Knight's finally here! After lots of challenges porting these classes to Duck (we do run on a 4 year old version of the game after all), fixing bugs, adding some custom changes, and initial balancing, we present Mystic Knight and Grand Master!

Enjoy the skills of the brand new classes with the flow exclusive to Project Duck!

If you haven't yet, check out the promotional page

Knight - New Warrior Specialization

Creating a Knight

Knight is a new specialization for Warrior, like Swordmaster and Mercenary. You can become a Mystic Knight or Grand Master by creating a new Warrior and selecting "Knight" at Kiwi's class specialization menu. You can also class change an existing specialized warrior using a Class Change Scroll.

Both knights are INT scaling classes that deal non-elemental magic damage.

/\c70\Mystic Knight

The Mystic Knight channels his inner Transcendence and summons a spiritual dragon to strike foes unworthy. Slash enemies and rip scars into the very air, which you can rip open to deal even more damage. Manage your [Ego] properly so that you may decimate your enemies with charge skills that deal massive damage.

For more information on the class, check out the Basic Guide, as well as the class page on Minerva

/\c71\Grand Master

The Grand Master makes use of several weapons to smash, stab, shoot, and slash enemies that stand in his way. Switch between your sword, axe, spear, bow, and dualswords to pummel your enemies with relentless attacks. Combo skills of the same weapon type and switch to other weapon types to demonstrate your mastery and deal maximum damage.

For more information on the class, check out the Basic Guide, as well as the class page on Minerva

Cash Shop

Knight Costumes

Mystic Knight

For Mystic Knight, the package contains the promotional art costume and weapon.

Grand Master

For Grand Master, the package contains the promotional art costume as well as the axe and sword used in Grand Master skills and the Piss Gauntlet (that Vino released last patch).

Additionally, archers get the bow and lenceas get the spear.

Costume Recolors

Bewitching Devil Hunter Package
Lordly Phantom Thief's Gilded Kitty Package
Smoky Contemporary Charmer Package
Widowed Freya Package
Lavender Snow Raider One-Piece
Ashen Amalgam Package, Ashen Cygnus Wings, and Ashen Peridot Tail
Black Siegmeyer Helmet
Arrogant, Monotone, and Floral Black Dragon Gauntlets
Vibrant Piss Ego Sword
Vibrant Piss Axe
Vibrant Piss Shield
Crimson Constellation Wings
Corrupted Light Longbow
Far Far Away Dark Lord Armor


  • New title screens for Mystic Knight and Grand Master!


  • Fixed a damage description error for Windwalker's [Falling Star]
  • Fixed item name Onii-Chan UwU Guantlet --> Onii-Chan UwU Gauntlet
  • Fixed texture issues with Machina's Spicy Romantic Rocker Package
  • Fixed a texture issue with Archer's Rose Bunny Package
  • Fixed a misnamed keybinding name ("PvP Info PC Chat" --> "Talk to NPC")