest

Rune Dragon has always been a fairly... desync happy, especially on official. We're making some changes to help mitigate some of them or allow you to recover from them a bit better


  • Line Drive now updates its position and orientation while the red indicator is still active rather than right after it fades (should make it less confusing when it desyncs)


lol barmech
  • Volva is now iframed during barmech so certain classes can't disrupt/slow down/turn the mechanic
  • Volva's helper monster (that fires the line) is also now iframed for the same reason (not sure why it wasn't iframed in the first place...)
  • Barmech now ticks half as fast so you can recover easier if you get warped out and also get teleported less because hits teleport you for some weird reason
  • Barmech now prehits (for 0 damage) you before firing the tracers to really sync your position ahead of time

Rune Dragon

  • Sigil mech big circle zone/rotating breath now prehits you (for 0 damage) for the same reason

Reborn Apocalypse Nest

  • Damage of trash mobs at Nighthowl reduced by half
  • Nighthowl no longer has an iframe randomly in the fight

[PvE] Class Balancing



We felt like Barbarian's damage was not worth the increased risk that the class takes on compared to other DPS classes

Project Flow

  • More skills can now be canceled using [Tumble]:
    • [Circle Swing] during the first two steps
    • [Overtaker] during the windup before any hits
    • [Bone Cleaver] after you land
    • [Haymaker Frenzy] during the initial windup

[Awakened Bone Cleaver] damage increased: 7482% --> 7953%
[Awakened Stomp] damage increased: 4761% --> 5052%
[Frenzied Whirlwind] damage increased: 8975% --> 9424%
[Dragonslayer Fist] damage increased: 42840% --> 44982%

  • Super Armor of [Dragonslayer Fist] increased

/\c71\Grand Master

Slight QoL change to make buff uptime more consistent

[Arrogance] cooldown decreased: 60s --> 50s


Why wasn't this a thing already

[Overkill] Invincible after 1.5 seconds --> Invincible from startup until landing

/\c48\Gear Master

Being rewarded for doing something right

[Awakened Quackum Crash] - Added proper iframe on successful parry (like other parries in the game)

Cash Shop

  • Added Fatal Demon Warrior Hat
  • Added Pitch Black Wedding Gauntlet
  • Added Arrogant Dark Warrior Gauntlet
  • Added Marble Argenta Cleric Package
  • Added Azure Freaky Bear Outfit
  • Added Goddess Halo Wings
  • Added Firecracker Rocket
  • Added Ladybug Wings
  • Added Moonstar Wings
  • Added Rose Spirit Package
  • Added Goth Maid Spirit Package
  • Added Mermaid Spirit Package
  • Added Cherise Spirit Package


You can access these settings by pressing ALT-M in game, then selecting [Edit GameConfig]
  • Double-tapping a direction key no longer casts [Tumble]. You can turn this back on under Gameplay Settings (but why would you ever want this)
  • You can now disable your idle animation under Gameplay Settings
  • You can now set up autologin via the in-game GameConfig editor
  • Added an option to turn off NPCs glowing when you approach them (gives a nice small FPS boost in town especially in areas that are NPC-dense). NOTE: This also disables talking to NPCs using hotkey (default Q)


  • Chair gestures are no longer capped at 5 people within 1800 units
  • Chair gestures now can loop forever (originally timed out after 180s)
  • Added Idle Gesture 1, 2, and 3 (some classes only have 1 or 2 idle animations though)
  • Attempt to increase the rate at which the client reports your character's position to the server as well as removing certain cases where the client wouldn't send an update at all. This was released before patch for testing


  • Attempting to fix an issue where casting Barbarian's [Subjugate] would sometimes not heal for the correct amount
  • Fixed an issue in Intricate Valley which caused inconsistent Golden Goblins
  • Fixed an issue where you could carry over Manticore Nest's 1st boss's clone's buff if the clone spawned after you killed the main boss and then killed the clone
  • Fixed an issue where you could cheese Manticore Nest's 2nd boss arena
  • Fixed an issue where going to BTG after clearing any content that uses the Party DPS meter result popup without going to field first would cause the Party DPS meter to pop up whenever you killed or reset Boulder and keep stacking up
  • Fixed an issue where multiple dynamic balance buffs of different types could not be applied at the same time by the server
  • Fixed several costume packages that had no weapons but still cost 30k QC --> 20k QC, and people who bought those packages will be refunded the difference (will take some time to distribute those refunds)