Welcome to patch v556. We're going to be rolling out a couple class balancing changes alongside major QoL UI fixes. Major changes to Skitzovania! We're rolling out the first attempt of party buff augments for Shinobi/Chasers. You can take your pick between being a true DPS class or a party buffer!

Map Data

  • Skitzovania's Christmas tree is removed
  • Skitzovania now has many more buildings!
  • New props added :zeke:

NPC Changes


Now sells weapon tuners for Vibrant Sun and Golden Wind!

Project Flow

Project Flow is a series of class gameplay improvements/smoothing to PvE. See background info and all changes here

/\c85\Black Mara

[Meaningless] lockout reduced
[Deadly Smoke] lockout reduced

Class Balancing Wave 15

"Dark" Classes

You no longer get untransformed during buff wipes. You still get untransformed during cutscenes. We can't really fix that.

Applies to: Dark Avenger, Arch Heretic, Silver Hunter, Black Mara, Ray Mechanic, Oracle Elder, Vena Plaga, Bleed Phantom.

[Transformation Skills] no longer able to be buff wiped


Improves solo gameplay for Gladiator, no changes to party play.

[Luring Slice] debuff duration 10s → 20s


Because healing your entire HP bar in one cast is a little OP.

[Injection] no longer heals based on % damage dealt


See above note for Alchemist.

[Injection EX] no longer heals based on % damage dealt, action speed increased by 10% for 25 seconds


Buff augments wave 1. In case you’ve been left out of the loop, there will be a choice to take the party buff, which will lower your damage if you decide to. This allows us to balance both playstyles, while allowing both types of players to play how they want.

[Dedicate Crow] no longer a party buff
[Crow Augment: Murder of Crows]

  • Dedicate Crow becomes a party buff
  • 0.8% damage per 1% HP
  • Final Damage is reduced by 40%
In case you were wondering what was the old Dedicate Crow value: 0.4% damage per 1% of HP


Add quality changes alongside partial nerf reverts

[Class Mastery III] Mortal Blow no longer requires back/side angle for extra damage
[Arsonist] 15% fire attack → 25% fire attack
[Class Mastery II] 15% physical damage → 25% physical damage


Buffs across the board

[Open Edge] 2216% → 2437%
[Rake] 330% → 429%
[Chain Punisher] 4489% → 5387%
[Rain of Death] 485 → 558%
[Iron Applause] 2900% → 4060%
[Deadfall] 6367% → 7958%
[Umbra] 1528% → 2444%

/\c69\Abyss Walker

Balance ceiling has changed due to LK buffs, giving partial revert to some AW nerfs from past.

[Darkness Incarnate] 30% dark attack → 40% dark attack
[Class Mastery I] 10% additional damage burn → 15% additional damage burn

/\c91\Blood Phantom

Incentivize longer commitments/transformation

[Madness] 4875% → 5850%
[Bleed Phantom] 3600% → 3960%
[Lethal Torture] 7100% → 8165%


Follow up should be a bit lower priority now. Exploding palm debuff duration increased to be about the same duration as most debuffs. Ultimate changed to be a little more burst rather than sustained damage; overall damage unchanged for Deus Ex Machina.

[Follow Up] 5880% → 5292%
[Exploding Palm EX] debuff duration 10s → 20s
[Deus EX Machina]

  • Duration 20s → 10s
  • 156% → 312%

[Awakened Overcharge] 6840% → 8208%
[Pressure Burst] 12867% → 14153%
[Class Mastery III] Left click functionality changed

  • No longer activates Overcharging Lv2 for 200% damage of Pivot Strike
  • Now links directly into [Back] Awakened Overcharge

UI String Changes

Many bugfixes to various skill descriptions that were mistranslated, had wrong numbers, and/or terrible grammar. It would be incredibly long and mostly redundant for me to list every single change. Therefore, I'll just say the most notable changes were to Randgrid and Avalanche who had major skill name changes and description fixes. Patrona also had a large number of description fixes.

Please continue to report UI errors to the #temp-ui-report Discord channel
Before Fix: Honradade EX
After fix: Lava Raid EX Fortunately, you will no longer consume a dog when casting Lava Raid EX. Also clarified that you no longer need [Courage] bubbles to use the additional attack
Also had a little fun with colors

Class Name Localization Changes/Fixes

/\c30\Artillery → Warden

/\c35\Saleana → Pyromancer

/\c36\Elestra → Ice Witch

/\c37\Smasher → War Mage

/\c38\Majesty → Chaos Mage

/\c91\Bleed Phantom → Blood Phantom

/\c92\Nitis → Knightess

/\c94\Land Grid → Randgrid


  • Silver Hunters should no longer be able to get hit by ground attacks such as stomps while casting Razor Wind