Hi, my name is Yuulgea, I mainly played support class, but Shooting Star was one of the first dps classes that I got into. With consistent dps across the fight whether you are fighting lots of phasing boss or just long fights, Shooting Star could perform well on both.



[Star Burst]: Applies crit resist debuff, it connects with your [Class Mastery 2].


[Super Ball]: Deals damage overtime and has a big AoE. Instant cast so good to use anytime

[Chemical Grenade]: Applies Elemental Resist debuff, has a big AoE and it lingers for about 1.5 seconds after it explodes.

[Rocket Crash]: Good Repositioning skill, could be altered with W/A/S/D (Directional input) also applies [Quick Draw] on cast. Can save up to 2 charges.

[Star Blaster]: A nice filler but you are going to be vulnerable for 2 seconds without any option to escape except using [Shooting Tactics].

[Lock’N’Load]: Your bubble generator skill and deals decent amount of damage, it gives 2 [Munitions] on use, can be followed by [Normal Attack Button] to deal extra 100% damage of [Lock’N’Load] but you need to be in very close range with the target.

[Make it Rain]: Requires 3 [Munitions] to cast. Fast casting, decent cooldown and deals huge damage pretty good on big targets like dragon, does up to 40 hits. Increase Movement Speed by 30% after casting.

[Star Mortar]: Requires 3 [Munitions] to cast. Decent cooldown and deals huge damage makes this skill your highest DPS Spread skill, so if it is available just cast it. Need to press [Normal Attack Button] to release the skill

[Bullet Overload]: Your ultimate, deals huge damage, long animation. Grants 3 [Munitions] on cast.

[Summon Towers]: Deals decent amount of automatic damage if it could dish out the damage for full duration. And the towers are iframe, so they could survive iframe-able attacks

Shooting Star:

[Splash]: Deals decent damage on every cast, can save up to 5 charges so you can just use 5 continously by holding the skill button or holding [Normal Attack Button] after the first cast. Reduce [Bullet Overload] cooldown by 2 seconds on each cast.

[Star Commander]: Nice filler and repositioning skill, could be the direction you are going with this skill. Deals small damage. It also counts as airborne so you can dodge stomps by using this

[Class Mastery]: Every Lock’N’Load grants [Overheat], after gaining 2 [Overheat], [Lock’N’Load] will turn into [Lock’N’Load Instant], could be casted anytime because [Overheat] will not expire.

[Lock’N’Load Instant]: Fast casting, shoots 10 bullets instantly to the direction you are looking and deals a decent amount of damage. Grants 5 [Munitions] on cast. Does not share a cooldown with [Lock’N’Load]. It is advised to always have this ready before starting the fight.

[Class Mastery II]: Casting [Star Burst] unlocks [Super Ball Instant] and could be casted immediately by pressing [Super Ball] or [Normal Attack Button].

[Super Ball Instant]: faster Version of superball, deals the same amount of damage. Does not share cooldown with [Super Ball].

[Class Mastery III]: [Shooting Tactics] could be followed with [Star Commander] with [Special Attack Button]


[Shooting Tactics]: Could be casted immediately when you are on ground, also able to cancel any skill animation and also applies [Quick Draw] after casting. Holding W while casting will alter [Shooting Tactics] direction into going forward and slightly longer animation.

[Summon Buster]: Requires 3 [Munitions] to cast. Fast casting, deals huge damage, has a huge AoE, but very long cooldown and damage dealt is spread for 5 seconds.

[Quick Draw]: can be applied by casting [Shooting Tactics] or [Rocket Crash], Increase Action Speed by 15% for 4 seconds. Uptime should be 100% when casting skill.

Bubble System:

Shooting Star bubbles are called [Munitions] to cast big skills ([Make it Rain], [Star Mortar], [Summon Buster]) you need 3 [Munitions], [Munitions] can be stored up to 10.

Bubble Generation Skills:

[Lock’N’Load]: Grants 2 [Munitions]

[Bullet Overload]: Grants 3 [Munitions]

[Lock’N’Load Instant]: Grants 5 [Munitions]


[Star Blaster]: Tumbling forward animation is iframe, the rest is not

[Shooting Tactics]: Iframe from start to end of skill

[Rocket Crash]: Iframe from start to end of skill

[Bullet Overload]: Iframe from start to end of skill

Skill Build

Unified Skills: FD Boost

Open build on Minerva SkillSim

Skill Plates:

[Super Ball] DMG
[Star Blaster] DMG
[Lock’N’Load] CDR (In game Name is AP Launcher)
[Make it Rain] DMG
[Star Mortar] DMG
[Splash] DMG
[Bullet Overload] CDR

Skill Crest Up +1 [Star Mortar]

Note: If the fight is going to be long or if you are confident without long iframes ready most of the time, you can go [Bullet Overload] DMG

BTG Rotation Video:

Ideal Opener:

With [Lock’N’Load Instant] Available

[Star Mortar] -> [Summon Towers] -> [Shooting Tactics] -> [Star Mortar] ->[Lock’N’Load Instant] -> [Make it Rain] -> [Summon Buster] -> [Rocket Crash] into target -> [Bullet Overload] -> [Shooting Tactics]  -> [Splash] 5x -> [Star Burst] -> [Super Ball Instant] -> [Super Ball] -> [Lock’N’Load] -> [Shooting Tactics]+W -> [Star Commander] -> [Star Blaster] -> [Star Mortar]

Some bosses would not give you time to cast two [Star Mortar] in a row for an opener, so just skip the first [Star Mortar].

BTG Spread:

Main Strategy:

You want to land all the big skills ASAP but only when the boss is not moving so you need to know the boss movements or usually just use it after they finish attacking should be enough time to land all the damage. Other than that, prioritise using [Splash] over any skills because it is very low cooldown and it reduces [Bullet Overload] cooldown.

With that in mind hence the skill priorities in content:

  1. [Star Mortar]: need 3 seconds of boss not moving
  2. [Make it Rain]: need 2 seconds of boss not moving
  3. [Summon buster]:  need 5 second of boss not moving
  4. [Splash]
  5. [Lock N Load Instant]
  6. [Lock N Load]
  7. [Super Ball] (ins or normal cast)
  8. [Star Blaster]
  9. [Summon Towers]

Tips and Tricks:

[Rocket Crash] Could also be casted with [Tumble]+[Special Attack Button] for the iframe version or [Tumble]+[Normal Attack Button] for the faster non-iframe version just to refresh [Quick Draw]. The active version always does the iframe version.

[Bullet Overload] can be chained into [Rocket Crash] while maintaining iframe condition, so if you need an extra second of iframe to survive just cast [Rocket Crash] active version immediately after [Bullet Overload].

[Shooting Tactics] to beside the boss -> [Special Attack Button] to cast [Star Commander] -> [Make it Rain] make a good combo because this usually results in maximum hit of [Make it Rain] if the boss does not move.

[Shooting Tactics] with [Special Attack Button] should cast [Star Commander], but pressing Directional Input + [Special Attack Button] results in casting the iframe version of [Rocket Crash].

Content Video: