Encompasses a couple of hotfix/patches that were mushed together to fix a lot of problems post EXP5 release. Sorry for the issues.

v847 Hotfix 1

  • 7 star gacha exchange shop added
  • Improved Snow Stalker Pride's hitbox (no longer can go inside, hits should miss less)
  • Fixed Ray Mechanic class buff being broken while in Alfredo Frontier
  • Returned Hero's Flag now has equal stats to Rune Amplifiers (so you can use it)
  • Vandar Adventurer Battlesword can now be enhanced
  • Fixed Pride's collision so you don't end up inside of him and skills are less likely to miss
  • Cupid Wings can be server storaged
  • Fix Lencea Astral Bracelet missing +20 stats (and also not being weapon hammer-able if your source item is +20)
  • Fixed vein of sorrow final chest not appearing

v847 Hotfix 2

  • BDNTA Normal HP nerfed by roughly 15% + a little more on certain mobs

  • BDNTA Obstacle walls in S1 HP nerfed by ~25%

  • BDNTA Wisp HP nerfed by ~20%

  • Brynhild/Treasure Nest Easy mode boss damage dealt decreased by 15%

  • Brynhild Nest: Pride's downward swipe before spin hit coefficient decreased: 50% --> 20%, spin physical hit coefficient increased: 50% --> 90%

  • Brynhild Nest: Momog specifically damage nerfed by 10% (affects all difficulties)

  • Brynhild Nest: Momog's triple stomp shockwaves should no longer multi-hit you

  • Treasure Nest: attempted to fix a bug where defeating Nadine/Gaia under certain conditions would lock you in the boss arena

  • Treasure Nest: Nadine/Gaia will always start at 50% HP regardless of which boss you get for the second phase of the fight :thumbsup:

  • Treasure Nest: Kaiman HP increased by ~10%, damage dealt decreased by ~15%

  • Treasure Nest: Dragon/hydra heads damage dealt increased by ~25%

  • Treasure Nest: Fixed a handful of burns of Yeoul in particular that does like 10m dmg per tick (I thought I got all of them but ig not)

v847 Hotfix 3

Apologies to those who ran BDNTA. I made the mistake of not recalculating the drops for the TAs to be fair after finalizing the rotating TA system.

  • BDNTA Drops adjusted:
  • Norm: Chaos Constructs: 200 --> 400
  • Master: Chaos Constructs: 340 --> 600
  • DDNTA Drops adjusted:
  • Norm: Desert Medallions: 200 --> 400
  • Master: Desert Medallions: 340 --> 600
  • Sinister gem enhance stats adjusted
  • Fixed Glad's not having any final damage in Solace, BDNTA, and DDNTA (lol)

v847 Hotfix 4 / 848

  • Attempt to fix a certain town-related crash
  • Added a setting to disable pet chat bubbles (will still show your own though)


  • Fixed DPS meter in equalized BTG to no instantly reset on killing a golem
  • Adjusted Sovereign Dragon Gem early enhance level material cost to be cheaper
  • Moved a couple vision obstructing trees back in the arena of Brynhildr Nest's first boss
  • Attempt to reduce Brynhildr Nest Pride's stomp shockwave multi-hitting


Unresolved Known Issues:

  • Yeoul's instant punch instead of ADAD'ing first
  • Classes not having the right stats in soft equalized content


  • Added Botched Awakened Rocker Bottoms to Cash Shop
  • Added Vampire Slayer Earrings to Cash Shop


  • Beginner's Luck buff now applies until you defeat either Brynhildr Nest or Treasure Nest for the first time
  • Adjusted set bonuses stats for Perished Nivis and Scorched Papilione accessories: 23980/28770 --> 50600/84500
  • Reduced HP of enemies in DDNTA on Normal and Master difficulty
  • Slightly reduced ATK of enemies in DDNTA on Normal and Master difficulty
  • Solace of Oblivion HP scaling adjusted at all loops, loops 1-4 HP and damage lowered the most
  • Fixed Kodiak in Solace of Oblivion not being equalized
  • Fixed a bug that caused FD's multiplier in Twilight Bay to be calculated incorrectly upon hitting a target; monster HP has been adjusted accordingly
  • Improved Mystic Yeoul's hitbox to match her appearance better and more forgiving for aim classes
  • Fixed the party instantly failing out during Treasure Nest boss 2 even though players in the party have revives
  • Increased poison damage over time during Treasure Nest's poison swamp
  • Reduced Treasure Nest's Kaiser's damage slightly
  • Fixed enemies dealing more damage in Solace of Oblivion if you have a party size of 3 or more
  • All classes now have the same base aggro (including Vandars LMAO). This is a temporary measure to fix bosses having hard-ons for certain classes until the aggro system rework is done


More small changes, not really needing a separate patch note

PvE Progression

Many players are stuck in a weird spot in T6 (Astral Extinction) gear and I'd like to ease the problems a little.

Addressing Mid-Game Content

SdC is kinda dead content right now and lots of players are running Rune Dragon just to get some Reinforced Plates even though they don't need Starlight Cells anymore. It would be nice to see players try and clear SdC for Reinforced Plates instead because it's kinda just there.

Rune Dragon Nest is a overplayed and I'd like to make people go through this a little faster since it's really old content. I'd still like to promote a litlte more dungeon gameplay though I went with increasing Fleeting Energy drops instead and dropping the crafting cost of the Reinforced Metal to allow players to craft more plates instead of just obtaining them from RuDN.

Storm Manticore Nest and Reborn Apocalypse Nest drop too much gold for what it is (introductory nest) so they're getting their gold gain slashed.

Vein of Sorrow is a little underutilized. This should help.

Calamity Tier accessories are in a weird spot since they're too expensive to warrant some of the resource sinks you need to spend to make them when you're just going to replace them with accessories from EXP5 not too long later (ish) so they've been dropped in cost accordingly.

Social Credit Shop: More plates...

Nest Adjustments

  • Snowdrift Citadel boss HP reduced by ~25%

  • Snowdrift Citadel boss DMG reduced by ~20%

  • Snowdrift Citadel drop changes:

    • NEW: Reinforced Plates 2x Bound
    • Rollable Reinforced Plate: 40% chance --> 100%
  • Rune Dragon Nest 4 Man drop changes

    • Fleeting Energy: 1 --> 2
  • Rune Dragon Nest 8 Man drop changes

    • Fleeting Energy: 2 --> 3
  • Rune Dragon Nest 4 Man Hardcore drop changes

    • NEW: Fleeting Energy: 0 --> 2
  • Rune Dragon nest 8 Man Hardcore drop changes

    • NEW: Fleeting Energy: 0 --> 3
  • Storm Manticore Nest & Reborn Apocalypse Nest clear gold reduced: 5,000 --> 3,000

  • Vein of Sorrow drop changes

    • Vahrtite: 5 --> 6
    • NEW: Reinforced Plate: 0 --> 1

Crafting/Item Acquisition

  • Reinforced Metal dungeon material cost reduced: 5 --> 3
  • Calamity Accessories crafting cost reduced:
    • Gold: 10,000 --> 3,000
    • Starlight Cell: 3 --> 1
    • Starlit Jewel: 30 --> 15
  • Sinister Calamity Accessories crafting cost reduced:
    • Gold : 15,000 --> 5,000
    • Starlight Cluster: 3 --> 1
    • Starlit Jewel: 50 --> 20
    • Void Essence: 200 --> 150
  • Covetous Calamity Accessories crafting cost reduced:
    • Gold cost reduced: 20,000 --> 7,500
    • Covetous Dust: 9 --> 5
    • Starlit Jewel: 90 --> 30
    • Void Essence 300 --> 200

Social Credit Shop

  • Reinforced Plate purchase limit increased: 6 --> 10
  • High-Grade Reinforced Plate purchase limit increased: 4 --> 6

Other Content Adjustments

  • Removed provoke immunity from bosses in Treasure Nest and Brynhildr Nest
  • Reduced the damage over time effects of Adallah's poison

Rune Amplifiers/Magical Costume Mirror

Quality of life!

You can now save costume presets at the Magical Costume Mirror! There's now a new tab called [Presets] when you do costume conversion

  • Presets are saved based on your base class (so you will only see warrior presets on warrior, cleric presets on cleric, etc)
  • Save your current costume setup by pressing [Add Preset] and entering a name for the preset. The name can only be alphanumeric and certain basic punctuation
  • Apply a preset by double clicking on it or clicking on it and pressing [Apply]
  • Replace a preset with your current costume setup by selecting a preset and pressing [Overwrite]
  • Delete a preset by selecting it and pressing [Delete]
  • You can have as many presets as your game doesn't run out of memory supporting (or you're willing to put up with scrolling through)
  • If you're missing any preset items from your inventory, they will appear in the bottom section (labeled "Missing Items")
  • Presets are saved to your local PC, if you repair your client, uninstall the client, or delete Athena/localdata.db, you will lose your presets (back up Athena/localdata.db if you want to keep them)
  • Also added a search bar to the conversion menu
Helps a little when you're looking for that specific costume piece


  • You can use /b or /6 to world bird via chat (you must have blue birds in your inventory to use it)
  • Added a setting to disable weapon trails
  • Added a setting to hide other players' pets entirely
  • Removed the unbind indicator on marketplace listings so you can see the icons
  • Market prices now show commas
  • Improved visibility of 3rd stats on EXP5 accessories; changed icons to match buffs (so ATK -> sword, FD -> pointer)
  • Parries now work the same against projectile attacks with regards to debuffs as regular attacks (e.g. Bryn Pride's ice spin projectiles will not freeze you if you parry them)


  • Fixed an issue where tumbling out of either version of Crusader's [Divine Combo] was inconsistent
  • Fixed issue with Dragon Hunting /ff that sent you to the wrong place
  • Attempt to fix Blood Phantom's [[Cruel] Painkiller] sometimes not giving the ATK and AS buffs
  • Fixed an issue where defense damage reduction multiplier was calculated incorrectly in EXP5 content; boss ATK reduced accordingly to match average defense values (yes, this means all the defense stacking y'all were running didn't actually do anything; now it will)
  • Attempt to fix Reaper's [Shadow Rage] sometimes not giving its buffs