Boulder Training Ground

Introducing the brand new monster option: Irate Khaerin coming in your two favorite col– I mean HP options 500b and 1000b.

Khaerin does 50% of your HP per hit, so you better dodge well while dpsing

Content Changes

Ice Dragon Nest 8-man & HC

  • Mutated Kodiak no longer ignores iframes and blocks when using his lift-confuse-throw skill

Class Balancing Wave 27

This isn't much of a wave but rather just a small balancing patch for Pyromancer since it was ready to go before we were able to get solid estimates of deltas for class balancing. Actual IDNVC class balancing will be in the next few days


Hot Rod focused gameplay was not interesting. We're moving Pyromancer towards a Summon Meteor focused gameplay loop. Removing RNG elements from bubble generation and replacing Flame Burst. Flame Burst would not match with the rest of Pyromancer's kit since we removed reliance on Hot Rod.

We will be watching Pyromancer closely as we do not want a extremely overpowered class to release with Vahrcore and the rest of EXP3

[Awakened Fire Wall] damage increased: 5090% → 6617%


  • Cooldown reduced: 15s → 12s
  • Damage increased: 4300% → 5590%

[Awakened Ignite]

  • Cooldown reduced: 15s → 10s
  • Damage increased: 1762% → 5286%

[CM3 Hot Rod]

  • Uses BMJ animation/hits/properties
  • Damage decreased: 2205% → 1102%

[Inferno EX] final explosion damage increased: 60% of board damage → 80% of board damage

[Class Mastery II]

  • Phoenix Strike no longer recovers the cooldown of Fireball INS
  • Flame Spark to trigger Fireball INS → Phoenix Strike to trigger Fireball INS
  • Fireball INS activation window 1.8s → 2.2s

[Summon Meteor]

  • Cooldown reduced to 13s
  • Number of meteors (base) 3 → 1
  • Fever Summon Meteor does not share cooldown with Summon Meteor
  • Summon extra meteors based on fever stacks
  • 1 Fever = 2 Meteors
  • 2 Fever = 3 Meteors
  • 3 Fever = 1 Enhanced Meteor (condenses 5 Meteors worth of damage and the burn)
  • Consumes all Fever on cast

[Flame Burst] → [Flash Fire]

  • CD 15s → 11s
  • Now casts a vortex of fire in front of you that lasts for a 2 seconds dealing 1100% per hit. After 2 seconds, the flame bursts dealing an additional 2200%
  • Additionally, burns enemies for 5% fire damage every 2 seconds for 11 seconds

[Awakened Passive Ignite]

  • No longer increases coefficient by 230%
  • Now awakens Ignite to deal significantly increased damage

[Awakened Passive Fever Mastery]

  • 35% to proc on Ignite, Inferno, Phoenix Strike → 100% chance to proc on Flash Fire and Ignite
  • Proc type changed: on-hit → on-cast
  • No longer consumes Fever to cast Enhanced Flame Burst
  • No longer reduces CD of Summon Meteor on proc
  • Bubble duration increased to 900s

/\c56\Soul Eater

[Humiliation] cooldown reduced: 10s --> 8s


  • A new town chat command has been added !like PLAYER where PLAYER is the name of the character you'd like to like
  • More tooltip clarity updates
  • Lots of prep for upcoming weapon gacha
  • Lots of prep for upcoming patch


  • Attempt to fix Gladiator's [CM3 Coup de Grace] hitting one extra time occasionally
  • Fixed a bug where Chaos Mage's [CM3 Gravity Well] flow changes would not apply occasionally