Happy Pride Month! At Project Duck, we've always celebrated Pride Month with some fabulous costume pieces. This year we have some new weapons and capes!

[PvE] Content

Rune Dragon Nest

Sometimes you just want to reset because your Barbarian died twice to first boss.
  • Added a Vote to Forfeit button to the ESC menu

A forfeit requires 60% of the party to agree. After the first player presses the button, a system message notifies the party which player initiated the vote and how many votes are required to forfeit. The rest of the party can open the ESC menu and vote to forfeit, or ignore it if they don't want to forfeit.

The required number of votes are as follows:

Party Size Required Votes
1 1
2 2
3 2
4 3
5 3
6 4
7 5
8 5

Once the required number of votes are met, the run ends and the party is sent back to field.

  • Added 5x Paradox Fragment εchoes to drop table

Echo Skill Crests

Tired of not having the right buff? Here's the solution

Paradox Fragment εchoes found in Rune Dragon Nest can be crafted into a completed Paradox Gem εcho at Belin. Using the completed gem, you can purchase a Paradox εcho skill plate which can provide a class buff to your party. The plates, however, are temporary (7 days) so you will need to continue to play Rune Dragon Nest to upkeep your Paradox εchoes.

You can only equip one εcho plate at a time

EXP4 Dungeons

  • [Intricate Valley], [Blazing Caldera], and [Golden Grasslands] have a 10% chance to drop a [Sealed Omega Expedition Crest]

Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (4-man)

  • Now has partial party size balancing (like EXP4 dungeons)
  • Party size balancing is capped to 2 players, meaning if you go in solo, you will only get the duo buff

Boulder Training Ground

Say goodbye to running around like a headless chicken!
  • Reset, rebuff, and death pads have been removed
  • Control spheres have been removed
  • All of the above features have been moved to a new popup UI that shows while you're in BTG
Press the buttons to do the things!

[PvE] Class Balancing

/\c5\ Tinkerer

Yum-o-tron's food has always caused problems of all sorts - makes it difficult to balance classes (we have to check if a given run result has food or not and make a rough adjustment to take it into consideration), people greed the hell out of it, and it contributes to the too-much-healing-in-the-game problem. By removing it, we can give Tinkerer a base class buff like the rest of the classes in the game.
  • [Yum-o-tron] no longer spawns food and instead applies [Boost] (FD class buff) and [Mana Flow] (CDR and mana consumption reduction class buff)


  • Moved Ruler's Authority to new Paradox tab in Belin's Astral Shop
  • Added [Paradox εcho] Breaking Point (ATK)
  • Added [Paradox εcho] Fury of the Owl (Additional DMG)
  • Added [Paradox εcho] Redemption Aura (Healing + Max HP)
  • Added [Paradox εcho] Manaflow (CDR)
  • Added [Paradox εcho] Genie's Blessing (Mainstat)
  • Added [Paradox εcho] Harmonize (AS + MS)
  • Added [Paradox εcho] Preparation (Ele ATK)
  • Added [Paradox εcho] Boost (FD)
  • Removed several legacy items across many shops
  • Removed Illusive Burst Shop from Overlord Zeke

Cash Shop - Pride Costumes!

Rainbow weapon overload
  • Added rainbow variations for every weapon type for every class
  • Added five new pride cape variations
Bisexual Pride Cape + Assassin Pride 2022 Weapons
Nonbinary Pride Cape + Kali Pride 2022 Weapons
Pansexual Pride Cape + Archer Pride 2022 Weapons
Transgender Pride Cape + Machina Pride 2022 Weapons
Progress Pride Cape + Cleric Pride 2022 Weapons
  • Added Black Hawaiian Shirt (Warrior)


  • Added Minimize to Tray to the Main Menu. Mutes the game and puts it at low priority, reducing the CPU and GPU usage of the game (and the game will give up CPU time to other programs when they need it)
  • Skitzovania weather update (see post thumbnail)
  • Implemented a lot of internal work to support custom shaders (build pipeline, code support)
  • More internal work for the new DPS meter (ready soon hopefully!)
  • Added several debug controls to make our dev lives easier
  • Fixed multiple icon issues with recently added costumes
  • Fixed the priority list in the cash shop so that the newest costumes show at the top of the list instead of a jumbled mess of new costumes
  • Paradox Gem A renamed to Paradox Gem α


  • Players stuck outside of Rune Dragon boss 2 arena should now get teleported in

QC Rebate

There will be a 25% QC rebate active after maintenance to June 16, 2022 (11:59 PM PDT)