Hi, my name is Kael (kaelreplica). Trickster is a close-mid range dps class that doesn’t need to be in the face of the enemy at all times and very easy to play. I hope this could help you enjoy the class.



[Crossfire]: Your [CM3] enhanced skill. Makes you move forward and lets you use [Split Fire] faster.

[Kanna Therapy]: Free 20% heal on effectively 54 seconds CD.

[Power Dive]: Makes you descend faster after using [Shoot the Moon].

Treasure Hunter

[Unchained Bolt]: Main skill that you will spam for bubbles. Grants you two bubbles upon use and an additional one bubble each extra shot (two extra shots maximum).

[Split Fire]: Your [CM3] enhanced skill. Using [Crossfire] lets you use [Split Fire] faster. Grants one bubble upon use. All Damage Received Debuff +20% on the enemies.

[Clutch Field]: Grants one bubble upon use. Cooldown starts upon use and doesn’t expire until you LMB trigger. Allows you to be able to cast two Clutch Field for some situations.

[Falling Arms]: Gives you 50% chance to activate [Guillotine Blade]. Good skill to reposition yourself back easily by using the jump button after any skill except [Shoot the moon]. Doesn’t give bubbles.

[Interlude]: Passive skill that leaves a 20 second mark on the enemy that will be hit once the [Guillotine Blade] activated.

[Guillotine Blade]: Has 50% chance to be activated after using [Falling Arms]. Has 5 seconds before it deactivates. Doesn’t give bubbles.

[Blading Edge]: Lets you cancel any animation except [Shoot the moon]. Lets you use [Sword Storm] with LMB. Has some [Super Armor].

[Out Link]: Main Damage skill besides [Sword Storm]. Grants one bubble upon use. It travels straight through enemies so it does more damage on bigger targets.

[Rearrange]: By pressing the [Special Action Button] after [Tumble]/[Hop Step] you can prolong your I-Frame even further on low CD.

[Shoot the Moon]: Jumping/being in the air before casting makes you ready to shoot faster and pressing LMB makes you shoot immediately. Can move while shooting to reposition yourself using WASD. Has [Super Armor].

[Execution]: Filler when you have [The Eye] and everything else on cooldown. Also has a long range.

[Kanna Inject]: Your secondary buff. Make sure it’s always up.


[Hopstep]: Gives you 3 charges of [Tumble]/[Sidestep]. More tumbles so you can keep your [CM2] buff.

[Sword Storm]: Main Damage skill that uses 10 bubbles each cast and also is an I-Frame.

Pressing LMB after [Blading Edge] lets you cast it a little faster than casting it on its own.

[Class Mastery]: Grants 50% INT. Lets you use [Falling Arms] by pressing the jump button after any skill except [Shoot the moon].

[Class Mastery II]: Gain 5% Magic Attack. After not getting hit for 10 seconds, gain 15% Magic Attack. So try to not get hit as much as possible to keep this buff.

[Class Mastery III]: Enhances [Crossfire] increases its damage by 500% and changes its additional attack into [Split Fire] by pressing LMB which makes you cast [Split Fire] without doing its full animation.


[[Awakened Passive] Kanna Inject]: Increases attack power an additional 5% and attack speed an additional 10%.

[[Awakened Passive] Shoot the Moon]: Adds 2 more magic bolts and targets hit 3 times will explode with additional damage. [Shoot the Moon] can be used midair.

[[Awakened Passive] Pendulum]: Increases [Guillotine Blade] activation rate to 50%.Adds 1 extra blade.

[[Awakened Passive] Trick Art]: Lets you use [Blading Edge] mid-attack and use [Sword Storm] by pressing LMB after using [Blading Edge].

[The Eye]: Grants 20 bubbles upon use. Enhances [Unchained Bolt] increasing attack speed and damage by 20%. Also enhances [Out Link] decreasing its cooldown to 10 seconds and makes it explode upon contact with the target instead of traveling through them.

[Blind Revolt]: Shoots tracking ice bolts

Can’t be casted if there is no vulnerable enemy in range.


  • [Falling Arms] DMG
  • [Clutch Field] DMG
  • [Split Fire] DMG
  • [Unchained Bolt] DMG
  • [Sword Storm] DMG
  • [Out Link] DMG [Guillotine Blade] DMG

[Sword Storm] +1

Skill Build

Unified Skill: FD Damage Bonus

Tips & Tricks

Bubble System

Trickster’s bubble system is very easy as you gain bubbles upon use of your skills unlike other classes in which you need to hit the target to gain bubbles. Storm bubbles can be obtained upon use of the following skills: [Clutch Field] 1, [Split Fire] 1, [Unchained Bolt] 4, [Out Link] 1 and [The Eye] 20. You can hold up to 20 bubbles in total and [Sword Storm] only requires 10 bubbles per cast. Try to use as much [Sword Storm] when the boss is about to do bar mech. Make sure you fill up your bubbles every time the boss goes invulnerable on mechs or before going to the next stage.

Skill priority

[Blading Edge] only if you have at least 10 bubbles to use [Sword Storm].

[Sword Storm] when you have full bubbles but you have [Blading Edge] on CD just use [Sword Storm] on its own.

[Clutch Field], [Unchained Bolt], [Out Link] use off cd.

[Falling arms], [Guillotine Blade], [Crossfire] and [Split Fire] main fillers.

[Execution] and [Shoot the Moon] if everything else on CD.


Out Link without [The Eye] buff is very strong on big targets as it travels through enemies so position yourself where you can get the most hits, usually head/arms to tail on dragons. [Out Link] does not share the same CD with [Out Link] with [The Eye] buff so Use [Out Link] if it's available before using [The Eye]. Has some [Super Armor] but not much so I don’t rely on it, dodging instead will keep [CM2] buff.

Clutch Field

You can use [Clutch Field] without triggering/activating/shooting it and letting it finish CD before the stage starts or the enemy goes vulnerable thus allowing you to cast 2 [Clutch Field] opener.

BDN Punisher P2:

BDN Golem:

If you wanna greed dps meter:

BDN Dragon P2:

RuDN Dragon P1:

The Eye

Gives 20 bubbles upon use but the buff itself will be canceled upon getting hit so make sure you are safe before using [The Eye]. It also might get canceled if you press another skill too soon while casting [The Eye] so wait until you see the energy bar before using another skill.




[Sword Storm]

Dragon Gems

1 Conversion + 3 Elemental


[The Eye] available.

[The Eye] on CD.

Content POV


RuDN 8 Normal