[PvE] Class Balancing


[Class Mastery II] MATK increase: 10% --> 15%

/\c36\Ice Witch

Ice Witch has been a long requested rework! It's finally here. I changed how the class plays significantly. Previously, most of Ice Witch's damage surrounded [Ice Cyclone]. While it was super satisfying to let the tornadoes tick away at the bosses' HP bars, it resulted in an extremely underwhelming gameplay loop. Spamming the same animation over and over again to summon 6+ tornadoes isn't exactly the most interesting way to play the game. None of the skills really had any "oomph" to them.

For the new Ice Witch, many players will probably see some similarities to Inquisitor and its gameplay surrounding [Consecration]. I hope you enjoy the new Ice Witch

[Icy Gust] no longer grants Frostbite (bubbles)
[Ice Barrier EX]

  • Cooldown recovery increased: 30% → 45%
  • NEW: Also reduces the cooldown of [Glacial Freeze]

[Class Mastery II]

  • No longer triggers off [Icy Gust]
  • NEW: When using [Glacial Freeze], you can use [Ice Cold Field Instant]

[Ice Cyclone]

  • Envelops the enemy in a devastating blizzard before they become frozen in ice. Their body is shattered momentarily afterward
  • Requires 10 → 50 bubbles to cast
  • Cooldown increased: 0s → 26s
  • Damage increased: 125% → 22150%
  • Freezes enemies with 100% rate, final hit shatters ice

[Glacial Field][Glacial Devastation]

  • Freeze yourself in an ice crystal before breaking free and unleashing frozen devastation on your enemies in the form of a Glacial Field
  • Glacial Field no longer deals damage to enemies but can still freeze them
  • When [Glacial Devastation] hits enemies, [Chilling Mist]’s cooldown is reset
    [Chilling Mist] and [Frozen Fury] are enhanced when within the area
    • Enhanced [Chilling Mist] deals 150% damage and fires swords forward instead of a frontal ice breath
    • Enhanced [Frozen Fury] has a faster casting animation, leaves the blizzard behind as a projectile, and deals 200% damage
    • [Glacial Chilling Mist] and [Chilling Mist] share cooldown
    • [Glacial Frozen Fury] and [Frozen Fury] share cooldown
  • Invulnerable while in Ice Crystal
  • Damage increased: 360% → 17382%

[Awakened Passive Shatter]

  • No longer has a chance to freeze enemies
  • NEW: When [Shatter] accurately hits enemies, gain 10% MDMG for 20s and removes the Ice Stack effect
  • Cooldown reduced: 18s → 12s

[Awakened Passive Icy Shards]

  • NEW: Additionally reduces the cooldown of [Frozen Fury] and [Glacial Frozen Fury] by 4s


  • Added Ruby Jade Winged Spear
  • Added Fairy Jade Winged Spear
  • Added the rest of the EXP4 spears
Zephyrus, Stardust, Ruby, Regicide, Kunwu, Dark Regicide

Duck Custom Features

  • Alt-M menu has been supplemented by a System Menu that shows when you press Escape (to view the base game menu)
  • Upcoming Power Hours are listed
  • Local time and server time shown


  • Removed slight delay from opening the reward chest in [Kaeron Trial Nest]


  • Realtime DPS meter for summon classes in newer content fixed
  • RuDN DPS meter at dragon should stop double posting