We've been pretty busy with working on multiserver, so this is a smaller patch than normal. We rebalanced various material requirements for enhancing equipment, made some client improvements, and did a whole bunch of costume recolors.


  • Added a setting to disable cooldowns on passive skills
  • DPS meter now does one final update when the fight ends to reliably capture execute damage (sometimes if you perform the killing blow on the boss that hit wouldn't count towards your damage)


Rune Dragon Hardcore

  • High-Grade Reinforced Plate drops increased: 1 --> 3

Social Credit Shop

Social Credit shop was meant to be a weekly bonus of materials, not the main source
  • High-Grade Reinforced Plate price increased: 2,000 --> 5,000

Item Changes

  • Omega Enhanced Dragon Gems +14 to +15 enhance cost reduced: 2x High-Grade Reinforced Plates --> 1x High-Grade Reinforced Plate
  • Omega Enhanced Dragon Gems 3rd stat chance increased: 30% --> 70%

Cash Shop

  • Added Cold Wyvern Spirit Package (includes Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3)
  • Added Dark Challenger Set (White) (Cleric)
  • Added Dark Challenger Set (White) (Lencea)
  • Added Charming Frilly Gown (Archer)


Black Cygnus Wings
Vengeful Hero's Chakram
Dark Horned King Helm
Extra Dark Gehenna Long Bow
Fallen Champion's Marble Shield
Black Dragon Marble Mace
Black Dragon Marble Shield
Purple Doctor Leg Armor
Black Wind Surfer Cap
Winter Blue New Master Gloves
Winter Blue New Master Pants
Black Swimsuit
Black Hero's Greatsword
Black Hero's Gauntlet


  • Snot Green Shrink armor inner shirt is now white instead of green
  • Heroic items are now prefixed with "heroic" instead of suffixed (ex: "Heroic Astral Health Enhancement" instead of, "Astral Health Enhancement (Heroic)")
  • Disabled the ALT-A ImGui demo window for non-testers
  • Client saves debug logs more often (useful for troubleshooting issues)
  • Lots of backend and internal client work to support multiserver coming soon
  • Various small performance and stability updates


  • Fixed an issue where the game client crashes if you disconnect from the server (the crash was caused by the disconnect, not the other way around)
  • Fixed an issue where if you have a space in your username, autologin would fail and show your username with a % instead of a space
  • Fixed an issue where the game client would repeatedly disconnect and reconnect to Project Duck Platform Services when minimized to tray
  • Fixed an issue where passwords that were too long couldn't be used in-client
  • Fixed Landgrid's Hellfire Lava Raid not applying its debuff properly