Crafting Interface

  • Renamed Twilight Luna Set --> Twilight Luna
  • Ardent Dawn can now be crafted using Red Dragon Nest Scales and Wraths

[PvE] Debuff Duration Pass

/\c76\Dark Avenger

[Nightmare Dark Stinger] debuff duration 10s --> 20s
[Nightmare Soul Cutter] debuff duration 15s --> 20s

/\c81\Silver Hunter

[New Razor Wind] debuff duration 10s --> 20s


[Volcano Punch] debuff duration 10s --> 20s


  • Ruina [Exploding Palm EX] description now correctly matches the debuff time of 20s
  • Saint [Protection Shell] is now properly affected by skill plates
  • Saint [Awakened Holy Burst] and [Relic Reaction] now properly work on Relics affected by [Immortality]
  • Paladin [Elemental Aura] and [Conviction Aura] buff icon no longer shows up on allied buff bars
  • Starry Night costumes should now be fixed for Assassin
  • Starry Night warrior costumes are now accessible in the Player Request Shop
  • Monk costumes should now be server storageable


  • Channel list after character select now refreshes every few seconds when town server is not up so you can get in as soon as town server comes up after maintenances
  • Twilight Fragments and Luna Fragments have updated descriptions and icons for clarity
  • Laid down groundwork for party DPS stats (per gate and entire raid)
  • Laid down groundwork for a few new chat commands
  • Preloading new town BGM by egane#9234 (for after Christmas!)