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Welcome to phase two of pvp balancing here at Project Duck. Many classes are seeing more love this patch with a higher attention to detail to their class concepts and how they fit in the global scheme of PvP. We are founded by some experienced, known and well respected players so I hope you are able to understand some of these insights.

Note: Things are always subject to change with enough logical deduction and reasoning. So don't be upset if you're not seeing what you want! This is only phase two after all.

Without further adue let us begin:


It's going to be a long read. Listen with me.

Class Balancing [PvP]


Elbow Drop:

  • 50% action speed increase.


Damage redistribution

Although these nerfs look quite hefty the damage has been shifted around to give mercenary a more incremental style of damage, but with high damage. So the more the merc is comboing you the faster the opponent will die. Mercenary was previously more of a land a bunch of catcher skills and by the time you burst them down with roll / bombs away they are 100% dead if female class.
Now the poke damage is drastically reduced, instead the damage will come from actually getting comboed forcing mercenaries to make use of their entire skill set in order to dish out damage.

Rolling Attack

  • 42% damage nerf across the board.
  • Realistically hitting 20k damage instead of 34k roll attacks.

Punishing Swing

  • 50% damage nerf across the board.
  • Realistically hitting 5k instead of 10k on females. (Was an eighth of HP)

Circle Swing

  • 60% damage nerf across the board.
  • Realistically hitting 5k instead of 12.5k on females


  • 36% damage nerf across the board.
  • Realistically hitting 5k instead of 7.8k.

Soccer Kick Combo

  • Damage increased 5x.
  • Realistically hits up to 8k total damage.

Dash Uppercut

  • Damage increased 5x.
  • Realistically hits 5.5k damage.

Taunting Howl

  • Damage increased 3.1x
  • Realistically hits 6k damage.

Crisis Howl

  • Damage increased 32.5x.
  • Realistically hits 5k damage.
  • Note: Most crisis like functions are hitting pretty good damage in the game, so this change was made. Also, this skill is originally 45 seconds. Not that bad.


Moonlight Splitter:

  • Dynamic damage is back, but the coefficient is now set to 50%.
  • Gladiator/SM will be hitting on average 1.4k each with this skill without debuffs.


Line Drive:

  • "S" drive / Condensed Line drive has been removed.
  • This skill may reappear as an option B in the future with less damage. As it stands, the skill hitting 20k+ landing all the hits by condensing it has deemed not necessary for this class.


Sliding Knee Kick (LV.6)

  • The 2nd part of the animation is now optional with left click.
  • Available for 28 frames after the completion of the first hit.

Righteous Bolt

  • 50% damage nerf across the board.
  • Initially hitting 12k+ on all classes which is an over an eighth of most of their hp.
  • Classes that are “severely” affected by this and if this is truly their only source of damage income can be considered for buffs elsewhere.


Charitable Zap

  • First hit is now switched to magical damage only.
  • This will severely reduce the output of Guardian’s zap initial hit.
  • The zap ticks are now based off physical OR magical damage. (Previously magic only).
  • Now ticks will benefit guardian side of the house if they can properly make use of the entire skill.
  • 30% damage reduction on first hit..


  • Damage reduced by 15%
  • Damage was never intended to be this high. The previous buffs to this skill and class were intended when divine vengeance / ascension were passives.

Heart of Glory

  • Skill nerf by 400%.
  • Realistically hitting like 20k. Should be around 4k-5k now.


Damage is being reduced after the class has received many of their iframes and super armor values that were taken away during 90cap era. It no longer suffers from the lack of toolset and also has had a base stat revamp.


  • 50% damage reduced across the board.

Eagle Dive

  • 15% damage reduced across the board.

Air Pounce

  • 10% damage reduced across the board.

Cyclone Kick

  • 20% damage reduced across the board.
  • Cyclone Kick CD nerfed 23 to 25 sec

Furious Winds

  • CD nerfed 23 to 25 sec


Marionette EX:

  • 10% damage bonus reduced to 5%.


Piercing Star

  • sa nerfed 400 to 200

Air Attacks

  • range severely shortened



  • Reduce damaged 60% across the board.

Flame Locust

  • Increase damage 7% across the board.

Chain Chaser

  • SA nerfed 400 to 200

Dedicate Shadow

  • SA nerfed 800 to 400


  • SA nerfed 600 to 400

Illusion Step

  • iframe reduced from 29 to 24 frames (PvE and PvP)

Rain of Death

  • SA nerfed 400 to 200


  • sab nerfed from 100+200*4 to 100+150*4

Burning Escape

  • sab nerfed 400 to 200

Mortal Blow

  • ctc removed

Open Edge CD

  • increased 9 to 11 sec.


  • Increase damage 22.5% damage across the board

Rain of Death

  • Increase its damage to 26% damage across the board.

Blade Runner

  • End lag increased by 15 frames.


Dark Line:

  • 50% damage reduced across the board


  • Replace camera lock with slowed turning

Air Ring Strike

  • Removed

Chakra tunnel

  • pve description fex

/\c68\Light Bringer

Outbreak EX

  • cd reduction removed.
  • Coefficient nerfed 180% to 130%.


Flame Locust EX

  • 3rd hit dmg coeff buffed 30% to 50%

Blade Runner EX

  • End lag increased by 15 frames.
  • 3rd hit sab nerfed 400 to 200.


Open Edge EX

  • sab on the projectile nerfed from 200*2 to 100+200


  • Iframe completely removed.
  • SA to 600.

Iron Applause EX

  • SA nerfed 400 to 200
  • 2nd hit aoe reduced.

Rake EX

  • SA reduced.

/\c91\Bleed Phantom

Phantom’s Pass Away

  • Last hit should stagger


  • Invisible for 1.5 sec.


Flame Worm

  • Add Stagger hit state.


Soul Breath

  • PvP dmg made like NA’s.



  • Gives downward velocity at the end of the skill

General Dawnblade

  • cooldown nerfed 22 to 28 sec.

/\c58\Blade Dancer

Chakram Storm EX

  • AS buffed 30% to 35%

/\c56\Soul Eater

Specter of Torment

  • debuff duration increased 15 to 30 sec.

/\c89\Oracle Elder

Rising Gust

  • New Rising Gust is in. (PvE & PvP)

Chain Rush

  • Animation changed to fix iframe issue. (PvE & PvP)


Toxic Spill EX

  • 2nd hit/input to come out faster for knockdown on opponent

/\c87\Ray Mechanic

Sudden Spanner

  • Increase sab from 50 to 300
  • Reduce End Lag


Hornets Touch:

  • Increase the window frame where it is active to other parries, making it effective.


Lava Raid EX

  • Projectile/lingering aoe sab lowered from 200 *3 to 50 *3 and upward velocity removal on last 2 hits.



  • dmg coefficients from 100%/hit to 100% + 50%/hit


  • SA from 200 to 400. Knockbacks changed to staggers.
  • Additional atk dmg nerfed from 100% to 25%

Rock Away

  • 40% damage reduced across the board.

Step Up:

  • 20% damage reduced across the board.



  • PvP Iframe has punish window
  • Ducking non iframe part has 200 SA.
  • Ducking CDR back to 90% from 50%.

Ground cast Flying Knee kick

  • (1st kick only) from 400 to 600 SA.

Steam Release

  • only activateable through 20 steam. Active buff will not be usable.

Stomp Shuffle

  • dmg coefficients from 100, 1 *3 to 55, 15 *3

Kidney Blow

  • SA buffed from 600 to 1200

Twister Kick

  • SA buffed from 400 to 600
  • Infinite falling bug fixed.

Rock Away

  • 600 to 400 SA

Step Up

  • 600 to 200 SA


BeatDown EX

  • coeff nerfed 150 to 130%

Twister Kick EX

  • coeff nerfed 150 to 130%

Beyond the wall ex

  • coeff nerfed 150 to 130%

Auto Repair

  • 7 cd recovery removed.
  • linked to unique ducking with no iframe after small punishable window. End lag should be roughly the same.

Defensio pressure release

  • only gives 5% more defense. 10% FD and AS removed.

Twister Kick EX

  • SA from 400 to 600

Taunting Blow

  • auto explosion fix. Auto detonate nerfed to 1 explosion & 400 sab..


Ruina pressure release:

  • only gives 5% FD. 10% AS removed.

Ruina 50 Overheat

  • cooldown from 50 to 35 sec.

Flying Knee Kick ex

  • coeff nerfed 150% to 50%
  • Ground cast (1st kick only) from 400 to 600 SA.

Kidney Blow EX

  • coeff nerfed 100 to 50%

Follow Through EX

  • coeff nerfed 150 to 50%

Twister Kick

  • infinite falling fixed.


Paralyze Resist

  • Boosted 10% for all classes.
  • Some skills are unnecessarily causing paralyze locks.
  • I.E. Archer’s right click on tinkerers. Attempt to address that and a few situations.

Gladiator 5.5% STR revert / increase

  • Was originally nerfed solely to reduce paralyze.

Multi-Hit Bug fixed

  • Dark Avenger / Mercenary / Cleric / Blade Dancer

Weather System

  • Duck Colosseum now has the weather rotation system like the PvP maps.