Content Changes

Rune Dragon Nest

  • Volva no longer takes reduced damage during 4 pads mechanics
  • Improved FPS during Volva's bar mechanic
  • Rune Dragon Mamon Phase 1 line shot damage reduced in half
  • Significantly increased the cooldown of the suction attack at Rune Dragon Mamon P2
  • Calamity and Punishment Statues health reduced by 20%


Edgy Argenta Set

  • Cleric
  • Archer
  • Lencea
  • Asssassin
  • Machina
  • Warrior

Black Engineering Club Pants

Black Lilac Dragon Thorn Warrior

Awakening Warrior Hair

Blackout Crystal Queen Sorceress

Dark Cassius Royal Academy Uniform Lencea

Blackout Winter Slayer Suit Assassin

Hrungnir's Shield Cleric


  • Added icons for all the assassin and warrior rocker chromas, a few misc items, and the Knight costume items (one pieces + weapons)


  • Fixed a bug where the Ruler's Authority could not be used in dungeons