Welcome to patch 792, sorry it took a while! We have some juicy changes for you today to push us along. Next patch should be the long-awaited tank rework (Defensio, Destroyer, Guardian).

Party Content

Rune Dragon Nest

This should shorten clear time a little more and make some of the bosses a little more comfortable and less annoying to fight

These changes also apply to Rune Dragon Nest (4 Man)
  • Boss 2's cooldowns have been adjusted to disappear less often allowing him to fight a little more actively
  • Boss 3's ball transformation mechanic now iframes later at the start and becomes hittable after the boss turns back to normal

Rune Dragon Nest (4 Man)

Rune Dragon is finally here for the smaller party sizes. It features a few changes from its raid counterpart. It's fairly easier with some mechanics removed and simplified. You'll also notice that some buff wipes have been removed. Of course, this comes with the penalty of fewer drops.
Spec Amount
Revives 2 manual
Clear Gold 5000g
Team Size 1-4 Players
Auto Rebuffer Available
Item Count / Drop Type
Starlight Cell 1x / Bound
Starlight Cell 1x / Rollable
Lumens 546x / Bound

Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (8 Man)

This is for the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in Garden of Solace. These changes will not affect Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (4 Man). Now you can enjoy the magic of Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore again in a raid party if you want. There are still no drops though. We are considering adding this to a rotation of old raids for your weekly QC that is only available in GDNTA right now though.
  • Boss HP and ATK increased to roughly Rune Dragon Nest levels

Red Dragon Nest Easy (4 Man)

  • Added party size scaling

Red Dragon Nest Vahrcore (4 Man)

  • Added party size scaling

Ice Dragon Nest (4 Man)

  • Added party size scaling

Cerberus Nest

  • No longer drops Scroll Fragments

Power Hour

  • Now applies to Rune Dragon Nest (4 Man)
  • Raid Power Hour no longer shares the same time slot as Dungeon or Nest Power Hours
Possible raid power hour slots that the system will pick from (R), with the current dungeon/nest (D/N) slots

Solo Content --> Duo Content

Duo with one other friend for what used to be solo content! No, you cannot gain Social Credit points from clearing this (sadge). Party size scaling is now available so you will gain a 50% ATK buff when going in solo. If you go in with another friend, you won't gain any ATK buffs.

Typhoon Krag Nest (Ardent)

  • Renamed to Typhoon Krag Nest Solo/Duo (Ardent)
  • Boss HP increased by 50%
  • Party size scaling buff now available (if you're solo, gain 50% ATK)

Granom Nest (Midnight)

  • Renamed to Granom Nest Solo/Duo (Midnight)
  • Boss HP increased by 50%
  • Party size scaling buff now available (if you're solo, gain 50% ATK)

Guardian Nest (Midnight T2)

  • Renamed to Guardian Nest Solo/Duo (Midnight T2)
  • Boss HP increased by 50%
  • Party size scaling buff now available (if you're solo, gain 50% ATK)

Boulder Training Ground

  • Replaced Ice Dragon, Kodiak, and Balapa with Rune Dragon, Managarm, and Hrungnir in Boulder Training Ground
  • Increased Irate Kharein's target scanning range so she keeps attacking even if you're a fair distance away
  • Boulder should fall over less and when he does, he should get back up
  • Autodebuffer is enabled by default
  • Class buffs are given as soon as you join

PvE Class Balancing


Mostly just visual changes, the only major changes are the Holy Burst animation, and Consecration final explosion hit count. There is no change in damage.

[Awakened Detonate] visuals updated to be bluer
[Awakened Consecration]

  • Visuals updated to blue lightning
  • Final explosion hit count increased: 3 --> 6

[Consecrated Holy Burst]

  • No longer attacks around you in a sea of light
  • NEW: Conjure and channel lightning to strike down at your foes in a wide range in front of you

[Consecrated Grand Cross]

  • No longer summons a holy cross
  • NEW: Fire a magical bolt of lightning that turns into an orb upon colliding with an enemy


Dynamic balance baking

[Class Mastery II] 30% PATK --> 40% PATK

/\c87\Ray Mechanic

[Yum-a-Tron] can now be casted while transformed

Rune Amplifiers & Damage Bug

Here's to another change that simplifies gearing and fixes a long time bug that has been a pain for the past 2+ years.

First off, the effects. Engraving bonus effects have been completely removed. This means no more 10% elemental debuff, healing, or eletricution. This should smooth out damage a little more and fix those pesky Physician players jabbing you to paralyze you. We know this may be a little sad to lose that tiny tick heal but deal with it!

Secondly, the stats. Your stats should not change after the update goes live. We simply removed the stats you would gain from engravings onto the Rune Amplifiers themselves so you no longer have to engrave them

Finally, the most important part. This should fix the "damage bug" that occurs when you disconnect from a party. This should also allow for players to invite party members from the field without worrying about damage bug.


  • Stats and bonuses removed
  • Existing engravings on equipment have been removed

Rune Amplifiers

  • Engraving stats distributed to Rune Amplifier armor pieces

Shop Changes

  • GM.X's Engraving Exchange Shop removed


  • Added a looting animation for Ray Mechanic while transformed
  • Cosmic Calamity Accessories renamed --> Calamity Accessories
  • Rune Amplifiers no longer say that they can be engraved
  • Scroll Fragments no longer say that you can exchange them for engravings at GM.X
  • CTRL + PRTSC (Hide UI) now works for the Duck overlay UIs too (so you can hide the control window in BTG too)
  • Implemented a flexible post processing shader pipeline (will be used in the near future!) with support for anti-aliasing, dynamic HDR tonemapping, lens effects (chromatic abberation, better bloom, depth of field (and not ED's shitty DoF)), ambient occlusion, detail sharpening, and more.
  • Titles are now account-bound instead of character-bound (so you can access all of the titles you've earned on any character)
  • Adjusted how water is rendered so that the texture tiles less obviously
Stochastic texture sampling FTW
Vanilla water rendering for reference. You can see the same pattern repeating over and over much more easily


  • Fixed a bug where the party scaling buff did not reapply in Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (4 Man)
  • Fixed a bug where Ice Dragon Nest Vahrcore (4 Man) gave party scaling buffs twice
  • Fixed a bug where disconnecting and rejoining in Rune Dragon Nest would remove your revive even if you didn't use it
  • Fixed a bug where you could get locked outside of Storm Manticore Nest Gate 2
  • Fixed a bug where [Deus EX Machina] did not hit properly after colliding with an object
  • Fixed a bug where [Overline] and [Celestial Wave] consumed more mana than intended during charging
  • Fixed a bug where [Paradox Echo Preparation]'s 10% all element damage did not overwrite the proper buff when used
  • Fixed a bug where [Paradox Echo Preparation] had the wrong buff icon
  • Fixed a bug where [Soar Deluge Bolt]'s description did not state the damage and had the wrong number of hits and range
  • Fixed Pride 2022 Flail being way too stiff (OwO?)
  • Fixed Pride 2022 Ego-Sword being incorrectly named as Pride 2022 Claw
  • Fixed a bug where the Sorceress Umbrella could not be put in storage
  • Fixed a bug where the DPS meter did not show people getting debuffed
  • Fixed the direction that shadows are being casted in Skitzovania (did nobody notice that the sun is rising in the east yet shadows are being cast from the north?)
  • Fixed a bug where RuDN8N forfeit button would immediately forfeit the run instead of waiting for enough votes

Project Duck Launcher

  • Now supports custom game resolutions, just select "Custom Resolution" in PDLauncher settings and type in your desired resolution


In celebration of July 4th (America Day), we're going to be having an extended Power Hour for Raid, Dungeons, and Nests


After maintenance - July 4th 11:59PM PDT