Smol patch to get some bugfixes and minor changes out. Also a new costume set in the cash shop!

Also Vahr got two adorable kitties and is working hard on IDN Vahrcore

Shion on the right and Taka on the left

Party FX

Reduced party-visible FX for the following classes, which should improve visual clarity in raids and improve performance:

  • Valkyrie
  • Raven

Still working on more classes

Cash Shop

Seaside Marine Costume Set

Available in the cash shop at the usual prices

Rocker Chromas

Added the long awaited warrior White Toxic Rocker chroma

Other chromas coming soon (probably after Vahrcore)


  • [Duckling] title can be destroyed
  • [Typhoon Krag Nest] no longer has the weird blank chest selection screen
  • [Gear Master] [Extreme Tower] fix attempt?


  • Point descriptions updated to be more helpful and not confusingly referring to live DN things
  • Couple of item tooltips updated to be more clear on usage and acquisition
  • [Epic Rune Amplifiers] can now be destroyed (still subject to the cash inventory waiting period though)
  • [Desert Dragon Nest Hardcore] no longer has a timer
  • [Golden Goose VIP] now lasts for 30 days instead of 7 (we tried making it permanent the same way the other expansions did but the game didn't like it)
  • [Golden Goose VIP] removed from the [Duckling Starter Bag] because people thought it applied by just being in your inventory but no it's just bugged (lmao). It's cheap in the shop anyway
  • Introduced new map trigger script programming language and compiler into our developer toolchain and migrated BTG and DDNHC to use it (so if you notice something weird with BTG or DDNHC let us know its probably the new compiler)
More kitty pictures