Hello, this is Zemin (hirexxar#1570). I’ve been playing PDN since 2020 and main Destroyer, Inquisitor, and Crusader. Destroyer is special class because its dps heavily relies on [Crash Mode]. You sometimes need to take damage on purpose to extend Crash Mode's duration, so inting is a part of the rotation :^).

(If you're interested in learning other classes, check out or Class Guide Archive) - Vino


[Destructive Swing] - This is the skill that you need to use very often to activate normal [Bombs Away], [Crash Bombs Away], [Crash Flying Swing], [Crash Punishing Swing], and [Crash Roll Attack]. Casting it before any Crash skill in Crash Mode will speed up the skill and extend your Crash Mode duration. Note: it doesn’t have an i-Frame but you can use it to dodge stomp.

[Flying Swing] - Normal [Flying Swing] and [Flying Swing Instant] are the only two skills that generate 5 [Rage] if hit. It gives 70% damage reduction while casting and it can also work as parry skill before the swing.

[Crash Flying Swing] - Unlike normal [Flying Swing], it doesn’t generate [Rage] or provide damage reduction. It can also work as parry if you hold down the S key before casting, but it won’t give you extra crash mode duration. Using it with [Destructive Swing] doesn’t allow you to control the 2nd hit. This skill has "infinite" super armor.

[Punishing Swing] - A provoke skill.

[Crash Punishing Swing] - It also serves as a provoking skill, but it deals a lot more damage than the normal one. Using it with [Destructive Swing] will significantly increase the cast speed. This skill has "infinite" super armor.

[Bombs Away] - This is what triggers [Flying Swing Instant]. You can either use [Flying Swing Instant] after it quickly for the [Rage] or use [Destructive Swing] and [Flying Swing Instant] as a combo to deal large damage.

[Crash Bombs Away] - No longer triggers [Flying Swing Instant], but deals a lot more damage. Using it with [Destructive Swing] will significantly increase the cast speed. This skill has "infinite" super armor.

[Roll Attack] - It has i-Frame when you’re in the air. Holding down keys WSAD before casting will change the flying direction. For getting full hits (10), press S before casting.

[Crash Roll Attack] - Has no i-Frame but deals a lot more damage. Using it with [Destructive Swing] will significantly increase the cast speed. You can use it to dodge stomps while in the air. This skill has "infinite" super armor.

[Taunting Howl] - A debuff skill that makes the boss take 20% more damage.

[Crisis Howl] - Generates 10 [Rage], but you hardly have chance to use it because of super armor.

[Battle Howl] - A buff skill that provides 10% extra damage. Use it whenever you get buff wiped.

[Enervating Howl] - A must have for debuffing enraged bosses. Note: you can only wipe buffs on bosses, you can’t silence them.

[Lifesaver] - Generates 20 [Rage].

[Stomp] - An optional skill that can slow down certain monsters. So far it only works on mobs in BDNTA dragon phase 1.

[Provoke] - A provoke skill (ofc)

[Endure] - Provides an area that makes your party members who are in a certain range invincible for 3-ish seconds. Note: unlike Saint’s [Immortality], you get the i-Frame immediately after casting.

[Empowering Howl] - The golden condom that gives you and party member a barrier for 30% of max hp. Destroyer’s barrier is the only one that provides extra 500 super armor effect, but your own barrier will disappear if you activate [Crash Mode], so make sure you use it beforehand. If you use it during Crash Mode, you won’t be able to increase Crash Mode duration by taking damage until the barrier is gone. It is also a self-heal skill that recovers 1% of max hp every 2 seconds.

[Maelstrom Howl] - When you have 50 [Rage], you can use [Maelstrom Howl] to activate [Crash Mode] for 10s and wipes your own [Empowering Howl], but if you received barrier from another tank, you can’t wipe it. However, this is the only skill that activates [Crash Mode]. It also has 70% damage taken reduction and a 20% debuff for enemies hit. Note: if you’re in Crash Mode and activate it again, your Crash Mode duration will be reset.

[Assault Crash] - Normal [Assault Crash] is a trash skill. Try to avoid using it unless you run out of skills.

[Crash Assault Crash] - 45% faster than normal [Assault Crash] and serves as a self-heal skill --- it recovers 2% of max hp per swing, so in total you can heal 10% of max hp. You can’t use it with [Destructive Swing]. This skill has "infinite" super armor.

[Crash Mode] - Unwipeable buff. When you have 25 or more [Rage] and in Crash Mode, you can gain extra 15s duration by using [Crash Mode], but you cannot activate Crash Mode by directly casting this skill. When you’re in Crash Mode, you have constant 50% damage taken reduction, 15% extra damage, and your super armor becomes higher. If an incoming hit deals more than 1% of your max hp, your hp recovers by 0.5% and Crash Mode extends by 1 second. This is where you need to take damage on purpose sometimes to stay in Crash Mode as long as you can. As I mentioned before, you cannot wipe the barrier from another tank, which makes it nearly impossible to take damage so that you’re unable to extend the duration. Note: Environmental damages don’t increase crash mode duration. Ex: RuDN boss 1 spikes.

Skill Build

Unified Skills: Max HP Boost, Ultimate CDR

Skill Crests

[Flying Swing CDR] / [Maelstrom Howl CDR] / [Punishing Swing DMG] / [Destructive Swing DMG] / [Roll Attack DMG] / [Bombs Away DMG] / [Calamity Crush DMG or CDR] (optional) / [Cleaving Gale DMG or CDR] (optional)

Skill-up: +1 Roll Attack


Destroyer doesn’t have a fixed rotation. The rotation changes depending on if you’re in crash mode or not. The idea is to try to spam [Destructive Swing] with a Crash skill as much as possible to stay in Crash Mode. I wouldn’t recommend using [Destructive Swing] and [Crash Flying Swing] as a combo since the speed doesn’t change much. Using [Destructive Swing] and [Crash Roll Attack] or [Destructive Swing] and [Crash Bombs Away] combo is a game changer. Only use [Crash Assault Crash] and [Assault Crash] when it’s necessary.

Dragon Gems

One conversion + three elemental gems