This guide includes only the basics to the Barbarian class, with the skill build, crests, and rotation provided by Dawri#6969. If you're interested in expanding upon this guide, please reach out to me at ImmortalVino#1239.

(If you're interested in learning other classes, check out or Class Guide Archive.) - Vino

Skill Build

Unified Skills: Max HP Boost, Final Damage Boost

Assign leftover skill points to the skills you want. [Destructive Swing] is a good choice since the iFrame can be very useful at times. [Roll Attack] can also be leveled to 1 and used as a movement skill when needed.

Skill Crests

[Bombs Away DMG] / [Circle Swing DMG] / [Demolition Fist DMG] / [Stomp DMG] / [Calamity Crush DMG] / [Whirlwind DMG] / [Iron Skin CDR]

(Optional) [Impact Punch DMG] or [Punishing Swing DMG] instead of [Iron Skin CDR]

Skill up: +1 Circle Swing


Start rotation with [Lifesaver] for the FD buff. Follow with [Stomp] -> [Circle Swing] -> [Overtaker] -> [Bone Cleaver] -> [Stomp] -> [Calamity Crust] -> Filler. Use [Circle Swing] and [Overtaker] off cooldown unless you know that you need them for a DPS check or for killing monsters during a mechanic (ex: Kodiak babies)

This class doesn't have a set rotation outside of having all your burst ready for [Lifesaver]'s buff duration, which is your best time to deal big damage.

Bonus Tips

You shouldn't use normal [Whirlwind] since it's damage is so poor. Only use it after buffing with [Frenzy]. Don't prioritize [CM3 Demolition Fist] since it does very little damage. Use it for extra stacks for [Circle Swing] when you're out of other stack-building skills.