Small patch uwu

Skitzovania Changes

  • Skitzovania weather and lighting changed to not be so sad and dark
  • Lunar New Year extra lanterns removed

Anniversary Events

It's been a fun run but everything has to come to an end
  • Tokens will stop dropping from their respective nests
  • Trial of Champions removed
  • Anniversary shop at Kylie will remain open for one more patch cycle
  • Anniversary Box Head crafting will remain open for one more patch cycle


  • [Fast Forward Augment: Beyond Time (Party)] and [Crow Augment: Murder of Crows (Party Crow)] now have party buff burst VFX indicators on cast
  • [Healing Relic] now has a range indicator, relic VFX hidden to party
  • You can now hold right click after firing [Windforce] to charge another [Windforce] without going back into [Siege Stance] first (if you have 20 bubbles)