Hotfix v779

  • Barbarian's Haymaker Frenzy no longer grants damage reduction (15%) for buff duration
  • Added Arch Heretic Shield and Mace to the F11 Costume shop
  • Adjusted class base aggro values (experimental, will be monitoring)
  • Adjusted Reinforced Metal and Fleeting Energy item descriptions to state that they are used for Omega Dragon Gem enhancing
  • Dark Avenger and Blood Phantom Hair can now be colored
  • Removed chat words activating gestures automatically (e.g. typing hi into chat will no longer make you use the wave emote)
  • Nerfed RuDN Rune Dragon Phase 1 HP drain and HP gain reduction on the spirit
  • Increased the size of the Blazing Caldera start area detection to cover the entire first area so its not possible to run past it anymore
  • Fixed a bug where Quality Elemental Conversion gems do not work
  • Fixed a bug where Haymaker Frenzy's damage in the description did not match the internal number
  • Fixed a bug where Haymaker Frenzy causes effect artifacts all over the screen when cast
  • Raid Power Hours can no longer be back to back. They must be 12 hrs apart (should help give more opportunities to everyone) Applies starting April 6, 2022.
  • Added Arch Heretic Weapons to the F11 Cash Shop
  • Added Pink Sword of Light

Guardian Nest (Midnight T2)

  • Venom Ire only teleports away once now
  • Dux Arkus' bite throw combo no longer ignores iframes/blocks and no logner silences you for 2 seconds
  • Dux Arkus' HP reduced by 20%

Barbarian Rework

This was mostly a for fun project that I wanted to do now that EXP4 is out.

This new Barbarian really evens out the skill spread. While there's still a big ticket skill (Circle Swing --> Dragonslayer Fist), Barbarian now has access to a lot more decent damage skills when Dragonslayer Fist is not up yet. Furthermore, I reduced a lot of the bubble generation.

The main thing with this is the fact that the new HP loss mechanic is a lot more noticeable and meaningful to gameplay.

I would like to apologize to everyone for bringing a change that will most likely put EVEN MORE WARRIORS in parties. My deepest condolences. I really needed to work on something that wasn't content. More reworks to come!
- Joorji

[Frenzy][Haymaker Frenzy]

Still grants Frenzy buff and enhances Whirlwind.
The buff icon for this skill has high priority so it should be at the top. There's also a effect visible on the character that should help healers distinguish when the buff is on or not. Regardless, it's the Barbarian player's fault if they didn't properly manage their health!

Put away your weapon before going into a frenzy punching enemies in front of you into a pulp and slamming them downwards.

  • Consumes 40% HP
  • Gain 30% PATK
  • Incoming healing reduced by 95%
  • Damage taken reduced by 15%
  • Buff duration: 30s
  • Cooldown increased: 50s → 65s
  • Damage increased: 5750% → 26057%
  • Damage taken while casting reduced by 50%


Swings the axe while advancing forward to attack and then jump into the air slamming downwards creating a huge shockwave in front of you.

  • No longer gains bubbles per hit
  • Gain 5 bubbles on successful hit (once)
  • Cooldown reduced: 22s --> 18s
  • Damage increased: 15429% → 30017%

[Awakened Passive Havoc Howl] → [Awakened Passive Slayer]

  • [Awakened Havoc Howl][Awakened Subjugate]

Consume and contain your frenzy and blow it off of you in a burst of energy.

  • Heals 25% HP on cast
  • Removes all effects from [Haymaker Frenzy]
  • Animation changed
  • Cooldown decreased: 50s → 40s
  • Damage: 14260%
  • Also awakens [Bone Cleaver]
  • Additional left click follow-up attack possible after the EX left click that slams your axe downwards dealing an extra 75% damage
  • Cooldown decreased: 10s
  • Damage decreased: 8258% → 7482%
  • Also awakens [Life Saver]
  • Only grants 30 bubbles instead of 50
  • No longer consumes 10% HP

[Awakened Passive Stomp]

  • Allows storing of up to 3 charges
  • Consecutive casts take longer to cast but deal more damage (120%/200%) base damage
  • Shockwave after stomping → Shockwave after third consecutive stomp
  • Cooldown reduced to 6s
  • Damage increased: 4526% → 5862%

[Awakened Passive Weapon Mastery] → [Awakened Passive Circle Swing]

  • No longer increases critical rate/dmg
  • Now awakens [Circle Swing]
  • Charges faster
  • Has a third swing that attacks in an upwards swing
  • No longer consumes HP
  • No longer consumes bubbles
  • Damage: 8057%
  • Cooldown increased: 12s → 14s

[Awakened Passive Demolition Fist] → [Awakened Passive Dragonslayer Fist]

Gathers powerful dragonslaying energy in your right hand before releasing it in a powerful punch in front of you.

  • Awakens [Demolition Fist][Dragonslayer Fist]
  • Requires and consumes 50 fury to cast
  • No longer reduces its own cooldown on hit
  • Damage increased: 4459% → 46800%
  • Cooldown reduced: 14s → 10s

[Frenzied Whirlwind]

  • No longer heals per hit
  • After spinning, do a final attack in a wider range
  • Starting hit coefficient removed: 16% → 0%
  • Spinning hits damage increased: 8% → 10%
  • Final hit damage increased: 8% → 100%


  • Visual FX changed to red to match color scheme
  • Starting hit coefficient removed: 16% → 0%
  • Spinning hits damage increased: 8% → 10%
  • Final hit damage increased: 8% → 100%


  • [Awakened Dragonslayer Fist] no longer grants bubbles
  • Bubble generation reduced: 5 → 2
  • [Stomp] 2
  • [Circle Swing] 2
  • [Whirlwind] 2
  • [Bone Cleaver] 2

[Class Mastery]

  • No longer grants Final Damage after casting [Life Saver]

[Class Mastery II]

  • No longer enhances [Bone Cleaver] after using [Impact Punch] or [Dash Kick]
  • After casting [Whirlwind] press right-click to do [Circle Swing Instant] only does a single swing with condensed damage
  • [Circle Swing] and [Circle Swing Instant] do NOT share cooldown
  • Also works with [Frenzied Whirlwind]

[Class Mastery III]

  • No longer enhances [Demolition Fist EX] after casting [Impact Punch]
  • Successfully attacking enemies with [Impact Punch] reduces the cooldown of [Haymaker Frenzy] by 2s
  • [Impact Punch] damage increased: 1000% → 1250%


  • Dynamic Balance now has a popup notification when you enter content if your class is affected by it
Yes that's my character's name on test server. Got a problem with it?
  • Added options to remove radial and motion blur while using skills


Added brand new hairs! They're all two tones and kinda ponytail themed.

Spinoff Hair

  • Added Dark Avenger and Blood Phantom transformation hair as actual hair
  • Currently, they do not support hair coloring and the Dark Avenger hair still has the horns - they will become colorable (and no horns) in a future update


  • Disabled all lower level versions of skill dragon gems as well
  • Fixed a bug where Sniper's [Siege Stance] would allow you to skip a shot if you dodged forward after the 2nd shot