Happy anniversary! We know things have been kinda quiet (read more about why and what we're working on in this dev blog post). Thanks again for supporting Project Duck and we look forward to bringing you more!

Skitzovania Cosmetic

Lanturns begone, snow begone, here comes the light!

Anniversary Event

Anniversary Infographic

Check out some cool year-in-review stats here!

Anniversary Login Rewards

Daily Login Reward for 3 days! Rewards start on Feb 14th
  • Day 1: 5x Rob Box
  • Day 2: Project Duck Anniversary Cardboard Box... Box
  • Day 3: Project Duck Wings of Valor

Please note that these are consecutive login rewards, meaning you must log in that number of days to receive the reward.

QC Rebate Activation

Everyone loves free money
  • 33% QC rebate when you load up!
  • February 13, 2022 23:00 PST - February 21, 2022 23:59 PST

Anniversary Trial of Champions

Take on event bosses in this equalized 4-man challenge! Earn tokens to craft Anniversary Boxes and buy anniversary exclusive cosmetics
Type Equalized Nest
Max Player Count 4
Revive Count 7
Recommended Gear Any
Drops Project Duck Anniversary Token, G/Fiyah Birb/Frosty/Sandy/Spinning Token

Belin Crafting

Clear the event nest to obtain tokens to craft into amazing Zeke boxes. You can also obtain these via PvP

Kiwi Anniversary Shop

Get your hands on our special anniversary goodies you might have missed out on last year and Developer Blush's custom valentine samurai costume set! Pay a visit at Kiwi to check out what's new.

Cash Shop

Vino has been working on some new cash shop recolors at the request of a few other players

Arctic Marine (Cleric)

Angsty Thorn King (Assassin)

[PvE] Class Balancing


[Awakened Spiral Edge] Damage increased from 18053% --> 21664%


  • Client now displays a splash screen while it starts up

Mini Patch Summary

For all the small patches we've been putting out that don't warrant their own patch notes


  • Likes are unified across your entire account


  • Fixed a bug where Lustre's [Awakened Cast Cassia] wasn't iframed even though the EX is
  • Improved reliability of Lustre's [Carnival Rush] hit registration
  • Dragoon's [Stab Tug EX] critical resistance reduction debuff duration standardized to 20s (from 15s)
  • Fixed a bug where Golden Wind, Twilight Luna, and Ardent Dawn headgear cost more gold to enhance than intended
  • Removed some duplicate packages from the cash shop
  • 1 QC costumes reorganized
  • Lava Darkness, Crystal Dream, Frozen Dragon, Legendary Frozen Dragon, Shattered Light, and Dark Religious weapons added to cash shop
  • Frozen Dragon WTD set added to cash shop
  • Spirits sorted into their own tab in the cash shop
  • More knight tweaks


  • Fixed some costumes expiring
  • Fixed issue where Gear Master's [Class Mastery III] HP and MP restore percentages were flipped in the description (no actual change)
  • Improved Professor K stage 1 start fight check
  • Reduced visual trail width of Reaper's [Flare Blitz]


  • Skitzovania changed to morning clear sky
  • More knight tweaks and balancing


  • Lunar Knight's [Awakened Cyclone Slash] mob lift reduced (PvE only)
  • More knight tweaks and balancing


  • Fixed a bug where Warden's [Awakened Sylph's Aid] description ATK% did not match the real ATK% and fixed description not mentioning the 25% action speed and movement speed buff
  • Added [Overlord Zeke] to obtainment information for [Talisman of Kozmos], [Talisman of Jerovine], and [Ancient Elemental Enhanced Talisman]
  • Fixed Ruina's [Class Mastery III] description - it doesn't actually provoke
  • Several titles are now destroyable
  • Talisman and Crest Voucher descriptions updated to point players to trade them in at Overlord Zeke --> Ardent Item Exchange
  • More knight tweaks and balancing


  • Skitzovania redecorated for Lunar New Year
  • Hotfix several bugs


  • Lustre's [Awakened (Enhanced) Eternal Light Quartz] now has a 0.25s cooldown for skillbar clarity
  • DPS meter now has a skill spread breakdown
  • GameConfig is now editable in-game
  • More knight tweaks and balancing