From all the devs on Project Duck, we wish y'all a happy holidays and hope everyone is safe and healthy. We've got some festivities and events for you to enjoy!


  • Decorated and as festive as ever

PvE Challenge

We still have the ongoing PvE challenge event. We're planning on adding more challenges as we get closer to Christmas day! Here is the information for the ongoing event and the new events:

Standard Challenge
Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore

  1. First to clear in a party of 4
  2. First to clear in a party of 4 or less NO DEATH

Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore
3. First to clear in a party of 5 or less NO DEATH
4. Lowest party member clear
5. Fastest clear with all male classes
6. Fastest clear with all female classes

Playful Challenges

  1. All players take the same platform route in Red Dragon Nest (Any difficulty)
  2. Clear Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore Dragon Phase 1 (Crystal Pushing) without killing the punishers
  3. Defeat Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore Kodiak (Boss 1) without a healer class (Saint, Physician, Light Bringer, Lustre)
  4. Clear Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore after FAILING the 50% Brazier lighting mech vs Ice Dragon Guy and NOT using a healer skill for the rest of the fight (Saint, Physician, Light Bringer, Lustre); Includes outside healing skills such as Slime Sacrifice, Healing Relics, and Balm of Azuna, Gerrant plate, Tinkerer Food (YUM-A-TRON), Dancer heals


  1. 45 Box of Lumens, 30,000 EC
  2. 60 Box of Lumens, 60,000 EC + Title
  3. 75 Box of Lumens, 50,000 EC + Title
  4. 100 Box of Lumens, 60,000 EC +Title
  5. 35 Box of Lumens, 25,000 EC
  6. 35 Box of Lumens, 25,000 EC

Playful Challenge Rewards

  1. 15,000 EC
  2. 15,000 EC
  3. 15,000 EC
  4. 15 Box of Lumens + 20,000 EC + Title

Rules & Details

  • Players must submit the names of all party members of the clearing party with provided IGNs as well as the challenge name or number they are attempting
  • Submissions must be within the event period and in #pve-challenge-event
  • Players CAN NOT win multiple standard challenges with a single post/run
  • Playful Challenge submissions must be in video format uploaded to Youtube or Streamable
  • Each person can only win one standard challenge from each nest, you can for example win 1 RDNVC challenge and 1 IDNHC challenge

Submission Period:
Open December 8, 2020 through December 31, 2020 @ 11:59 PST

Speedy Holiday Progression

Speed up your progression and prep materials for the release of Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore!


  • Lumen drop count in all content increased by 20%

Black Dragon Memoria 1 - 3

  • Slayer Point drop rate doubled

Volcano Nest

  • Lava Spark drop rate doubled

Guardian Nest

  • Sealed Midnight Crest drop rate doubled

Granom Nest

  • Sealed Frost Talisman drop rate doubled

Ice Dragon Nest 4 Man

  • Snowball drop rate doubled

Black Dragon Nest Hardcore

  • Twilight and Luna fragments drop rate doubled
  • Drops one extra Steve's Fiend Coupon

Red Dragon Nest Easy

  • Wrath and Scale drop rate doubled

Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore

  • Wrath and Scale drop rate doubled
  • Doubled Evolving Radiance accessory drop rate
  • Bonus Luminous Sparks

Ice Dragon Nest 8 Man

  • Snowball drop rate doubled

Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore

  • Hailstone drop rate doubled

Overlord Zeke

Crystal Point Shop

  • Steve's Fiend Coupon cost reduced by 25%

Illusive Burst Shop

  • Lunarburst Slayer Point cost reduced by 50%
  • Dawnburst Lebrium Point cost reduced by 50%

Santa Orc's Run

Santa Orc has emerged inside of the Garden of Solace! You can find his hideout in the Event Nest portal

Event Details

Attack Santa orc to collect his goodie bags! He may drop some naughty items for you. Be sure to avoid those.
  • Enter a party of up to 8 people
  • Unlimited attempts and clears
  • No revives(?)
  • Time limit: 5 minutes
Open the goodie bags for lots of well.... goodies... You won't know what's inside until you open one (or take a look at the bag on Minerva I guess if that's what you're into, beats me. Just get in the holiday spirit already will ya?


We have a variety of costumes launching this patch! Hope they all bring you the Christmas joy and warm your hearts. Remember if you want a specific costume pushed to be added into the server quicker, make your request in #costume-set-requests in the discord!
P.S. Ignore Vandar costumes in pictures, WE ARE NOT RELEASING HIM YET!!!
Silent Night Wings + Tail
Silent Night Costume Set
Royal Night Costume Set
Holy Night Costume Set
Silent Night Weapons
Starry Night Costume Set (obtainable through Auj Angery Pandora Boxes)
Sapphire Bunny Set
Crimson Bunny Set
Gold Bunny Set
Traditional Japan Costume Set
Royal Night Wings + Tail AND Starry Night Costume Set (obtainable through Auj Angery Pandora Boxes)