Small hotfix patch to fix some minor issues that were encountered from the last patch.

PvE Content Changes

Volcano Nest and Volcano Trial Nest

Gemstalker should no be untargetable during gem check mechanic
Phoenix should now be targetable during bar mechanic
Phoenix can now be attacked during linear charge attack and circle attack

Desert Dragon Nest End Game

Manticore's stomps should now be properly iframeable/blockable
Manticore's gravity balls can now be properly iframeable/blockable

Typhoon Krag Nest Duo Mode

Removed. Was not supposed to be visible yet

Typhoon Krag Nest

Bosses now have proper magic defense

Daidalos Hardcore

Failing tentacle boss' bar mech should no longer make the boss one-shottable

Daidalos Normal

Party drops fixed to now properly drop the right accessories
Party drops no longer drop extra Kavasnacks
Gold per clear increased from 300g to 900g

PvE Balancing Bugfixes

/\c56\Soul Eater

[Beast Spirit Instant] should now have the same cooldown as regular [Beast Spirit]


[Flying Knee Kick] should now have proper +1 damage
[Steam Release] should no longer be a unique stackable debuff