Lots of setup for upcoming EXP4 content, tweaks, new costumes and Blush Bag cosmetics,

[PvE] Content

  • Bonus drop event ended
  • [Daidalos Nest Hardcore] moved to [Twilight Rays Portal] (same portal as Daidalos Nest)
  • [Vessel of the Goddess] FD now matches [Teardrop] (230)

[PvE] Class Balancing

Main class balancing patch still pending, probably last week of August/early September. Dragoon has a stacking physical damage debuff though that we've been trying to fix from stacking, but has so far resisted our attempts so we're just removing it and rolling it into its nerfs


We were planning on giving Dragoon a nerf anyway, so this will be factored into the actual class balancing patch
  • [Enhanced Backflip Pierce] no longer reduces enemy physical defense by 5%

Cash Shop

New Assassin Rocker Chromas

Stylish and edgy in, count em, SIX colors!

Pick up these stylish chromas in the costume section for the standard costume prices and packages.

Blush's Beauty Bag

  • Beauty Bag drop rate in [Rob Boxes] increased: base roll 1x --> 2x, added a 5x roll to the Rob Box pool
  • [Rainbow Denim] and [EDGELORD] costumes removed from the [Blush Beauty Bag Shop]
  • [Sunny Lifeguard] costume and wings added to the [Blush Beauty Bag Shop]
  • Costs have been adjusted:
Part Price (Blush Bags)
Helmet 2
One-piece 8
Wings 10
Sunny Lifeguard Costume Set
Sunny Lifeguard Wings


  • Updated some Saint, Blade Dancer, Ray Mechanic skill descriptions to modern format
  • Updated character creation class information text
  • Updated elemental conversion gem descriptions to be more clear about their use
  • Added [Kaeron Beachgoer] title as a permanent title to KTN weekly winners (retroactive) - no stats, just a badge
  • Autologin will retry after receiving a Dual Login error
  • Big skill damage tracker now tracks crit rate of that skill (so now you REALLY know if that coup crit or not)
  • Epic grade [Rune Amplifiers] can now be traded
  • [Boulder Training Ground] buff pad now instantly grants all buffs at the same time
  • Preloading some solo content
  • Preloading Rune Dragon
  • Updated [Frozen Foothills] portal in [Garden of Solace] to be icy rather than sandy


  • Fixed an issue where big skill damage tracker doesn't reset its damage counter (so your per-cast damage keeps going up)
  • Fixed a bug where Salad Mode title box couldn't be destroyed