Short patch to fix up some issues, QoL, and preload some stuff for a future major content patch.

GM.X Shop

  • Golden Wind Weapon Tuner/Converter price dropped from 2500g to 250g
  • GM.X now has a new shop that sells engraving scroll packs (for weapon/armor) which can be purchased using Scroll Fragments (obtained by extracting engravings)


  • Subglacial Rune, Abyssal Rune, Bloodlust Rune can now be sold for 40g
  • Lake Dragon Gems renamed --> Frost Dragon Gems
  • Preloaded some stuff to prepare for GDNTA/IDNVC release
  • Ch. 4 is removed since we have less players now. Now we have the true 69 (next maintenance)
  • Garden of Solace portal visual updated


  • Downy accessories should now be server storageable/sellable
  • Desert Dragon Nest should now be clearable
  • Valkyrie's [Champagne] should now create the buff more consistently
  • Crusader's [Awakened Passive Shin Breaker] description fixed