Welcome to Project Duck's annual Spooktacular event! This year, the list of classes receiving changes is much smaller than normal, and these changes are mostly serious. End-game progression will stay similar instead of being paused, and we've added a few fun mixups for Solace of Oblivion and DDNTA. However, as with every time we release these events, there's a set of disclaimers.

  1. We are a small dev team. As much as we would want to, we don't have the resources, time, or sanity to put in maximum effort to every single class in the game. Some classes will receive a far more polished set of Spooktacular changes compared to other classes, and some will receive none at all. We do this for fun and for the community to enjoy
  2. There is going to be bias. We are developers that also play the game. As a result, we tend to work harder on the things we enjoy. That's just a natural thing that isn't going to change
  3. This is not a permanent event or change. You can expect this to last until NOVEMBER 4, 2024. We may extend this as we see fit.
  4. If you find a major exploit or a bug, please report it to us for a generous reward (as usual) (also please do report all other bugs as well, we'll be watching closely but we can't catch everything ourselves).
  5. Enjoy yourself and try stuff out! We'll be collecting feedback after the event is over!

General Changes

  • Myla Laurel has been decorated in the spirit of Halloween, and the time of day is paused at a spooky dusk.
Town redecorated!

Spooktacular Shop (Mei)

Costume lovers will be pleased to see new Halloween-themed costumes, as well as nearly a hundred legacy costume pieces returning to the event shop. This shop will stick around after the event duration, so don't worry.
  • You can purchase various cosmetic and fun items using Tasty Pumpkin Bread! Use the preview button in the shop to see each new outfit
Spooktacular 2023 Event Shop
  • You can also purchase materials using the Pumpkin Bread to help with progression!

Spooktacular Temporary Changes

PvE Content Changes

Spooky Field Event Stage

Everyday, all accounts will receive three Pumpkin Bread Recipes from special storage!

Remember you can access it using the icon along your skill bar or by typing /ss
Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Using this recipe, you can enter the special Spooky Field Event Stage! Your vision is greatly limited and there are many threats in the field. Be careful, you might run into your worst nightmares! Find the spooky chests in the field of tall grass to obtain Tasty Pumpkin Bread!

Desert Dragon Nest Time Attack


DDNTA now has a Nightmare difficulty for a short time! Here are the details

  • 10% more HP than Master difficulty, 20% more ATK
  • New mechanics or mechanic mixups (at least one per boss)
  • Nightmare difficulty drops are the same as Master difficulty with slight bonuses (see below)

Exclusive Bonus Rewards

  • Clearing Nightmare difficulty for the first time grants the ": Your Worst Nightmare" title. When shown on the character, it looks like this "ExampleName: Your Worst Nightmare"
  • Exclusive PDN NFT Collectible: "Spooky Scary Bondage Kit"

Solace of Oblivion

Venture into the oblivion with 2 more friends?!?! Solace of Oblivion now supports up to 4 players entering at once temporarily.

  • Scaling adjusted based on player count (this does not apply to solo parties)
  • Monster's HP will be increased based on whether you are in a 2, 3, or 4 player party

Nemesis Artifacts

The bosses in the oblivion got a little tired of you blitzing through them with artifacts and decided to steal some of yours and make them their own! After the first loop, you now MUST pick one nemesis artifacts to apply onto enemies. Choose wisely as it will last for the remainder of the loop. You will be asked to choose a new Nemesis artifact after every loop. The following list are the potential Nemesis artifacts that you may encounter:

  • Damage increased
  • HP increased
  • HP barrier
  • Undying for a short duration
  • Hidden HP bars
  • HP regeneration
  • Cooldown reduction

General Content

You can now obtain Tasty Pumpking Bread (Spooktacular 2023) from the following content:

Location Drop Count
DDNTA (Norm/Hard/Master/Nightmare) 600/700/800/1000
RuDNHC8 400
RuDNHC4 40
RuDN8 100
RuDN4 35
IDNVC8 1000
Manti/Apoc 15
Volcano Nest 25

Spook Class Changes

THESE CHANGES ARE TEMPORARY. I said there won't be anymore spook in terms of what spook was in the past. I won't go over it entirely here but the TL;DR is that Spook takes A LOT of work to get done (think about doing insane changes to 80% or more of the classes in the game) all for a temporary event that lasts about a week. While we get some things out of it (tech or class rework ideas), most of the spook changes are just goofing around and a lot of dumb stuff that won't ever make it into the game. On top of all that, many players took it WAY too seriously and complained way too much. That really annoyed me that they took the for-fun-event for granted.  

This year, instead of making sweeping changes to most classes in the game. I'm taking a step back and only doing a handful of classes for ACTUAL experimental changes. They're experimental but they're still serious and not just for-fun-jokes. You can think of it as a public beta testing for potential reworks/adjustments/etc. These aren't intended to be super busted broken OP like last year so don't expect that (and if they are, it'll be quickly adjusted). I'm just trying it out for a short time, getting feedback and considering committing all/some of those changes to the actual game in the future.

These patch notes are incredibly ugly and unorganized. Don't mind me, I'm stressing trying to get this out.  - Joorji

Lunar Knight

Experimenting with less general boss damage but increasing dragonslaying power + making Ascension feel higher prio + ulti being more worth the time to cast in more scenarios
  • Ascension gives bubbles, 1x per hit, hit count increased to 12
  • MLS/SF bubble gen 3x → 2x
  • HMS EX coefficient decreased: 250/80% → 150/120% (330% → 270% total)
  • Moonfall coefficient decreased: 100% → 90%
  • Crescent Cleave (S-cast) coefficient per blade: 11% → 13%
  • Awk Blade Storm damage increased: 39261% → 48187%
  • Courageous Shout ATK buff 25% → 20%


Experimenting with gameplay switchup. Personally, these feel pretty weird to me but it’s certainly more interesting than the usual gameplay right now. It’s too chaotic imo though lmfao. I think I wouldn’t mind some of these changes but I’m not sure about all of them. Either way, try them out and maybe something sticks.
  • Brave no longer gives 10x
  • Max stacks to 50
  • All CDs perma halved except Line Drive
  • LD CD increased: 27 → 30
  • HD consumption at 10 bubbles
  • HD new animation
  • HD cooldown up 15 → 17
  • Hacking Stance RMB is HD right click, LMB animation changed, CD reduced to 30s
  • Side Dodge DMG up + is now an iframe + can cancel skills like Feint + triggers LD
  • Parry is no longer awakened
  • Coup big boy at 40+ or smth with scaling base dmg with bubble count (40 bubble req)
  • Coup scaling increased 32% → 39%
  • Coup consumes all bubbles
  • Cm3 changed to a new skill + 15 bubble cost
  • Destructive Swing no longer CM3-able
  • Eclipse viable filler (DMG up)
  • CM2 enhance time increased from 1.8s → 3s
  • Hitting 10/20/30/40/50 bubbles reduces the cooldown of Line Drive by 40%
  • Courageous Shout dura 900s

Silver Hunter

Flying ice stacking bird? Sounds pretty cool.
  • Soar Arrow Storm now ice stacks for 8.5s, but only if you hit them with the shrapnel shots and NOT the homing part of the skill

Ice Witch

More consistent ice stacking + actually actively earn Ice Cyclone by making it require more bubbles. Trying to make Elemental Shield active less while also making it more effective for smarter uses
  • Ice Cyclone cooldown reduced: 26s → 18s and bubble requirement increased: 50 → 100
  • Glacial Devastation cooldown reduced: 35s → 25s
  • Frost Chaos cooldown reduced: 25s → 16s
  • Glacial Frozen Fury damage increased
  • Elemental Shield duration decreased: 20s → 12s, damage reduction increased: 15% → 25%, cooldown increased: 30s → 80s


  • Summon Meteor (Lv3) changed to open a portal raining several meteors down at enemies for 5s, damage increased
  • Awakened Ignite Fever generation increased: 5 → 8
  • Elemental Shield duration decreased: 20s → 12s, damage reduction increased: 15% → 25%, cooldown increased: 30s → 80s


Too many iframes, same thing WW needs adjusted for the same thing too at one point or another eventually probably
  • Somersault Dance no longer iframed


Lowering the damage ceiling, increasing the damage floor for more consistency and less headache when you lose momentum
  • Momentum buff enhances ShowTime to only grant 1 bubble
  • Showtime without momentum buff grants 1x → 15x bubbles
  • Falling Star DMG reduced by 15%, ATK buff reduced 10% → 5%
  • Overall DMG reduced by secret %


Lot's of adjustments based on feedback from the last Defensio remaster. We're addressing some of the problems and a lot of suggestions that people had to bring back some vibes of old Defensio.

Also don't mind me just putting the changelog as an image cause I'm too lazy and busy to format this shit LMFAOOOOOO - Joorji

Chaos Mage

New skill replacing the turn-into-ball-move was funny but also kinda weird
  • Gravity Rush changed to 2nd awk skill, detonates all orbs inside
  • Actual skill dmg: 19376%
  • Detonate damage: 5099% (unchanged from current ver)
  • 20% DR while casting

War Mage

More obvious cooldown management
  • Radiant skills have the same cooldown as their regular versions


QoL stuff
  • Increased instant timer to 3s
  • can cast flag shine mid-air after using flag salute rmb Angelic, whichever is easier:
  • Angelic Spear RMB detonate removed, coefficient increased to compensate
  • Angelic Spear can no longer be redirected by Dance of Light

Abyss Walker

QoL stuff
  • Can left/right click out of swift cut to dark line/nether burst

PvP Spook

| Roy also didn't have time to do everything he wanted. Sorry! So, here's what he did:

  • All classes active awakenings are enable!
    Roy did not test anything and this was SUPER last minute!!
  • New spook map??
    Roy didn't also test this map!!! The best way to enjoy spook!?

Permanent PvE Class Changes

RIP party buffs. We're removing them since we plan on redoing the entire system down the line. Barely anyone took them anyway and they were causing problems and bugs here and there.
  • Spirit Boost, Dedicate Crow, Fast Forward, and Dance of Ecstasy party buff passive option REMOVED
  • Soul Eater Class Mastery I: Option to not curse enemies removed (regular CM rebalanced to compensate perma-cursing)

Cash Shop

Special Costumes

These costumes are completely unique model imports that were tediously corrected until they could work in Dragon Nest (this game is pretty old). As a result, they will be more expensive than normal costumes.
  • Master Sword and Sheath - Warrior - 45,000 QC
Idle Stance
Combat Stance
  • Hylian Shield - All Classes - 40,000 QC
Unlike the similar backpack costumes which are wings, this fits your Tail slot.
  • Lightning Serenade - Archer - 90,000 QC
This item has custom VFX upon casting certain skills
  • Acidic Scale Sword - Warrior - 40,000 QC
  • Daedric Gauntlet - Warrior - 30,000 QC
  • Black and White Daedric Gauntlet - Warrior - 30,000 QC

General Costumes

These were ALL player requests! If you want something other than warrior costumes, then ask for it!
Pink Shadow Shell Zeal (Wings or Tail)
Black Veteran Sheriff Package (Cleric)
Blue Fashionista Rabbit Package (Warrior)
White Fashionista Package (Warrior)
Brown Fashionista Package (Warrior)
White Medicine Frontier Package (Warrior)
Dragon Nest Cheerleader Package
Dark Yosyu Helm (Warrior)
Hot-Blooded Argenta Battlesword and Wristbow


Pure Pink Winter Prince One-Piece
Yellow Samurai Greatsword
Angry Red Darkness Gauntlet
Marble Corrupted Magic Staff
Death Scythe
Specific Samurai Gloves


  • Rotating Legacy Event Shop at Omay Paty changed from Halloween items to PDN Anniversary items


  • Shattered Starlight and Illustrious Mirror can now be stacked up to 9999
  • Arch Heretic's [Death Gate] is now tracked for big hit tracker
  • Galaxy Collapse now activates its special visual effect upon triggering [Class Mastery III]
  • Maximum camera zoom setting can now only be set while in town (no more SoO abuse (or spook event))


  • Minimum camera zoom is now 10 (down from 100)
Enjoy 1st person POV DN?
  • First we did this to weapons with +1 skills, now we're doing it with armor pieces with (not actually different) stat options! The purchase menu now autoselects the first option for armor pieces so you don't have to (but they're all the same anyway)
  • The iframe bar on the DPS meter skill log has been fixed (was inverted previously), added a little iframe text to make it obvious what the bar represents


  • DDNTA (all difficulties) fixed Sandworm not actually reducing the right amount of damage taken while the bombs are out
  • DDNTA (all difficulties) fixed the damage taken increase duration on Sandworm being longer than intended after blowing up two bombs near it
  • DDNTA (all difficulties) fixed an issue where going over 3 morale would cause the morale indicator to disappear
  • Fixed an issue where Rune Amplifiers didn't show their display costume name on the tooltip
  • Fixed Abyss Walker bubbles only lasting 180s instead of 999s (like everyone else's)
  • Fixed lighting issues on multiple costumes. Please keep reporting any more that you find!