Hi! We're just tossing out a bunch of QoL updates and a few other bugfixes.

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  • Updated several item tooltips to be more clear or to remove incorrect or irrelevant information
  • Removed the VFX from buff stones and having the buff stone buff (effects from bestowing the buff are not removed)
  • Fixed [Twilight Luna Headgear] enhancing from +0 to +14 costing materials (now free)
  • Anniversary Box costume helmets are now server storagable
  • Removed stats from all special titles (e.g. Lead Moderator P w P, Vahrein's Soulmate, etc)
  • [Hair Dyes] and [Contact Lenses] now instruct you to go to the website to change hair and eye color
  • [Enhancement Voucher] renamed to [Crest Voucher] to reduce confusion
  • Arnie and Winnie costumes now all say Arnie and Winnie instead of Eddie or Sasha
  • [Skill Crests] at [Priestess of Darkness Mocha] are now 1 gold instead of costing Nest Points (rejoice, Vena Plagas). We will eventually update the DWC shop to match and then remove the shop from Mocha

Shop Changes


  • Conversion Gems in the Parchments of Trial shop updated to give you Quality Conversion Gems (-15% element instead of -20% element)


  • [Dreamy Storage Expansion (5 slots)] replaced with [Storage Expansion (120 slots)]

Overlord Zeke

Revamp Exchange Shop

  • Added exchange 1x [Steve Fiend Coupon] using 30x [Pillowsheep Stuffing]

Illusive Burst Shop

  • [Crest Voucher] 50 Lebrium Points → 25 Lebrium Points
  • [Talisman Voucher] 50 Lebrium Points → 25 Lebrium Points

Lunar Knight

Lunar Knight's [Smash X] was found to have a damage transfer issue which would cause it to deal up to 2.2x board damage (so 23,000% times 2.2 for 50,600%), which would explain why LK suddenly jumped in damage a few months back.

We have fixed the damage transfer and raised the board damage to 32,300% to partially compensate the drop. We aren't raising the board damage all the way since we want to pull damage creep back somewhat.

This will be reflected in upcoming class balancing - classes will be getting smaller buffs and bigger nerfs to stay centered on our benchmark.

Nest/Map Changes

  • [Archbishop Nest] and [Manticore Nest] now drop 8x [Garnet Fragments] instead of 4x
  • [Garden of Solace] dragon raid portals now have a special portal visual
  • Added the [Hyperbolic Time Chamber] portal, with [Black Dragon Nest (Practice Mode)], located at the portal in the ball thingy on the east side
見ってください! A dragon icon. And a ball. A dragon icon in a ball. FOR PRACTICE.
  • Other dragon raids will get their practice modes soon (they have to be made)
  • Added the [White Zone] map at Skitzovania's far eastern portal. We use this map to get screenshots of costumes but use it as you'd like
  • [Battle Training Ground] reset pads now refresh up to 3 CTC stacks (for those skills that can store multiple cooldown stacks e.g. Mortal Blow)
  • Added a tiny BTG Golem named [Pebbles] to [Garden of Solace] so you can stack your passives before entering content. The repair anvil has been moved next to the North Portal
  • [Priestess of Darkness Madeline] has been moved next to the Skitzovania portal to aid in navigation

Cash Shop

  • Removed Storage Expansions (they're available at Kylie)
  • Removed Talisman Slot Expansion (available at GM X)
  • Removed Hidden Crest Slot Expansion (available at GM X)
  • Removed Item Protection Jelly (we don't use jelly)
  • Removed Super Diamond Pandora Package (not used)
  • Removed Weapon Fashion Skill Change Coupon (Rune Amps don't have skill options)
  • First pass at removing unused items from costume packages (there still will be some, but there should be fewer)
  • Removed several unused categories

PvP Bug Fixes

Coming soon

[PvP] Silver Hunter Revamp Part 2

Coming soon


  • Fixed a bunch of Engrish text
  • Removed loading screen tooltips since they're all wrong anyway
  • Updated text related to enhancing to reflect reality and help newer players
  • Updated world announcement text (finding items, enhancing, etc)
  • Fixed RDN HC nest information text
  • Updated text in the Game Settings and System Settings menus
  • Loading the game should be a little snappier
  • Disabled the No Blue Rejoin patch due it causing other colors to flood your screen instead
  • Removed the level indicator from the main HUD (did this a while ago but nobody seems to have noticed, which is good)
So that's why my name is so far to the left...
  • Added a notice to Spirit Growth noting its disabled status
  • Skills no longer cost gold to learn