Rune Dragon Nest Hardcore and Volcano Nest are finally here. The second part of Expansion 4! If you're here then congratulations, you made it through the Black Dragon Nest Time Attack grind. Now you get to throw your head against the wall at Rune Dragon Nest Hardcore. There are no more handicaps like revives. All or nothin'.

New Content - Volcano Nest

Volcano Nest is back and stronger. Experience some nostalgia but don't get too caught up in it and end up dead


To clarify, this is two rolls of 10% chance each for 1 Reinforced Plate
Drop Amount / Type Rate
Reinforced Plate 1 / Rollable 10%
Reinforced Plate 1 / Rollable 10%
Scorch Extract 9-12 / Bound 100%
Starlit Jewel 18-22 / Bound 100%
Lumens 546 / Bound 100%
Superb Wellspring 5 / Bound 100%

New Content - Rune Dragon Nest Hardcore

Challenge yourself to the next level with Rune Dragon Nest Hardcore with zero revives. There are new mechanics to change up the normal fight! There are also new achievements and titles to obtain!

There is a soft-timer of 10 minutes per regular boss and 14 minutes for Mamon. Take too long and you'll suffer the consequences...

As such, I highly recommend getting your offensive Omega Enhanced Dragon Gems to +15 before going in here!

Sick environment updates too! You'll see a little more drastic changes in a future difficulty... c:


Drop Amount / Type Rate
Starlight Cluster 2 / Rollable 100%
Starlight Cluster 3 / Bound 100%
High Grade Reinforced Plate 1 / Bound 100%
Paradox Echoes Fragment 10 / Rollable 100%
Godly Ordinance 3 / Rollable 100%
Godly Ordinance 3 / Bound 100%
Lumens 1150 / Bound 100%
Superb Wellspring Pouch 8 / Bound 100%

Existing Content - Rune Dragon Nest Normal (8-Man)

Rune Dragon Normal will no longer drop Paradox Echoes Fragments as these are only meant to be drop in more end game content.


Drop Old Drops New Drops
Starlight Cell 5 / Rollable 6 / Rollable
Starlight Cell 4 / Bound 6 / Bound
Paradox Echoes Fragments 5 / Rollable 0 / N/A

Existing Content - RAN / SMN

Reborn Apocalypse Nest and Storm Manticore Nest
  • Now additionally drops 5 Superb Wellspring Pouches


You're gonna need to get some new materials to enhance your equipment and dragon gems!

Equipment - Offensive Omega Dragon Gems

Break your limits and go beyond with +15 Offensive (weapon/rings) Omega Enhanced Dragon Gems. These can be obtained from doing Volcano Nest using brand new materials and crafting at Belin. The new gems have greatly increased stats that should help you take down Rune Dragon Nest Hardcore.
Here is an example of some of the stat gains past +10 (Elemental Gem)

Equipment - Astral Extinction

Astral Extinction can now be enhanced to +20 with the introduction of Rune Dragon Nest Hardcore. You can enhance them using materials from the raid itself as well as materials from Volcano Nest.
Example stat gains on the mainhand...

Vino's Variety Pack

Time for yet another PDN exclusive gacha box! Most of these weapons are recognizable from other media or take inspiration from other games. These weapons are Ancient grade and have stats on them equal to Rune Amplifiers.

These weapons are not tradeable. They can be exchanged for tokens at Omay Paty which are tradeable, but you'll have to exchange multiple weapons to get enough tokens for the specific one you're missing.

There is a small discount for buying pouches in bulk.

Bag Purchase Cost

Amount Cost Discount
1 6969 0%
10 68990 1%
50 331000 5%


Gacha Rates

Weapon Rarity Rate Token Value Token Cost
Miya's Bow ★★★ 10% 3 20
Lion's Roar ★★★ 10% 3 20
Lion's Roar Pheonix ★★★ 10% 3 20
Tensa Zangetsu ★★★ 10% 3 20
WC's Purple Staff ★★★★ 8% 4 40
WC's Red Staff ★★★★ 8% 4 40
WC's Crystal Staff ★★★★ 8% 4 40
WC's B&W Staff ★★★★ 8% 4 40
Rhaast ★★★★★ 5% 8 60
Raygun ★★★★★ 5% 8 60
Minigun ★★★★★ 5% 8 60
Kusanagi ★★★★★ 5% 8 60
Dragon Slayer ★★★★★★ 3.5% 10 80
Leviathan Axe ★★★★★★ 3.5% 10 80
Thunderbane ★★★★★★★ 1% 70 230

Special Weapon Effects

Some of the higher tier weapons have unique effects added to them when certain skills are used.
Raygun - Makes special sounds when switching to combat and shooting (don't worry, there's a mod to remove them)
Leviathan Axe - An icy ball forms around the handle for a short duration
Dragon Slayer - A red aura envelops the sword for a short duration
Thunderbane - Some "big hitter" skills produce audio and visual effects for all warriors except for transformed Dark Avenger :(


Leviathan Axe

Dragon Slayer


Shop Changes

Omay Paty

Vino's Gacha Shop

The exchange shop for [Vino's Variety Pack]. It contains a tab for exchanging tokens for weapons, and a tab for exchanging weapons for tokens.
Exchange [Gambler's Tears] for the weapon of your choice
Trade in weapons for [Gambler's Tears]

Social Credit Shop

Item Old Price / Limit New Price / Limit
Vermilion Dragon Soul 200 / 50 per week 80 / 100 per week
Lapis Dragon Soul 200 / 50 per week 80 / 100 per week
Reinforced Plate 1000 / 3 per week 1000 / 4 per week
High Grade Reinforced Plate N/A 2000 / 1 per week

[PvE] Class Balancing

Baked in some dynamic balancing there are some classes that are still dynamic balanced and not baked in. Check in Discord to see which those are.


[Class Mastery II] PATK reduced: 20% --> 15%

/\c24\Lunar Knight

[Courageous Shout] ATK reduced: 30% --> 25% at all levels


[Class Mastery II] PATK increased: 20% --> 30%

/\c76\Dark Avenger

[Class Mastery II] PATK reduced: 25% --> 20%

/\c71\Grand Master

[Class Mastery II] MATK reduced: 10% --> 0%

/\c70\Mystic Knight

This is dynamic balance applied has been increased to 20%

DMG reduced: -10% --> -20%


[Class Mastery II] PATK increased: 15% --> 20%


[Class Mastery II] MATK reduced: 5% --> 0%


[Class Mastery II] PATK increased: 10% --> 15%


[Momentum] max PATK gained reduced: 15% at 30 stacks --> 10% at 20 stacks


[Class Mastery II] MATK increased: 15% --> 20%


[Class Mastery II] PATK reduced: 5% --> 0%


[Class Mastery II] MATK reduced: 15% --> 10%

/\c47\Shooting Star

[Class Mastery II] PATK increased: 20% --> 25%

/\c48\Gear Master

[Class Mastery II] PATK increased: 0% --> 5%


[Class Mastery II] MATK reduced: 30% --> 25%

/\c87\Ray Mechanic

[Class Mastery II] PATK increased: 15% --> 20%

/\c89\Oracle Elder

[Class Mastery II] PATK increased: 20% --> 25%

/\c69\Abyss Walker

[Class Mastery II] PATK reduced: 25% --> 20%


[Class Mastery II] PATK reduced: 20% --> 15%


[Class Mastery II] PATK increased: 30% --> 35%

Cash Shop

New Items - Energetic Zeal / Darkin Zeal

These are available for the usual 30,000 QC for wings
Energetic Zeal
Darkin Zeal

Joorji's Decal Package

Available for 15,000 QC
Ignore the last icon lmao!


  • Added Forgetful Cabin Crew Plain Shirt (Warrior)
  • Added Angry Brown Bear Gauntlet (Warrior)
  • Added Royal Panda Top (Warrior)
  • Added White Kneepadless Team Captain's Legs (Warrior)
  • Added Brown Kneepadless Team Captain's Legs (Warrior)
  • Added Stylish Kneepadless Team Captain's Legs (Warrior)
  • Added Edgy Argenta Sorceress set (Sorceress)
  • Added Purple Stardust Spear (Lencea)

32-bit Client

The 32-bit client is now deprecated and can no longer be used.


  • Hair models and shader updated to higher quality models
  • Face/head models updated to higher quality models
  • DPS Meter (Alt + D) now ignores padding (ignores trash mobs) in Rune Dragon Nest Normal 8-Man, 4-Man, Rune Dragon Nest Hardcore, and Black Dragon Nest Time Attack
  • World announcements for certain item enhancements have been re-added for certain items
  • Added a quick swap feature to quickly switch between characters on your account (ESC -> Quick Swap)


  • Fixed several particles being shot in the wrong direction (e.g. on RuDN first boss fire breath fire particles)
  • Fixed crash when exiting the game after disconnecting from the server unexpectedly
  • Fixed several other misc crashes
  • Fixed Awk Vengeance from Above not being useable via Jump input after Jump + Normal Atk x2 activation of Piercing Spike EX
  • Piercing Spike EX total damage coefficient fixed from 105% per spike to 100%
  • Fixed/Removed several items that have duplicates with expiration dates in the Cash Shop
  • Fixed Tempest's Current version of [Hurricane Uppercut] and [Punch Smash] having the incorrect icon when enhanced


  • Fixed Reinforced Plates purchase limit not increased to 4 as intended in v807
  • Volcano Nest Phoenix now longer able to disappear and attack with clones immediately after second bar mech
  • Volcano Nest boss 1 phase 2 ending now just teleports you up to the top area and starts the fight (no more trying to finesse your way into the right spot)
  • Updated Lustre [Class Mastery III] to be more clear and accurate to what it actually does
  • Fixed Rune Dragon Nest Hard Core name to --> Rune Dragon Nest Hardcore
  • Fixed Pengu's Infinity Stone stating it comes from GM.X instead of Kiwi
  • Fixed Destroyer being able to stack Crash Mode in field
  • Fixed [Counterflare EX] doing less damage when parrying
  • Slowed down Crusader Sacred Hammering a tad to make it fizzle less
  • RuDNHC and Volcano Nest are now selectable in party list
  • Fixed Sniper's [Enhanced Arrow Barrage] not getting effected by action speed buffs
  • Hid some skills effects that were visible to party from Sniper
  • Fixed [Awakened Heart of Glory] skill description's vanguard cooldown refund amount
  • Removed all skill videos since most of them aren't accurate anyway
  • Fixed extractor in new area being phase thru