Good evening DUCKLINGS, I am back with another QUALITY OF LIFE update for our fashion nest lovers. After a crazy amount of developing and the help of our dedicated team I have finally figured out how to start bringing in more customized effects and equipment to the game. I'm proud to introduce to you our first wave of limited edition items and a bunch of new hairstyles to further customize our characters. Also, please enjoy some of the strange innovations I have crafted.

Weather Changes

  • We're slowly pulling out of winter and the sun finally starts to rise.

Pet Changes

  • Pets will no longer have set effects. TOUGH! JK the stats have now been transferred to their base stats.
Set effects are no longer required! Behold all pets have the same base stats! Get rid of that human!


Mine is named Fluff.
  • Feast your eyes on this wonderful new slav-PET that will pick up your items while you are out adventuring.
  • Costs 15k gold at overlord zeke NPC.

NEW PET: PEBB-Ponchichi!

  • Please welcome our new friendly neighborhood squirrel pet.
  • Costs 15k gold at overlord zeke NPC.
Pebbles couldn't make it, so this thing came along. :|

New Hair Styles

Sorry machina, you got CROCKED this patch. I want to take the time and thank all of the Dragon Nest modding community for making this update possible. If you ever want to see your "mods" become a reality get in contact with the team!
  • Most of the styles shown here originated from a modder named MelonU.
  • Where to Buy? Overlord Zeke for 15k gold a style.









[EXCLUSIVE] Requiem Weapons

  • These items will be available through [Zeke NPC] for 1 requiem coupon.
  • Once these are gone there is not any intention to re-release them! Although variations may be created.
  • Only obtained through Auj's Angery Pandora Box

Pandora Box Revamp


  • Leviathan Spirit
  • [Exclusive] ROAD DA' ROLLER
  • Requiem Coupons (Exchange at Zeke)
  • [Exclusive] Mummy Ghoul (PET)
ROAD DA' ROLLER and Leviathan Spirit


  • Lovely Little Deer
  • Holy Lily Spirit
  • Trumpet Girl Lena

Concluding Notes

Thanks for sticking around everyone. I hope you enjoy this quality of life update and look forward to the Ice Dragon Nest hype! Until then, we shall be focusing on making the game the greatest we possibly can.

- Altair