Lots of PvE content related changes, party buff adjustments, tons of PvP rewards, and new cash shop items!

[PvE] Class Balancing 20

Good-bye "pioneer" comps 👋


[Party Spirit Boost]

  • 30% AS/CDR → 15% AS/CD
  • Duration 9s → 10s
  • Penalty 25% → 15%


[Party Fast Forward]

  • 80% CDR → 40% CDR
  • Penalty 25% → 15%


[Party Dance Elves] .75% per 1% → .33% per 1%

[Party Mino]

  • 30% ATK → 15% ATK
  • Penalty 25% → 10%


[Party Crow]

  • 1% per 1% → .5% per 1%
  • Penalty 20% → 10%


Too much support utility while doing too much damage, thus there is a reversion of some buffs that are unnecessary.

[Eternal Light Soul]

  • ATK 10% → 5%
  • 400k maximum heal → 2m maximum heal
  • .025% heal → .005%(40 billion damage requirement for reaching cap heal)
  • Heal duration 15s → 20s

[Countdown] 40 sec CD → 60 sec CD

[Carnival Rush] bugfix

  • Can no longer cast multiple carnival rush INS under enough CDR
  • 8250% → 7000%

[PvE] Content/Progression

We've gotten a lot of feedback from y'all and someone flavorize the flavorizer - I mean, this is the progression of PvE progression its way too fucking late at night just enjoy this flavor text
  • Twilight Luna enhancing gold cost reduced by 25%
  • [Legacy Ice Dragon (8-man)] plates and talismans now drop 2 bound per player and 2 party rollable
  • You can no longer use Health Pots in [Legacy Ice Dragon (4-man)] Deferred due to DN spaghetti code
  • Guardian Nest Guardian boss fight timer extended from 5 minutes to 7 minutes
  • Added several upcoming new progression items to the game

For those of you in the gearing-up process, especially around the Ardent Dawn area, we're still working on changes to make it less... cancerous (and as much as we'd like to point out that those before you had no problems with it, well... again, there still hasn't been an RDN VC clear in over two weeks now and the system is designed around regularly clearing RDN VC). Stay tuned! 💫

Since the event was so successful, we decided to keep some of the drop increases as a permanent change. Here are the drop rate increases that are now permanently active:

  • Garnet and Garnet Fragments drop rate x2
  • Pillowsheep Stuffing drop rate x2
  • Black Dragon Nest HC drop drop rate x2 (except Vahrcoins)
  • Black Dragon Memoria drop rate x2
  • Red Dragon Memoria drop rate x3 (event was x4)
  • Red Dragon Nest HC and VC Wrath and Scale drop rate x2


When we originally thought up the Lumens system we intended to add it to basically every mainstream bit of content we have, but due to various factors we didn't. But now we are!
  • Existing [Lumens] that you have are now [Box of Lumens] and are worth 100 [Lumens]. Convert to the new [Lumens] by right clicking on them or using an [Automatic Box Opener].
  • Crafting options that require Lumens are adjusted proportionally (multiplied by 100) or require [Box of Lumens]
  • You can convert 100 [Lumens] to a [Box of Lumens] at NPC Zeke
  • The new [Lumens] stack up to 32,000 and now drop from the following:
Location Amount
Legacy Ice Dragon (8-man) 1,000 (unchanged)
Legacy Ice Dragon (4-man) 450
Red Dragon Nest (Vahrcore) 1350
Red Dragon Nest (Hardcore) 900
Red Dragon Nest (Memoria) 65
Desert Dragon (Endgame) 800
Black Dragon Nest (Hardcore) 450
Black Dragon Nest (Memoria 1) 30
Black Dragon Nest (Memoria 2) 75
Black Dragon Nest (Memoria 3) 60
Guardian Nest 360
Granom Nest 360
Typhoon Krag Nest 75
Volcano Nest 40
Third Core Nest 65
Daidalos Nest (Hardcore) 130
Daidalos Nest 45
Manticore Nest 35
Archbishop Nest 15
We know that some of these appear to have some significant downward bias in terms of lumens/minute especially in the lower content, but we're taking this conservatively due to several factors (including some non-obvious ones). We'll likely ramp some of these up based on monitoring and certain factors being taken care of later.

New NPC: Kaye

  • The Ice Dragon EXC shop has been moved from Zeke to a new NPC, Kaye
  • Kaye also has the Midnight Crest and Frost Talisman shops (see below)
  • You can also exchange 100 [Lumens] for 1 [Box of Lumens] (in case you start running out of space for lumens)

Midnight Crests and Frost Talismans

TL;DR you can now buy the base talis/crest you want (e.g. Brutal, Wise) using fragments/essences, and you can now reroll talis/crests into ones that guarantee a third stat.
Wow such flowchart much cool
  • You can now purchase Midnight Crests/Frost Talismans of a specific type from [Kaye], at 2 fragments/essences each
  • You can now purchase Midnight Crest Rerollers and Frost Talismans from [Kaye], at 6 fragments/essences each
  • Using a reroller converts a crest/talisman into its Infused version, which is guaranteed to have a third stat; rates are available on Minerva as usual
  • You can continue to reroll an Infused crest/talisman to try for another third stat (they're tradable too!)

[PVP] Content

UhFrog has joined the battle!

  • Location: Duck Colosseum Fountain
Absolute Fiend.

Weapon Rewards Shop

Special thanks to Salad and new developer Assfking for making these shops happen much quicker than anticipated.
Dust off your weapons as we bring back old-but-gold weapons. Each class will have weapons of various grades from previous caps. Weapons vary at 100, 200, or 300 warrior trophies.

Note: The sword shop has moved here.

If your desired weapon is not in the shop, do make a request in the discord. - Assfking
Showcasing Tinkerer's shop

[Exclusive] Weapon Rewards Shop

This section's selection will be rotated out later in the future. In celebration of the new weapon shop, we are introducing the "Black Rose Butterfly" weapon costumes into the game!

Master Shop

This shop contains materials and other items PvPers may need.
To enhance all these new weapons for glows :)
A wide selection of skill crests at your disposal.

[PvP] Class Balancing

roy do your thing


[Feint] cooldown increased from 16s → 20s
[Triple Slash EX] first right click attack's AoE nerfed slightly to match the animation
[Forward Thrust EX]'s 360 AoE nerfed to be 180 degrees in front of the player


[Spiral Kick EX]'s spacebar input SAb decreased from 450 → 200


[Jump] takes priority over [Burning Escape] for the spacebar input when [Jump] is available


[Blade Runner] SAb changed from 200 + 400 → 200 + 200


  • Cooldown changed from 16 → 15s
  • Hitbox adjusted to be more reliable

[Mortal Blow]

  • Level 11 gives 1 CTC
  • Cooldown increased from 22s → 28s
  • SA nerfed from 400 → 300
  • SAb changed from 100 + 500 → 150 + 450

[Shinobi Drop] damage nerfed by ~16.67%
[Flame Locust] SAb changed from 200 * 2 → 400 + 200


[Applause EX]

  • 2nd attack sickle AoE slightly increased
  • 2nd attack on chains damage reduced from 100% → 30%
  • Hitstate changed from Lift to Knockdown
  • SAb decreased from 100 → 50


[Blade Runner EX] SAb changed from 100 + 500 + 200 → 200 * 2 + 400.
[Barrage EX] SAb increased from 100 + 150 * 4 + 600/400 → 100 + 200 * 4 + 600/400
[Flame Locust EX] SAb changed from 200 * 2 + 400 → 400 + 200 + 400. SA on 3rd hit changed from sharing the original 400 SA to 200.


[Frosty Cross] damage doubled
[Gale Stab] damage increased by 80%
[Brandish] allows to be walked out of 40 frames sooner


[Injury Combo] cooldown increased from 5s → 10s
[Subconcious] completely camera locked
[Bloodshot] cooldown increased from 8s →16s


  • Suction AoE reduced
  • Suction's SAb decreased from 50/hit → 25/hit
  • SAb of orb increased from 30/hit → 50/hit

[Infection] SAb on 1st thorn attack decreased from 1000 → 200


[Beat Down] AoE nerfed slightly
[Aerial Parry] cooldown reduced from 60s → 45s


[Pressure Burst] SA changed from 600 refreshing → 700
[Follow Up EX] made cancellable by Ducking at anytime after the 2nd hit and before the last
[Pressure Release Attack] cooldown reduction effect on Ducking decreased from 85% → 50%
[Kidney Blow] EX changed, to use the 2nd attack hold the Regular Attack Button


[Beat Down EX]'s AoE nerfed slightly
[Aerial Parry EX] cooldown decreased from 60s → 50s
[Pressure Release Defense]'s cooldown reduction effect on Ducking decreased from 85% → 50%


[Trigger] only allows for the Dimensional Trigger to be summoned


[Stunt Rush EX]

  • Intense Shock's action speed increased by 20%
  • AoE increased slightly

[L-Action EX]

  • Intense Shock's action speed increased by 20%
  • AoE increased slightly

[L-Combo EX]

  • Intense Shock's action speed increased by 20%
  • AoE increased slightly


[Lightning Rise EX] iframe duration decreased from 120 → 60 frames

Cash Shop

Black Dragon Slayer Weapons

As promised, we've brought back the Black Dragon Legendary weapons as costume weapons! Bring out your inner edge with these edgy weapons.

As usual, they are available in the F11 Cash Shop for the usual weapon cost of 5k QC.

New Warrior Toxic Rocker Sets

Due to popular demand we'll be making new colorways for certain popular costumes. First up: Rocker set. Enjoy 4 (FOUR! 😌) new colorways:


These are available in both individual parts and as a package in the F11 Cash Shop for the usual costume prices.

New colorways for other classes are coming soon! And then other costume sets!!

New Login Loading Screen

Goodbye Irene's trumpet-lookin ass, hello spinning Zekes!
Based Wozz for the lovely piece and GM Roy for making it happen!


  • [Pengu's Infinity Stone] in the Zeke shop has been moved to fill the space left by Dark Stone (RIP)
  • Gladiator [Hype Train] visual buff effect now only applies at 20 stacks (so no more glowy hands until you're actually CDR mode)
  • Swordmaster [Brave] visual buff effect no longer tints your character red
  • Health potions removed from Cash Shop
  • PVP Experience Booster removed from the Duck Colosseum Shop


  • Another attempt at fixing BDN crashing certain clients; while reinstalling fixes it for most people, a small subset of people still encounter this issue after reinstalling, but this should do it
  • Fixed several slightly wrong skill descriptions
  • Fixed several item descriptions
  • Destroyer [Stomp] should no longer slow the caster (oops)
  • Destroyer [CM3 Destructive Swing] given a little bit more input lag to avoid walking out too soon
  • War Mage's [Empowered Laser Ray] and Raven's [Star/Chain Combinations] should no longer break from Injection EX
  • Valkyrie damage bug fix
  • Raven's [Star Combination] shouldn't bug out as often (hopefully at all) with increased action speed
  • Vena Plaga's [Repression] now works on Basic attacks
  • Silver Hunter's [Air Razor Wind] should no longer be hit by stomps after the iframe/arrow is cast
  • Randgrid's [Stomp N' Stab INS] damage fixed to be like the regular version.
  • Black Mara's [Exhale] now allows for [Enhanced Ebony Spark] to be cast properly
  • Raven's [Chain Combination] removed from [Chain Chaser] in PVP
  • [Flame Locust EX] should no longer use the Flow version from PvE when casted with [Tumble]
  • [Spirit Snakes Awakening Passive] disabled in PVP
  • [Lightning Rush] iframe improved in the beginning for PVP
  • [Whirlwind EX] put back to normal in PVP