Just a small patch again to bring in the environment changes, clarity, QoL, and preloading some new content so we can work better, as well as some cash shop updates!

Snowy Skitzovania

  • Silent Night music added
  • Christmas props will be added next patch
Do you know how long I worked to get this to look decent???



  • Garden of Solace now resets CDs upon entering (just like Frozen Foothills)
  • Login screen snowed up

Crafting Interface

  • Removed all of the unused recipes from Belin's crafting menu
  • Prep some crafting recipes for next major patch


  • Anniversary shop removed from Kylie to avoid confusion
  • Count Crockula removed from Skitzovania
  • Magic grade talismans removed from GM.X Talisman Exchange shop
  • Aujere Talismans at GM.X Talisman Exchange shop changed from costing Aujeres to Parchment of Trial
  • Aujere removed from Crystal Point shop
  • Revamp Exchange shop at Overlord Zeke organized
  • Redundant/legacy items removed from Revamp Exchange shop


  • Impactor skill descriptions updated based on community feedback
  • Partial Lunar Knight skill description rewrite

Cash Shop

  • Added Alpha Series Title Box
  • Added Beta Series Title Box
  • Added Meme Series Title Box
  • Moved Black Dragon cosmetic items to the weapons tab instead of the featured product tab
  • Added the Awakened Rocker costume set ("Rocker 2.0")

Please note that there are particle effects in the preview windows in-game, however there is a bug that causes them to not appear in the overworld (except on the weapon). We are working on fixing this!


  • Frozen Foothills adjusted to make space for a new portal
  • GDNTA added to Hall of G (can't enter yet)
  • New gacha-boxes for rare cosmetics soon™
  • We're working on adding Xsolla as a payment provider so that those of you who keep getting US State Department'd by PayPal are able to donate