32-bit Client Deprecation (Soon)

We will be deprecating the 32-bit client around patch 807 or 808. This means:

  • No more feature updates
  • Class reworks (including Mystic Knight this patch) going forward will likely not fully work
  • New or updated nests and raids will likely not fully work
  • 64-bit client will be the default in the launcher
  • No support will be given for crashes or other bugs

Please ensure your system is capable of running the 64-bit client and resolve any issues you may have. You can check our troubleshooting guide or ask for help in the Discord.

If you cannot get the 64-bit client running, you may need to update or reinstall your OS to fix whatever issues you may have caused to your OS. We've tested the new client on fresh and fully updated installations of Windows 10 and Windows 11 to confirm compatibility.

64-bit Client

New Features and Improvements

  • You can now use /y (party leader yell) in 4-man parties
  • You can now minimize the game to tray from the AFK chat menu (where you leave a chat bubble over your head in town)
  • Energy bars are now properly synchronized
  • DPS result message in chat after clearing a gate now uses the Project Duck DPS meter as its source
  • Performance increases under certain situations
  • Daily Tasks window no longer auto-opens on loading into town
  • A bunch of background work for future features and improvements
  • Added support for titles that go after your character name (and both in front of and behind!)
  • Removed the Normal quality setting (the one that caused issues)
  • Removed the Low texture quality setting (the one that resulted in less FPS and also caused issues)
  • Removed the global notice whenever someone picked up a named (gold) rarity item in field
  • Successful enhancements are now custom-controlled: hitting +20 for equipment, +10 for gems
  • Warrior's [No Gauntlet Mastery] now no longer shows a naked arm but instead renders your costume arm
  • Dark classes have their audio distortion effect as an option
  • Damage numbers are rendered at any distance now
  • DPS meter now populates the entire party list at the start of a boss
  • DPS meter now shows who's dead (little empty heart icon)
  • Game crashes now output a .CRASHDMP and .CRASHINFO file to make it easier to find. Please upload both files to the report channel if you encounter a crash, thanks! (We will soon make it so you only have to upload one file, probably in a mid-patch update)
  • Skitzovania now has a day-night cycle (lasts for 2 hours, 1 hour day and 1 hour night). Can be disabled in settings. Timelapse video:


  • Fixed several random miscellaneous crashes
  • Fixed various odd issues with the DPS meter
  • Fixed /y not working in raid parties
  • Fixed camera zoom option not being applied while riding a mount or after skill cinematic camera
  • Fixed +1 skill-up crest breaking animations of EX skills (they'd show the non-EX animation)
  • Chat no longer opens up immediately when entering town if you're in a channel
  • Grass and trees no longer flicker or have ghostly rims when your UI is hidden
  • Fixed dark classes not having audio distortion

Known Issues

  • One-piece warrior costumes clip into costume gauntlets

[PvE] Class Balancing

/\c70\Mystic Knight

Kozima polished up a smoother, nicer version of MK. This version of Mystic Knight has easier bubble generation, a more fluent rotation, and some shiny new effects. Check out the new guide here.

[Rash Drive]

  • Scars Removed

[Bang Sword]

  • Scars Removed
  • CD Decreased 8s → 7s

[Knight Punch]

  • No Change

[Vision Blow]

  • No longer has a charge gauge, still enhanced at 10 bubbles
  • Damage Decreased - 24327% → 14327%
  • CD Decreased - 21s → 12s

[Celestial Wave]

  • No longer has a charge gauge, still enhanced at 10 bubbles
  • Damage Decreased - 26185% → 16185%
  • CD Decreased - 26s → 15s

[Valiant Hail]

  • Changed name to Mystic Blade
  • Animation Changed
  • CD/Damage unchanged

[Skyward Crash]

  • Unchanged

[Beat Crush]

  • CD reduced - 13s → 12s

[Comet Dive]

  • CD reduced 13s → 12s
  • Airborne Crash speed increased, end lag decreased


  • 5% bonus dmg → 10% bonus dmg


  • Damage Decreased 19556% → 17600%
  • CD Decreased 29s → 20s

[Mystic Link]

  • CD Decreased 24s → 10s
  • Buff Duration increased to 999s

[Class Mastery I]

  • Bonus INT 40% → 50%

[Class Mastery II]

  • Effectively unchanged, wording updated to match the skill.

[Class Mastery III]

  • Using Comet Dive Additionally reduces Bang Sword CD

[Awakened Passive Mystic Link]

  • Barrier Changed: 15% for 15s → 10% for 10s

[Awakened Passive Scar] REMOVED → NEW [Awakened Passive Mystic Edge]

  • Awakens Bangsword and Rash Drive
  • Increases their damage by 50% (Current Coef 150% → 225%)

[Awakened Bang Sword]

  • Animation changed
  • Grants 1 ego per hit

[Awakened Rash Drive]

  • Creates additional hits
  • Grants 1 ego per hit

[Ego Eye]

  • CD Decreased 30s → 15s

[Encore Breeze] - Changed name to [Valiant Hail]

  • CD increased 3s → 10s
  • Damage increased 3675% → 20325%
  • Added dragon summon to skill

[Awakened Passive Valiant Hail]

  • Mechanic unchanged, wording changed to match new naming
  • CD decrease on hit 2s → 5s

[Awakened Passive Knight Punch]

  • CD increase decreased
  • 8s → 5s

/\c71\Grand Master

[Arrogance] buff duration increased to 999

[Flare] 5% bonus damage → 10% bonus damage


PvP Events

We added in a PvP Event Winning Box and PvP Event Participation Box so during events it will be easier to distribute rewards quicker and during the event!

PvP Event Shop

No Gauntlet Mastery Applied and Offhand Mastery now have stats similar to Secondary Weapon Rune Amps due to expiring cosmetics not being able to be applied over Rune Amps at the Mirror.

Cash Shop

Retriever Ally

Mini Kong Ally

Moonlight Leon Ally

Hardworking Hedgehog


  • Added Crimson Skull White Witch Hat (Sorceress)
  • Added Formal Phantom Thief Red Robe (Sorceress)
  • Added Metallic Black Shaniah (Sorceress)
  • Added Plain Checkmate Gauntlet (Warrior)
  • Added Hot-Blooded White Hot Greatsword (Warrior)
  • Added Hot-Blooded Shitty Greatsword (Warrior)
  • Added Crystal Athena Surcoat (Lencea)


  • If you somehow managed to lock your equipment, you can now unlock it immediately
  • Destroyer's [Crash Mode] (the one that extends the Crash Mode buff duration) can now only be cast while in Crash Mode
  • Renamed Physician's [Salve Slimer] to [Slime Sacrifice] to avoid confusion
  • Warrior No Gauntlet Mastery now has rune amplifier stats since it is limited duration and cannot be slotted into a rune amplifier
  • PvP Event Vouchers are now server storagable


  • Fixed Guardian's [Thrust Force] and [Overwhelm] skill descriptions to reflect last patch's changes
  • Fixed Guardian's [Overwhelm] not executing the second attack if you pressed any button
  • Fixed Barbarian's [Haymaker Frenzy] tooltip showing incorrect amount of damage reduction
  • Fixed a bug where you would sometimes use the air cast of Black Mara's [Ripping] if casted immediately after [Agonal Shadow]
  • Fixed Black Mara's [Contract Enhanced Cleaving] and [Contract Enhanced Void Coil] names to be [Contract Envy Cleaving] and [Contract Envy Void Coil] respectively
  • Removed the defunct/inaccessible TKN 4-man from the Social Credit party reward page
  • Fixed Physician's [Awakened Slime Sacrifice] not showing the bubble effect on affected players
  • Fixed Physician's [Awakened Sacrifice]'s description and renamed to [Awakened Slime Sacrifice]