Community Point gains have been reworked, some new cosmetics from Blush, and a pay-to-skip option for all those complain-syndromers.

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, check out our roadmap post about what's coming next for Project Duck.

Class Name Changes

Why? Because Kozima is TAKING OVER

Some classes have been renamed

Old Name New Name
Shinobi Chaser
Taoist Bringer
Light Bringer Light Fury

[PvE] Community Point Rework

Incentivizing running actual content instead of 2+2 VMing intro nests
Task Point Reward
[Party Size 2+] Clear Volcano Nest 150
[Party Size 2+] Clear Daidalos Nest (Hardcore) 290
[Party Size 2+] Clear Typhoon Krag Nest 175
[Party Size 2+] Clear Guardian Nest/Granom Nest 750
[Party Size 2+] Clear Ice Dragon Nest 4-Man 700
[Party Size 2+] Clear Professor K Nest 1000
[Party Size 2+] Clear Primordial Fissure Dungeon 240
[Party Size 5+] Clear Black Dragon Nest Hardcore 950
[Party Size 5+] Clear Desert Dragon Nest Hardcore 1900
[Party Size 5+] Clear Ice Dragon Nest 8-Man 1800
[Party Size 5+] Clear Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore 3000
[Party Size 5+] Clear Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore 3250
[Party Size 5+] Clear Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore 3750
[Party Size 5+] Clear Green Dragon Nest Time Attack 2500
[Party Size 5+] Clear Kaeron Trial Nest 1750

[PvE] Equipment

Fracture was causing issues to how we track per-skill damage (which is currently used for the "big skill" tracker but will be used for other things later). Also as a side note, removing fracture ACTUALLY reduces network traffic between users and the server. As a quick technical lesson randomly in the patch notes:

Each hit in a attack sends a packet to the server and the server sends a packet back. This is why the server tends to stutter and lag a bunch during Halloween and April Fools events since we have 1000000 hits going off thanks to our CRACKED OUT skills. Fracture also sends its own additional packet of data to/from the server for each hit to deal a pitiful 5000 additional damage.

Therefore removing it basically has a bunch of positives and basically no negatives. (boooo, you lose out on 5000 dmg per hit) - Jorj
  • [Fracture] engraving skill has been replaced by [Trickle Heal]: After a successful attack, restore 0.1332% of your max HP every 2 seconds for 30 seconds on a 30 second cooldown (effectively approximately 2% max HP heal over 30 seconds permanently)

Cash Shop

Road to 40k

New Cosmetics

Retro Racer Costume Set
Fallen Angel Wings v2 + Fallen Angel Wings (Separate Wings)
Windgrove Necromancer's Wings
Starwalker Night Cat Package
Black Kitty Mask (All Classes)
Crystalline Emerald Tail

Ardent Skip Package

Due to all the complain syndrome about not having a pay-to-go-faster option for old content, we've added the [Ardent Skip Package] for 300,000 QC that gives you almost everything you need to start running [Ice Dragon Nest].

Note that this doesn't give anything that you don't normally get by doing early game and midgame progression.

PVP Shops

  • Invisible offhand mastery has been added to the shop. Participate in PvP Events to obtain!
  • Roey's Favorite title added for previous event winners.


  • Fixed [Archbishop Nest] cutscene skip switch for parties bigger than 1
  • Attempt #2 for fixing [Dragoon]'s [Vulnerability] proc physical debuff stacking multiple times
  • Fixed a few more expiring cash costumes
  • Fixed a few more untradable cash costumes
  • Hopefully fixed an issue that caused crashes after class-changing and then applying a full skill build
  • Fixed the [Alter Roy] [Warrior Hair Ampoule] hairs clipping through several headpieces (e.g. [Awakening Hero's Helmet])


  • Preloading some EXP4 data
  • Fixed a couple random text strings
  • [Flawless Dragon Soul] is now tradable
  • [Pet Alicorn] costs 1 QC
  • Class [Main Stat] descriptions updated to be STAT - DMG - ELEMENT (e.g. STR - PDMG - Fire for Dark Avenger) which should help newer players
  • [Valkyrie]'s [Afterimage] right click has been made optional. Take the [Forced Detonation] passive skill to be able to right click (like before)
Same deal as LK's Awakened Eclipse and Gladiator's Feint