This guide includes the basics and some extra tips to the Lustre class. This guide is written by DigBick (gendiamond) and Joorji (joorji).

Lustre a support class and is an extremely flexible pick that has multiple playstyles with powerful buffs and strong damage. Lustre is also very easy to understand the rotation regardless of the build and, with their recent rework to their gameplay has become more fluid.

The main gameplay focuses around building and spending [Luminance] which is your Bubbles and I will refer to them simply throughout the guide. Depending on the distinct style you will either consume your Bubbles for strong buffs for your team or for more damage.

If you like flashy luminous skills, lots of mobility, and being close/midrange then Lustre is for you.

I will be giving tips, tricks, and other important things to note for each skill. Skills that are very self-explanatory will be skipped or have very brief notes.

Check out the Class Guide Archive if you're interested in learning other classes.
- Vino


[Pivot Strike]: This is your bread and butter and main bubble generator. Thanks to our [CM3] this skill has been enhanced to Light attribute and additionally you can use [Regular attack button] to shoot 5 more times gaining 12 bubbles total. Use off Cooldown.

[Fly-by]: a utility skill that has a short i-frame at start and then sends you flying quickly in a straight line. Useful for closing Gaps and after [Tumble] when using [Jump Button] to extend the i-frames.


[Laser Piercer]: fires a strong beam straight ahead. EX allows you to press [Regular attack button] to launch an additional projectile. (Delaying your input slightly helps with the projectile not firing)

[Mirage]: Long duration ele debuff projectile. Doesn’t do very much damage, just debuff and forget.

[Lightning Rise]: Very long i-frame, Crit Resist debuff, Long cast time. This is a Main Skill, however it should be made last on your priority due its long cast time and its utility. Most of the damage comes from a field it leaves on the ground so timing and placement is key to maximizing damage.

[Flood Trick]: This skill is the gateway to either being Support or DPS as it has different inputs that influence its power and ability to create a field to buff your allies. Here are the results of [Flood trick] Plus an input:

  • [Regular attack button]:Fires a beam for a strong burst of damage + grants yourself 10% AS/MS for 15s. Reduces [Hyper Galaxy] by 12s on hit and [Countdown] cd by 5s. (Not clicking any input leads to this option but doing this makes it happen quicker)
  • [Special Attack Button]: Makes you do a backflip a short distance and leaves a Field buff zone that you can interact with either [Eternal Light Quarts]/[Eternal Light Soul] to grant yourself and your team the buff.

[Carnival Rush]: One of your top damaging skills. It has a long animation and comes with a hefty amount of Super Armor.

[Drift Step]: Quick, zig-zag dash that is a short-frame on cast. Using this with [Special Attack button] Leads into [Shoulder Crash] using [Special Attack button] again leads to our CM2.

[Illusive Fist]: a [Jump Button] skill that can cancel any skill causing you to leap upwards briefly. Little damage but it’s utility comes in handy for stomps. You can cast it by pressing [Jump] during certain skills

[Hyper Galaxy]: Your ultimate. Decent damage and its fire and forget. Use it off CD to make use of other skills CD reduction for it.

Filler Skills:

  • [L-Action]: A quick drift that does solid damage. Good for repositioning short distances.
  • [L-Combo]: 3-hit combo that does similar damage.
  • [L-Buster]: fast burst of punches with a short cd. I started using this more lately as I find it quicker than L-combo.  You can use this or L-combo, it’s user preference.


[Eternal Light Quartz]:Fires a short beam that can be used on your allies or used in parallel with [Flood Trick] to buff the whole team, granting them 5% elemental ATK for 10 seconds. You gain access to the awakening version when you have at least 20 bubbles and the buff is enhanced to 10% elemental ATK for the cost of 5 bubbles.

[Eternal Light Soul]: Puts a circle area that grants whoever is inside(besides yourself) a 5% Phys/magical damage buff that lasts for 40s. Additionally, this buff applies a lifesteal effect that restores up to 15% max HP. Should be used with [Flood trick] to buff the whole team including yourself.

[Eternal light Might]: Your strongest buff that consumes 50 Bubbles. Buff range is the same as class buffs and provides 10% damage and 10% FD for all within range for 20s

[Cast Cassia]: A quick and powerful projectile that leaves a buff zone on the ground for a short duration and when Enhanced [Eternal Lights Quartz] is fired into it, grants a 10% AS and MS 10s buff for anyone nearby.(Does not stack with [Flood Trick] AS self buff, it actually rewrites it)

[Libero Blast]: Leaves a zone that grants 10000% super armor and 20% damage reduction. People must remain in the buff zone to keep the buff.
EX usage: For BDN: S2 Tracing hammers, Stomp. RuDN: S2 Dark Room Stomp, S3 Two people ball mech

[Countdown]: Self Steroid that grants you 20% light and gives your main skills additional damage via [Wings] that fly out whenever you use them. The bonus damage is nearly doubling the skills output resulting in one of the strongest steroids in the game. Mastering when to fully utilize this buff will result in very high burst and increase your overall damage.

[Class Mastery II]: When [Shoulder Crash] is used, you can use 15 bubbles to cast [Carnival Rush EX Instant] quickly. It can also be activated by entering [Special Attack Button] after using [Shoulder Crash].

Skill Build

Unified Skills: Max HP Boost, Final Damage Boost

Skill Crests

Changes depending on if you're planning on more supportive or DPS oriented play


[Lightning Rise DMG]
[Laser Piercer DMG]
[Eternal Light Soul CDR]
[Carnival Rush AS]
[Flood Trick DMG]
[Cast Cassia CDR]
[Pivot Strike CDR]


[Flood Trick DMG]
[Laser Piercer DMG]
[Drift Step CDR]
[Shoulder Crash CDR]
[Carnival Rush AS]
[Cast Cassia CDR]
[Pivot Strike CDR]

DPS Playstyle Skill up: +1 [Carnival Rush]
Supportive Playstyle Skill up: +1 [Cast Cassia]


  • [Cast Cassia] decent iframe duration
  • [Lightning Rise] very long iframe for the entire cast time
  • [Drift Step] during dash startup, short duration
  • [Fly-by] only on startup

General Tips

  • Try to prioritize using [Cast Cassia] often as it has a very low cast time which can tick down while you cast your longer skills such as [Carnival Rush] and [Lightning Rise]
  • Hold [Cast Cassia] if your [Countdown] is about to be off cooldown
  • Use [Pivot Strike] as often as possible
  • [Pivot Strike] allows you to move slightly as your casting it. If you hold a directional key while casting, you'll move in that direction before locking in place to left click for the attacks
  • Save [Lightning Rise] for last as it doesn't do too much damage for its cast time + you'll want to save it for the long iframe
  • [L-Action] and [L-Combo] are really powerful fillers.
  • You can still use the [Drift Step] into [Carnival Rush Instant] once or twice to lower the cooldown of [Countdown] even if you're mainly playing as a support

Support Gameplay

Playing as support your main focus is maintaining your [Eternal Light] buffs and your Cass Cassia AS buff for your team. During moments where there is an opportunity to group and dps for a period you should be spending your bubbles on [Eternal Light Might] for a huge burst. When you have a surplus of bubbles and there isn’t a chance to use ELM you should continue to use your CM2 here and there.

With this playstyle the rotation isn’t much different from playing DPS. The major difference being the usage of [Flood Trick] + RMB and [Eternal Light] buffs.

Example rotation for buffing: [Flood Trick] + RMB --> Cass Cassia --> Enhanced [Eternal Light Quartz].

Doing the buff in this order accomplishes 2 buffs for 1 usage of [ELQ]. Placing the buff field, using Cass Cassia to place another AS field and finally [ELQ] activates both.
You can also refresh the AS buff by casting [ELQ] again on the Cass Cassia buff field since it lasts for several seconds.

[ELS] should be maintained and refreshed constantly as it can be a permanent damage buff and a powerful Lifesteal heal that can rescue people in a pinch.
[ELM] best uses: Anytime you group for Endure,

Priority example:
FT + ELS/ELQ -->Countdown -->Cast cassia -->pivot strike -->Laser Piercer -->Carnival rush --> Lightning Rise -->50 bubbles use ELM

filler skills L-action L-combo should be woven between some skills to help with running out of skills.

DPS Gameplay

When playing as a dps you will be prioritizing the [LMB] input for flood trick since that’s what enables a self-steroid and allows for a shorter CD on Countdown and your ultimate skill. Your rotation is heavily influenced by what is off CD and as such should follow this as a priority:

Countdown --> FT + [LMB] -->Carnival Rush INS -->Cast cassia -->pivot strike -->Laser Piercer -->Carnival rush --> Lightning rise

There is less time to use filler skills than support but you should still use them when your Main skills are down.

Effective DMG Increase

Here are the effective damage increases for your party for each respective buff
  • [Eternal Light Soul]: 3.8%
  • [Eternal Light Quartz]: 3.1%
  • [Eternal Light Quartz] (20+ bubbles): 6.2%
  • [Eternal Light Might]: 13.5%

Rotation Examples