Post-Halloween Update

Thanks for enjoying the event! All of these changes have been reverted and things are back to normal again.


Welcome to Project Duck's annual Spooktacular event! or those of you that have not been around for Project Duck's April Fools or Halloween events, this means that many/all classes will be receiving a for fun rework with the patch which involves all sorts of chaos and awesomeness. You can enjoy playing with the most insane skills and reworks beyond your wildest imagination. This time around, we tried to some capacity to make as many classes as possible have unique and different kits or rotations. However, as with every time we release these events comes a set of disclaimers.

  1. We are a small dev team. As much as we would want to, we don't have the resources, time, or sanity to put in maximum effort to every single class in the game. Some classes will receive a far more polished set of Spooktacular changes compared to other classes. We do this for fun and for the community to enjoy
  2. There is going to be bias. We are developers that also play the game. As a result, we tend to work harder on the things we enjoy. That's just a natural thing that can't really be changed no matter how hard we try
  3. Classes are going to be unbalanced. It is ridiculous for anyone to assume that all of the classes in Spooktacular will be balanced. This is the equivalent of playing Doombots/URF in League of Legends but in Dragon Nest. There is going to be some busted OP classes and some classes that fall short. We will try to address extreme outliers as we can with hotfix patches after the release as we have with previous Spooktaculars and April Fools events
  4. Do not report minor bugs. There will be a lot of jank and issues. 99% of all skill descriptions will NOT match what they actually do since we would actually be here forever if we were to change it. Please look over patch notes and review what your class does. Some things that we tried to change might not work at all.  If there is an issue that causes any major problems, please approach us and we will address it accordingly. As always, reports of major exploits/bugs are rewarded generously
  5. This is not a permanent event or change. You can expect this to last around a week or so
  6. Drops from end game content will be nerfed or outright removed entirely for the event duration to prevent any type of abuse. If you find an exploit or bug, please report it to as us for a generous reward (as usual)
  7. Expect lag. The poor server has to handle the ridiculous numbers of hits coming in from certain classes. Additionally, we typically get a small spike of population during these events as they are often very anticipated
  8. Reminder that this is for fun and to not take this seriously
  9. Enjoy yourself and try out many classes!

General Changes

  • Skitzovania is spookified and rainy (as promised)

PvP Changes

Some changes from PvE class "balancing" is going to leak into PvP. Have fun!

Redecorated maps!

Blush's Pumpkin Patch (Lost Temple)

Omay Paty's Prison

Spooktacular Shop (Mei)

Rerun of the Bewitching (purple) and Ghoulish (green)  weapon series. As well as the Menacing Spirit and other Halloween festive items!
These are all available for a limited time.
  • You can purchase various cosmetic and fun items using Spooktacular Token 2021!
Menacing Spirit

PvE Content Changes

Any content not listed here has had no changes to its drops
  • Clear gold nerfed across the board except for very early content (ABN/Manti)
  • Clear achievements disabled for IDNVC, GDNTA, TKN:B
  • Lumen drops replaced with Spooktacular Token 2021. This means you can get them from most content

Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore

  • Drops 3 Hailstones instead of 5 and reduced Frost Talismans and Midnight Crests significantly
  • 4 man instance
  • All class buffs added and constantly refreshing periodically

Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore

  • Only has a 30% chance to drop Glacial Chunk
  • 4 man instance
  • HP increased
  • All class buffs added and constantly refreshing periodically

Greed Dragon Nest Time Attack

  • Drops 5 rollable gem cores, 1 rollable Omega Gem and Plate, 50% chance for bound Omega Gem and Plate, and no Pure Dragon Blood
  • Changed to be a 4 man instance
  • HP increased
  • All class buffs added and constantly refreshing periodically

Kaeron Trial Nest

  • Drops reduced in half (2 rollable Iridescent Dragon Gem Cores)
  • Changed to be a 3 man instance
  • HP increased
  • All class buffs added and constantly refreshing periodically

Professor K Nest

  • Drops halved
  • HP increased
  • All class buffs added and constantly refreshing periodically

Vein of Sorrow

  • Disabled

Typhoon Krag Nest (Ardent/Midnight/Midnight T2)

  • HP increased
  • Rock droprated increased (except Midnight T2)

Typhoon Krag Nest Berserk Mode

  • No longer drops Kragkhead's Heart
  • Increased drop of Spooktacular Tokens
  • HP increased

Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore

  • No longer has Guardian boss
  • Changed to be a 4 man instance
  • All class buffs added and constantly refreshing periodically

Third Core Nest

  • Vahrein drop chance reduced to 25%

Class Changes

Class names and skill names may be changed.
In game skill descriptions will be partially wrong 99% of the time
In some instances, these changes won't work or won't work as intended*
Some classes got more than others due to popularity or by request

Yes, we know the formatting can be bad and some descriptions/names can be outright funny and some internal notes may be left in from when we were working on it because I'm too lazy to get rid of them and we're copying and pasting these from a document

This was the combined effort of Joorji, Vahr, Vivid, and Gekkouga


Triple Slash → Charged Blade

  • Changed to only 2 extra inputs maximum
  • The last slash performs a kick before jumping forward doing tornado slashes ending in a finishing blow
  • CD 5s

Forward Thrust → Rapid & Decisive

  • Changed to rapidly enemies in front, ending a jump forward into a lightning crash
  • Use Phantom Rush animation (2nd Awaken)
  • CD 10s

Hacking Stance → Thunderous Vengeance

  • Jump up, hold left click to continuously fire bolts of lightning that explode on contact with enemies or the ground, finish by slamming your sword downwards exploding in electrical energy
  • CD 17s

Line Drive → Lightning Drive

  • Dash through enemies leaving wind blades and bolts of lightning behind
  • Press right click after casting to slide backward
  • Can no longer hold S to stay in place
  • CD 12s


  • FX changed
  • If a successful parry occurs (not pressing left click) the damage is enhanced and 4 bolts of lightning fly at the enemy


  • No longer gain bubbles off any hit
  • Building bubbles gives you a debuff that depletes HP every 2 seconds
  • Limit increased to 40
  • Gain 4 bubbles when Line Drive hits
  • Gain 1 bubble per hit at 60% rate when Hacking Stance
  • Gain 3 bubble when Triple Slash hits
  • Gain 1 bubble per hit at 25% rate when Forward Thrust hits


  • Line Drive and Line Drive INS CD is no longer shared


  • Does nothing

Coup de Grace

  • Plant your sword emitting tons of lightning on the second burst dealing multiple hits base damage unchanged
  • Execution damage increased to 120% per 1% down under 50%


  • Backward retreat distance increased
  • Press left click after Feint to use Forward Thrust but instantly leap onto the target
  • Press right click after Feint to instantly jump forward doing tornado slashes ending in a finishing blow from Triple Slash

Hyper Drive

  • Reverted to only left click
  • Last slash rains lightning around your front at the end of the final dash
  • Casting Hyper Drive dispels the effects of Overdrive Mode

Side Dodge

  • CD set to 1s
  • Dodging shoots a homing lightning bolt that flies at nearby enemies

Courageous Shout

  • Requires 40 bubbles to cast, consumes 40 on cast
  • Depletes increasingly more HP over time as you gain more bubbles
  • Does a bunch of slashes all around you before exploding into lightning energy
  • Activates Overdrive Mode

Overdrive Mode

  • Action speed increases by 50%
  • CDR increases by 50%
  • Heals you to max HP
  • Gives 40% ATK

/\c24\Lunares Caelum

Bubble System

  • Hitting enemies with magic attacks generates bubbles
  • Internal cooldown of like 0.1s
  • Max 100 bubbles
  • No skills generate bubbles on cast anymore


  • Warp into the air for a short time. While Aerial, certain skills are enhanced. Enhanced skills do not share CD with unenhanced. Using a skill exits the airborne state
  • Costs 50 bubbles

Moonlight Splitter

  • Blades
  • [Aerial] Counter cross animation with pretty cleaves

Cyclone Slash

  • (Flash Stance EXi) left click after throwing the nado to throw lunar energy forward

Halfmoon Slash

  • Uses instant animation (no lclick)
  • Shoots a horizontal wave
  • Lclick to luring slice, again to HMSEXi
  • [Aerial] Throws a single cleave


  • Ground unchanged

Moon Blade Dance

  • No longer costs bubbles
  • CD increased to 9s

Flash Stance

  • Alpha swordbeam frenzy
  • Refunds CD of Smash X

Smash X

  • Becomes an [Aerial] only skill
  • Slash twice in an X pattern (diagonal forward down) and land, slashing again

Moon Blader → Backstep

  • Changed from a buff to an active that dashes you backwards

/\c25\God Slayer

Frenzy → Haymaker Frenzy

  • 2nd Awakening Skill
  • Still grants Frenzy buff with normal effects in addition to:
  • Reduce self HP to 20%
  • Gain 50% STR
  • Unable to drop under 1 HP for 30s (except for certain attacks)
  • Reduce incoming healing by 99.999%
  • This buff cannot be wiped by enemy attacks

Overtaker → Dawnbreaker

  • Hero Skill
  • No longer gains bubbles per hit, now per cast (5)
  • CD reduced to 12s

Devastating Howl → Deathbringer Howl

  • Now heals HP to 100%
  • Remove effects from Frenzy
  • Cooldown reduced to 15s
  • Animation change, more damage
  • No usage restraints
  • Cures all debuffs


  • 3 CTC charges
  • Using consecutively with right-click increases damage significantly, but each cast is slower
  • CD reduced to 5s

Circle Swing

  • Always does Fury version
  • The second attack sends a shockwave of fire
  • Left-Click again to do a third attack cleaving upwards dragging the earth beneath you
  • AoE increased
  • No longer consumes rage, now generates 2 rage
  • No longer consumes HP

Life Saver

  • Only gives 20 bubbles now

Demolition Fist → Godslayer Fist

  • Now has a fury version
  • Uses BMJ
  • Consumes 50 rage
  • Massively buffed AoE


  • Regular version has extra hits
  • Frenzy version stomps while spinning, no longer heals per hit, final hit slashes in a wider 360

Bone Crash

  • Left-click also has an additional attack to slam enemies straight back down
  • CD reduced to 10s


  • No longer increases FD after casting Life Saver


  • Bone Crash Instant Removed

All bubble gain reduced


Flying Swing

  • Parry block, if block an attack, instantly retaliate with a counterattack slamming the ground in a explosion

Punishing Swing

  • Throw a cluster or bombs that home onto enemies. When they explode, leave behind a puddle of fire

Bombs Away

  • Explosion radius increased, left-click after to kick dirt into your enemies faces

Rolling Attack

  • Charges reduced to 1, does hero skill instead

Maelstrom Howl

  • No longer consumes bubbles, wider explosion

Assault Crash

  • No longer consumes bubbles, each strike has bonus effects

Life Saver

  • Only gives 20 bubbles now

Crash Mode

  • No longer a stance skill, now becomes a toggleable aura. Walk towards your enemies menacingly before slamming your weapon into the ground creating a huge explosion. Afterwards, gain 120% damage but reduce your action speed by 30%, and consumes 40 rage
  • When Crash Mode hits enemies, enhances Bombs Away to GIGANTIC BOMBAAAA once for 20 seconds

Devastating Howl

  • Significantly more damage, longer duration, bigger range, iframed

Iron Skin

  • 300s duration, 10s CD, but consumes more mana

Empowering Howl

  • Bubble duration increased and bubble strength increased to 50% of HP, bubble apply range increased

/\c76\Demon Lord

Grave Slash

  • Right-click has growing swords every slash up to 3 times (check April fools I think has this all implemented)

Dark Stinger

  • Right-click throws you into the air similar to Cataclysm
  • Left-click dark line drives you forward

Piercing Crescent

  • Crescents are fast-moving but still pierce as normal, upon contact with floor, explode into blood/fire


  • Restores the CD of Piercing Crescent by 1 full charge

Soul Cutter

  • Hit count and speed up (just chain slashes together faster)

Vengeance Storm

  • Uses jade ver

Doom Blade

  • Sends out extra dark swords in every direction (grave slash right-click visuals)

Phase Blade

  • Consumes 29 Avenger’s Fury
  • Teleport and unleash a frenzy of slashes (invis with Vengeance Storm projectile maybe?) before slamming down on enemies with a visually enhanced fatal impact ish thing


  • Blades explode on impact into fire pillars

Fatal Impact

  • Left-click after to continuously (4x) slam the ground upon landing


Blink Shot → Lightning Flash

  • The projectile explodes and leaves a field of lightning that deals damage over time
  • CTC increased to 3x
  • CD reduced to 4s

Charge Shot → Thunder Spike

  • 3x CTC
  • CD reduced to 2s
  • On cast, consume as many charges as you have stored
  • Consuming 2 charges shoots 2 arrows
  • Consuming all three charges enhances to deal even more damage

Aerial Rain → Voltaic Discharge

  • Dodge in place raining arrows all around you before shooting a final arrow forward
  • CD reduced to 4s

Siege Stance → Critical Moment

  • Snap your fingers and go into a shooting stance for 4s, left click to quickly shoot lightning arrows

Rain of Arrows → Ire of Lightning

  • Shoot a volley of arrows, final shot explodes in a pillar of lightning energy
  • CD set to 10s

Class Mastery I

  • No longer enhances Arrow Barrage

Focus Shot → Magnetic Thunder

  • No longer enhances Charge Shot or Rain of Arrows
  • Dash forward before flipping backward shooting a volley of arrows
  • Enhances most skills attacks to shoot additional lighting that homes in at enemies for 12s after casting
  • CD reduced to 6s

Deathbloom → Lightning Flip

  • Shoots lightning projectiles while tumbling
  • 5s CD


Frag Arrow

  • Extension core

Detonating Arrow

  • Casting in the air will do Aerial Stunt
  • Left-click after Aerial Stunt to shoot additional guided missiles

Passive Magic Arrow Bubble

  • Max bubble increased to 200
  • No longer enhances Guided Missiles and Cannonade to Fatal variants
  • When 200 bubbles are reached, consume 200 to apply a 30% MATK damage buff for 10s

Awakened Swift Shot

  • No longer enhances Harpoon
  • Now enhances Guided Missiles and Cannonade to their fatal variants for 3s

[Awakened Passive] Hawk Ballista

  • Bubble stack requirement increased 19 → 50
  • Casting time reduced significantly

Harpoon changed to Focusing Cut

Sylph’s Aid Cooldown reduced to 30s

Extension Core interactions

  • Extension Core interactions double cast or have extra effects
  • Cannonade
  • Fires an extra cannonade at the boss
  • Swift Shot
  • Split into more arrows all around the core
  • Rapid Shot
  • Rapid shot arrows slowly fly straight up out of the extension core
  • Guided Missiles
  • Guided missiles come out of the extension core
  • Focusing Cut
  • Extra arrows spawn on the extension core
  • Detonating Arrow
  • Detonates the Extension core on the last shot or air cast to summon a singularity on the core that collapses on itself and exploding for massive damage and destroying the extension core


Punch Smash → Tornado Loop

  • No longer has a current version
  • Now run in circles and erupt a tornado
  • CD reduced to 7.5s
  • Now consumes 20 bubbles

Hurricane Upper Cut

  • Sends out three tornados in a cone in front of you

Kick Shot

  • If you press right-click at the right time, you will do an enhanced version that deals 4x damage

Hurricane Dance

  • The current version generates bubbles instead of consumes and has a CD of 5s
  • Gain 20 bubbles
  • Regular version CD reduced to 8s
  • The current version grants 20% FD buff to Kick Shot and Punch Smash for 10s

Furious Winds

  • Always does the current version but no longer consumes bubbles
  • Cooldown reduced to 13s
  • Left-click/Right-click leaves behind a tornado that lasts for 30 seconds
  • Detonate after the full 30 seconds
  • Or detonate by using ulti or ulti instant

Marionette → Mirage Kick

  • Turn into mirage kick doing a chain attack with wind power ending with a powerful kick downwards

Passive and Spirit Boost bubble gen removed

Nature’s Rage → Astral Illusion

  • Changed to hero skill
  • Instant version does NOT share CD and does more damage
  • Enhancement to instant duration increased from 1.8s to 2.5s

Max bubbles heal over time increased to 10%



  • Air Pounce no longer grants bubbles

Spiral Kick

  • Spacebar to kick up as normal, but right-click to spin downwards with Falling Star ani

Blooming Kick

  • Current version shoots 2 extra projectiles in a cone spread
  • Regular version left-click again after the first left-click to do wind slicer

Cyclone Kick

  • Instead of kicking upwards at the end, chains into Swift Attack hit action

Rising Storm

  • Using Falling Star after Current Rising Storm will make Falling Star do 35% more damage

Swift Attack

  • 2nd Awakening, but faster ?

Flash Kick

  • Reduces the cooldown of Spiral Kick, Blooming Kick, Cyclone Kick Rising Storm, Swift Attack by 3s on cast


Arrow Storm

  • Fires 5 projectiles, CD reduced 5s

Deluge Bolt

  • Fires FMJ, 3 times as many projectiles and projectiles spawn swirling vortexes on hit, cd reduced 5s

Raging wind

  • Fires 4 times as many projectiles, cd reduced 8s

Wild Shot

  • DJ, fires 3 times as many projectiles

Tornado Shot

  • Fires 6 times as many projectiles, cd reduced

Spiral Bolt

  • poo poos projectile shower

Blast Zone

  • Changed to hero skill, can be used anytime



  • CD reduced to 1s, duration 900s


Hot Rod

  • Rains down meteors
  • Fly in the air
  • CM3 does regular version

Fire Wall

  • Summon 4 Flash Fire in front of you

Flash Fire

  • Changed to 2nd awakening


  • Detonates the entire screen full of firepower

Volcanic Vortex → Volcanic Rain

  • turns into fever skill but instantly rains fireballs
  • CD reduced to 15s

Summon Meteor

  • Meteor Swarm, power depends on bubbles
  • Left-click after to do Volcanic Vortex


  • 3rd Charge level (or instant) AoE largely increased
  • 3rd Charge level (or instant) Erupts into extra fireballs on hit with enemy/floor

Rolling Lava

  • Left-click press left click up to 2 more times to continue shooting more balls
  • CD reduced to 11s


  • Massively increased AoE
  • CD reduced to 4s

/\c36\Blizzard Queen

  • Glacial Field spawns ice cyclones
  • Frost Chaos lasts longer and shoots 3
  • Max bubbles 100
  • Ice Cold Field is always instant
  • Chilling Mist throws IDN snowballs
  • Frozen Spikes spews a shitton everywhere
  • Icy Shards CTC 20
  • Glacial Freeze changed to unused EX, multiple instances

/\c37\Photon Mage


  • Maximum Laser Energy count increased to 50
  • When within the bubble range of 10-40 gain 20% FD for 2s
  • Disintegration creates 40 bubbles
  • Linear Ray consumes 5 bubbles
  • Ninetail Laser consumes 3 bubbles
  • Spectrum Ray consumes 5 bubbles
  • Laser Cutter consumes 5 bubbles

Laser Ray → Disintegration

  • Changed to hero skill with more fx
  • High SA, 65% DR
  • CD increased to 20s

Linear Ray

  • Laser power increased, changed to a frontal burst
  • CD reduced to 0s
  • CTC 2x

Ninetail Laser

  • Lasers fall from the sky

Spectrum Ray

  • Changed to BMJ version
  • CD reduced to 15s

Laser Cutter

  • Send out three lasers instead
  • Speed decreased by 1/3

Energy Blast

  • Pressing Linear Ray after casting Energy Blast will do cast a channel of lasers all around you dealing 20% more damage


Mystic Mischief

  • Can not be buff wiped

Awakened Summon Meteor → Singularity

  • Changed to 2nd Awakening Skill
  • Also detonates orbs in the area with the damage of Gravity Singularity
  • CD reduced to 18s

Gravity Blast

  • Explodes many more times before leaving Gravity ball
  • However, only leaves behind 1 Gravity Ball

Triple Orbs

  • Nona Orbs

Black Hole

  • Ultra massive black hole

Gravity Crush

  • Ultra massive planetary crusher

Gravity Rush

  • Creates Gravity Balls instead of detonating them
  • CD reduced to 18s

Gravity Well

  • Added ability to press left or right click after to lift up or down
  • Can infinitely chain

Gravity Trap

  • Slow field duration increased by nearly double
  • CD reduced to 10s



  • Ripping/Contract combo costs 2 enhanced contract instead of 1
  • Haze (A) only grants 1 contract

Black Energy

  • Max bubble increased 40 → 50

Ebony Spark

  • Shoots extra orbs of dark energy


  • Duration increased 15s → 30

Entropy (B)

  • Now only reduces Black Strike’s CD by 1.4s per hit

Haze (A)

  • Also grants Black Energy (3)
  • Attacks leave an afterimage of extra slashes

Black Mara Transformation

  • Bubble cost on transform decreased 11 → 8


  • Send out dark bolts after retreating


  • Left-click to send dark energy downwards
  • Continue holding left-click to do Ripping combo as normal
  • Charge count increased to 5


  • Extra hits, bigger AoE, more impact
  • FX changed to darken the screen
  • Hold up to 2 charges

Void Coil

  • Throws two dark scythes that spin in circles after the final hit
  • Scythes shoot dark bullets in every direction

Black Strike

  • VDJ
  • Hold up to 2 charges
  • Can no longer do the S version

Smoke Storm

  • BMJ

Deadly Smoke

  • Hero Skill


Autoblock EX (Guardian’s Soul)

  • Blocking an attack grants you a +20% STR buff for 20s, no CD


  • Fires homing fragments on left click

Justice Crash

  • Shoots up super high, rains down holy bolts at the apex
  • Fully iframed

Stance of Faith

  • Grants SA to allies briefly on cast
  • On successful parry, buff yourself and allies with a +20% damage buff for 10s, no CD
  • Lclick to fire DA
  • Rclick to fire DV
  • Spacebar does aerial SoF with same benefits

Divine Ascension

  • CTC 3 (can chain to DA again by holding lclick)

Divine Vengeance

  • Sends multiple shockwaves forward
  • Iframed

Heart of Glory

  • Grants 200% STR, 200% VIT
  • Divine Driver instantly switches to the on-block version while in HoG
  • Instantly grants Guardian’s Soul for the duration of HoG

Iron Will

  • Is now a party buff lel
  • Reduced duration

Divine Judgement → Divine Driver (2nd awk skill)

  • Getting hit while casting parrys the attack and immediately dunks on the enemy, dealing increased damage

Divine Punishment

  • Increases max HP by 50%
  • Converts 100% VIT to damage

Divine Barrier

  • Uses caster’s HP


Regular/Elemental Mighty Blow

  • Regular has elemental’s instant cast

Conviction Mighty blow from space

  • Use particle that turns screen black to simulate being in space (I think it’s this? “EYE_LWY_E_win_03_00.ptc”)
  • Hang in the air for a while before dropping down and blowing up the whole arena

Regular/Elemental Hammer Hand

  • Regular has elemental’s instant cast

Charitable Zap

  • Hitting Charitable Zap on a target already affected by zap detonates the mark for bonus damage
  • Hitting Smite, Hammer Hand, and Mighty Blow reduce CD by 1s


  • Elemental aura no longer has a chance to reset Mighty Blow & Hammer Hand
  • Elemental Aura reduces the CD of MB & HH by 50%
  • Conviction Aura stays the same

Goddess Relic

  • Left-click up to 2 extra times to continue dropping relics (max 3), each one grows in size

Judgmental Hammer

  • Triple hammers in a cone

Awk Divine Hammer

  • Fever skill,  grants 200% INT for 25s

Crusader Zeal

  • Additionally converts INT to MDMG at 1 INT → 2 MDMG


Revive skill that costs Vahreins to cast, ignores revive limits

Blessed Sign → Yes, Jesus Loves Me

  • Spend 10 Vahrein to revive your party at the end of the skill. Ignores revive limits
  • Works in the following nests:
  • KTN
  • IDN8N
  • DDN

Random relic sizes strike again

Lightning Relic

  • Shoots Chain Lightning out
  • More mini relics

Heal Relic

  • Also deals damage

Cure Relic

  • Also deals damage

Antiphona Pool

  • Spray and pray

Relic Reaction

  • Range is mapwide, cast also deals damage

Holy Burst

  • Range is mapwide, buffs allied summons to have +50% ATK

Awakened Grand Sigil

  • Summons 1 of every relic

Lightning Rush CD removed


Consecration gets multiple pads (3x, use antiphona pool anim)

  • CM3 Consec just plops all pads down instantly

Judgment Spear

  • Max charges increased to 5
  • Right-click to detonate the spears AWK Armor Break click animation (look at April Fools inquis, shud have this action)

AWK Detonate

  • No longer detonates Judgement Spear
  • Summons lightning bolts in all direction from the EX version
  • 100% chance to proc the instant/extra version
  • Left-click to erupt in lightning energy (vengeance blast ani) in a pillar of lightning

Lightning Bolt

  • Left-click to zap with additional lightning (charitable zap ending ani) before slamming down with lightning (Falling Thunder look at NA)

Grand Cross

  • Consecrated GC has 2x CTC
  • Consecrated GC has no hit count limit and flies at a steady speed

Holy Burst

  • Consecrated HB uses Judgement Blade animation

Lightning Storm

  • Periodically sends out lightning tornadoes (since LK didn’t want them)

Exceed Lightning

  • Also grants a 10s buff that shoots lightning out of you


Some parts of it not working currently
Check back later when we hotfix maybe!


  • Splash stores 20 CTC instead of 5, CD 0.5s, dmg up QUADRUPLE PROJECTILES.
  • MiR cost, 3s CD, dmg up
  • Chemical Warfare projectile count up
  • Summon Buster CD 15s
  • Super Ball shoots 8
  • Alfredo of varying sizes, spawns 10 Alfredos “Alfredo Family”
  • Alfredo skills massively buffed
  • Alfredo Beam chains into Alfredo Drill
  • Alfredo Drill no longer makes Alfredo commit suicide


  • Turret cap increased to 20
  • Summon Towers CD 5s
  • Ducks say “yes sir” over and over again
  • Duck cap increased to 10


  • Magma Monument lots more fists
  • More Ice Hands, 6 to be exact
  • Volcano Punch and Ice Punch chain forever, camera lock removed, fists are larger
  • Ground Zero AoE increased to hit the entire map, CD reduced to 8s
  • Volcano Jump cooldown charges up to 20, cd reduced to 1s, can be chained
  • Slop Cocktail Shotgun
  • Elemental Flair requires 0 bubbles, cd reduced to 15s, reset rate 80%
  • Ice Beam INS can left click into the EX shot, EX shot can be chained infinitely and is a cone inwards, cd reduced



  • Gives allies 30% action speed for 20 seconds and refunds 0.25s CD to skills of allies vaxxed


  • Cures for longer duration
  • Additionally grants 20% damage reduction for 10s

Poison Strike

  • Chain into Toxic Spill INS after striking without consuming the cooldown


  • Poison damage changed to flat 420696969 damage
  • Triple flask toss

Toxic Spill

  • cd reduced to 7s
  • Always uses Lv3 version

Love Sick

  • Is a kiss of death
  • Projectile speed slowed
  • Hitcount increased significantly

Slime Surge

  • Always use Lv3 version
  • Summons more slimes!

Poison Pop

  • Always use Lv3 version


  • Alfredo Frontier CD reduced to 1s, movement speed reduction removed
  • Dash CD reduced to 0.5s
  • Mecha Laser CD reduced to 5s, fires missiles periodically
  • Bombardment CD reduced to 5s
  • Crashing Charge CD reduced to 2s
  • Whirlwind CD reduced to 10s, whirlwind AoE increased, SPIN LONGER, hit at the end, movement speed increased during spin
  • Land Crash CD reduced to 10s
  • Size increased by a fuckton
  • Atomic Blade CD 1s


  • Ascending Phantom
  • AoE massively increased
  • CD 10s → 3s
  • Phantom Claw
  • Hit count up
  • Added extra left click input at the end that lifts enemies upwards with Shattering Hand without consuming its CD
  • Chaos
  • Multihit 4x Chaos
  • CD reduced to 15s
  • Chain Claw
  • Added left click to do Shattering Hand without consuming its CD
  • Revenge Hand
  • Creates a line of revenge hands instead
  • Hands throw hands
  • Rampagew Claw coefficient increased, more hands


  • Spirit Wolf
  • Split even more, dmg up
  • Soul Liberation
  • CD 32s → 20s
  • Summon wolves periodically
  • Specter of Torment
  • Additionally summons wolf
  • Ghost Gate
  • Summons 3 gates
  • CD 12s
  • Machine gun attack
  • Summon totem’s buff effectiveness
  • CD reduced to 10s
  • Buff duration increased 15s → 60s
  • Spirit Paper now spawns many more papers

/\c58\Blade Runner

Swivel Charge

  • CD 5s

Gust Dementia

  • Now moves faster and lasts longer
  • CD reduced to 13s

Chakram Storm

  • Hitcount increased
  • Tornado power granted...


  • AoE massively increased, coefficient increased

Blade Step

  • After hitting multiple times, do a chain skill that link into other spin skills

Windcall & Illusive Gaze

  • 2s CD

/\c59\Over Heaven

  • Hammer, Praetor, and Akanthos, General Dawnblade, Wide Stinger summon the other spirits at the same time,  jojo’d

Dusk Hunter

  • Shoots more arrows


  • CD reduced to 3s
  • CM3 version creates shockwaves that move forward

Whirling Dervishes

  • CD reduced to 13s

Illusion Dance

  • CD reduced to 5s


  • Summons more stalkers


  • CD reduced to 11s


  • Chain Rush no CD
  • Position Shift no CD
  • Many lights and projectiles added
  • Ancient Grace buff duration extended
  • Atk increase 130%
  • Vanishing Spada CD 10s
  • Sharp Hurricane 30 CTC
  • CM1 100% STR
  • CM2 100% activation chance


Not working currently
Check back later when we hotfix maybe!



  • Changed to Hero Skill

Open Edge

  • Changed to Chain Combination releasing a chain kunai


  • Projectiles explode into mini deadfalls before turning back


  • FD increase on Fade increased to 30s, 25% increase

Chain Combination

  • Can no longer be used after chain skills

Star Combination

  • Can no longer be used after star skills

Guillotine Cross

  • Additional hits added at the end with extra cleaving

Iron Applause

  • Hold left click to do an additional attack slamming downwards and releasing a guillotine cross


  • Explodes much sooner


  • Erupts into many more birds


  • Gain steal after using main skills rather than Chain/Star Combination

Chain Punisher

  • Can press left click to do another punishment combo instant
  • Chain Punishment Combo Instant and has an extra explosion
  • CD reduced to 11s


[Unseen Art]

  • 10 seconds of fucking jutsu signs animation
  • Inflicts PDMG/MDMG amp 5% for 20s
  • Skills applied: [Outbreak], [Sunshine Spark], [Strike Ring], [Chakra grip]
  • When [Full Brightness] is used, detonate Unseen Art, destroying the field and doing TONS OF DAMAGE *NEED TO WORK ON DAMAGE STILL*

[Sunshine Spark]  → [Spirit Bomb]

  • Hitbox is increased
  • More hits
  • Damage increase
  • Might recolor to blue

[Pulse Ring] → [Boogie Woogie]

  • Shoot 3 balls at the boss
  • Clap hands and detonate (BOOGIE WOOGIE) *Clap gesture animation*
  • No longer able to right click
  • End: Frame 80 Start: Frame 55
  • Need to do damage

[Full Brightness] → [Detonate]


/\c69\Shadow Monarch

[Killing Wave]

  • Hit frequency is increased

[Spectral Blades] → [Rift Edge]

  • Spawns in the blades from the abyss
  • Every two seconds, releases a pulse of darkness

[Darkness Incarnate] → [Domain Expansion]

  • Dark Attack buffed 30%
  • Spawns in a field where any shadow’s in the field gets a damage buff
  • CD is changed to 30s
  • Broken, (gives the buff, doesn’t do animation)

[Summon Shadow] → [Ruler’s Authority] (awakened summon shadows)

  • Empowers you with the power of the Monarch
  • Summon the beings from the abyss and fight for you
  • More shadows to fight for you (hopefully done :cringe)
  • Lasts for 30s (maybe)

[Dark Line] → [Ashborn’s Arrow]

  • Charges and throws an arrow charged with the energy of the abyss
  • Once the boss is hit, it can’t contain the energy of the abyss and discharges the energy as a pulse, 3 hits of explosion
  • Piercing Star animation

[Nether Burst] → [Night Raid]

  • Jump into the air and slam into the boss with spheres of abyss following right after (applies to [Monarch’s Influence] only)

Dark Focus → Releases cleaves along with cone on activation

Damage is increased throughout all skills

[Abyss Strike] → [Dominator’s Touch]

  • No longer requires 30 (or whatever the number was) bubbles to cast
  • Only requires 25 (or so) per throw.
  • Damage is buffed on illusion strike (non-transformed)


[Shadow Overdrive] → [Shadow Overkill]

  • Lobs out two sets of stars  (e.g. each throw will launch 2 stars instead of one)

[Bloody Sign] →  [Irritating Sting]

  • Debuff
  • Provokes boss for 10s (Not tested)

[Pass Away] → [Gory Vengeance]

  • After third kick, leave behind a large lingering cleave (like valk) (non tested)
  • Shuriken Version, will release three shurikens

[Lethal Torture] → [Kokusen]

  • Regular cast gets no love

Instant cast releases shadow overdrive projectile


  • Twirling Thrust EX loops infinitely as long as you hold left click
  • Twirling Chop loops infinitely as long as you hold left click
  • Charging Sweep charges infinitely until you press left click, damage keeps ramping up to 800% of board damage
  • CM1 Class mastery proc chance 5% → 25%
  • Twirling chop shoots lingering swing in random directions
  • Martial Spirit aura range 5m → 30m
  • Stab tug skill cone increased to 180°°°°°°°°°°°°°, hit coefficient x2
  • Forceful bounce shoots multiple twirl chance beams in front of cast
  • Landing after using Bifrost is a big stomp you fatty, also has really slow projectiles
  • Most skills throw more projectiles


  • Cancer projectile spam is back but better/worse
  • Vengeance from Above has a lot more spears
  • Piecing Spike can be used continuously and theres more
  • Double Somersault shitstorm
  • Angelic Spear more projectiles
  • Twirl Trance more projectiles
  • Dance of Light CD removed
  • Spear of Light more spears, left click also spawns spears
  • Piercing Spike projectiles and left click combo...


  • Fighting Spirit duration 900s, CD 1s
  • Blizzard Shooter shoots 4x projectiles, cd reduced to 8s
  • Gale Stab releases 2 tornados
  • Brandish has extra hits
  • Icy Blast changed to fever skill
  • Fatal Stinger reset chance increased to 40%, press left click after any non-lv5 version to transition to lv 5 version (5 ice spears) also shoots 3 Crystal Shooters
  • Crystal Lance chance of acquiring a bubble 15% → 100%, max bubbles increased, generates 5 bubbles per skill usage
  • Crystal Shooter fires 5 instead of 1, magic attack increases 2% → 10% changed to 10% → 80%
  • Momentary CM3 can do 1 extra loop by left click, fires Blizzard Shooter continuously
  • Blunt Slash freezes for 15s and shoots a frost nova


  • Counter Flare only costs 1 bubble, hits multiple times, cd reduced to 15s
  • EX skills explode
  • Falling Meteors create Land Crush flames, burn dmg up, cd reduced to 2s
  • Rising Lava cd reduced to 5s 3x CTC
  • Iron Lance cd removed
  • Stomp N’ Stab cd reduced to 4s
  • Lava Raid cd reduced to 4s
  • Radical Charge cd reduced to 7s
  • Land Crush cd reduced to 8s
  • Heroic Charge changed to Fever skill
  • Brave Heart generation 1 per 3s → 1 per 0.5s
  • Heatup 0s CD, duration 900s
  • Fighting Spirit duration 900s, CD 5s
  • Lava Raid chains infinitely, creates explosions

/\c99\Thorn Rose


  • Thorn generation speed doubled


  • Chains two extra hits dealing bonus damage
  • Each subsequent part of the attack deals more damage


  • Changed to DJ version

Thorn of Reproof

  • Shoots out additional spikes after landing


  • After shooting in front of you, swing around to cleave with purple thorns all around you

Lonely Cloud

  • Additionally spawns lines of thorns while spinning


  • Always does the stronger coefficient version
  • More hits and more spikes


  • Creates Needles of Despair on location after creating the final spike explosion


  • Added chain attacks after the final attack


  • 999s duration and CD reduced to 1s



  • Slams with Ruination

Taunting Blow

  • Air drops explosions

Taunting Blow

  • Normal cast has more explosions

Almost all skills drop air currents


  • Jumps higher
  • Big boom landing


  • Changed to hero skill

Pressure Release

  • CD reduced 1s, duration 999s, cannot be buff wiped


  • bubble range increased, HP increased to 100%, CD 20s, duration increased to 50s


  • CD reduced to 20s, now cleanses 80 debuffs, refunds 7s of CD → 12s of CD to all skills



  • Changed to Fever Skill

Follow Up

  • Chains infinitely, press right click to use a finisher
  • CD reduced to 2s

Follow Through

  • More nados and persists longer

Kidney Blow

  • Skips windup, falls back to floor much faster

Flying Knee Kick

  • Double hitcount and press left click an additional time to slam down


  • Massive hits and final punch
  • Multi punch range and hit count increased massively
  • Extra set of punches.
  • Second set of punches ignore iframes and blocks and is iframed
  • CD reduced to 15s

Beast Rush

  • Creates explosions on punches

Deus Ex Machina

  • CD reduced to 30s
  • Allow ducking to cancel charge forward as soon as the projectile is created

Pressure Release

  • CD reduced 1s
  • duration 999s
  • Cannot be buff wiped


Intense Shock

  • Only costs 1 Intense Pulse

Limit Runner

  • Grants 3 bubbles instead of 2


  • Press right click to do a extra kick attack


  • FX changed to red
  • Intense Shock Version is chain punch forward and is much stronger


  • Animation changed
  • Shock version changed to be the L-Combo version

Stunt Rush → Flicker

  • Quick combo punch forward
  • CD reduced to 1s


  • Final attack increased AoE
  • Leave behind a stomp shockwave
  • Bubble gain increased to 5

Body Check CM3 dmg up

Domination → One Inch Punch

  • No longer an aerial skill
  • Move forward and punch enemies with a one inch punch

Chain Cruiser → Flip Frontal

  • Animation changed to be a upwards flip punch
  • No longer shoots chains forward
  • Now sends shockwaves forward, enemies tagged with explosive mine that detonates with electric energy after a short period
  • CD reduced to 8s


Laser Piercer

  • Changed to faster version of 2nd Awakening
  • More light comes from the ground

Lightning Rise

  • Changed to VMJ version

Flood Trick

  • Left-click to shoot the laser forward
  • Left-click also drops the field
  • CD reduced to 8s

Carnival Rush

  • Instant now generate 5 bubbles and only requires 1 bubble to cast
  • Windup reduced
  • Final attack emits more light energy
  • CD reduced to 14s

Cast Cassia

  • Lingering tornado also does damage
  • Tornado can be enhanced to a more powerful version by using Carnival Rush Instant

Eternal Light Quartz

  • No longer costs bubbles
  • Always enhanced
  • Buff cannot be wiped by enemy attacks

Eternal Light Might

  • Also grants 20% additional CDR to allies
  • Bubble consumption reduced to 40
  • Buff cannot be wiped by enemy attacks

Eternal Light Soul

  • Lifesteal effect cap HP heal increased to 99,999,999
  • Absorb % of damage decreased 0.005% → 0.002%
  • Lifesteal effect duration increased to 40s
  • Buff cannot be wiped by enemy attacks


  • Duration increased to 35s

Libero Blast

  • Cooldown reduced to 40s
  • Buff duration 10s
  • Additionally wipes debuffs

Hyper Galaxy dmg up and doubled lightning storm projectiles