April Fools is coming but before we have fun and games we're hitting some things with the mallet.

Cash Shop

Tradable DNP

No more scamming!

RMT is a fairly common occurrence at Project Duck, as we allow players to trade gold for QC and vice versa. However, this involves some risk as there's no way in-game to trade gold for QC, so players have to trust each other.

We're making y'alls lives a bit easier by introducing tradable DNP coupons!

They even match colors! Conveniently available in several common denominations

Tradable DNP coupons are purchasable at a 1:1 QC rate (they are not purchasable for DNP). These coupons can then be traded on the marketplace/trading house once. You can also use this to gift DNP to other players.

Three Letter Names

As some of you may know, some very old players (and staff) were able to acquire 3-letter long names directly from the staff. We're now making these names available to anyone with... sufficient Vahreins.

The voucher can be purchased from Kylie for 1024 Vahreins (approx 2.9m gold). As the tooltip states, there are several things to keep in mind when purchasing the voucher:

  • Names are first-come first-serve
  • These names are subject to an extended name reclaim inactivity period (12 months instead of 6). Reclaims are via purchasing this item, not via the usual reclaim process
  • You can check if the name you want is taken by using the F11 Gift feature (just slap the name in and hit check, if nothing comes up the name is available)
  • There is the slim chance that certain game features may no longer work with 3 letter names, but so far we haven't noticed any that are important

After purchasing this voucher on the character you wish to rename, please reach out to a staff member (Altair, Vahr (yes you can DM him for this), etc) to redeem your voucher and obtain your new 3 letter name!

[PvE] Class Balancing Wave 26



Hard to buff Glad without making the skill gap even higher, needs some kinda work to make it less elitist, even if just a little. Hacking Stance buffed to deal damage equal to a little more than TS/FT/Feint/Parry rotation for the duration (6s), CM1 no longer affects Hacking Stance. This is works as a freebie DPS period regardless of how good you are at the class since for the most part you just hold left click.

[Hacking Stance]

  • Damage increased: 379% → 1020%
  • Cooldown increased: 25s → 40s
  • Added W/A/S/D dodge motion
  • Dodge motion hit coefficient increased: 50% --> 100%
  • Can now use [Feint] or [Parry] to get out

[Class Mastery] no longer reduces [Hacking Stance]'s cooldown by 50%
[Dash Kick] after [Line Drive] hitbox increased

/\c24\Lunar Knight

Still doing too much at small bosses, but otherwise doing okay overall

[Moonfall]/[Crescent Cleave CM3] damage reduced: 1766% --> 1678%

/\c76\Dark Avenger

[Shadow Pact] Fire ATK reduced: 40% --> 35%



[Awakened Falling Star] damage decreased: 32486%  → 29237%
[Awakened Eagle Dive (Current)] damage decreased: 11559% → 10981%
[Awakened Blooming Kick (Current)] damage decreased: 11980% → 11381%
[Awakened Rising Storm (Current)] damage decreased: 11707% → 11121%
[Awakened Swift Attack (Current)] damage decreased: 15877% → 15083%


Turns out the Stance of Faith spacebar just didn't... work. Nobody uses it anyway so we can at least have our fun. Bringing back Aerial Block EX

[Stance of Faith EX] You can press [Jump] while stancing to jump while blocking. Getting hit while airborne deals damage (same as SoF successful parry) and gives you a bit of a vertical boost, and can chain at a faster interval


[Relic Reaction] damage reduced: 1074% --> 806%

/\c83\Arch Heretic

[Sawblade CM3] left-click cast removed on-hit direction. Now shoots at a fixed range. Right-click cast will now shoot the on-hit direction version.
Roy Note: For the high-pinged individuals that will be trying this out, please let Roy know if this helps/doesn't change anything/or makes it worse as this may be used in the future for other skills that are too ping-sensitive.

/\c38\Chaos Mage

[Gravity Rush] added left and right click ability to end skill early. Left-click will activate [Gravity Spark] if available, right-click will activate [Dark Wave] if available. If neither are available, the skill jumps to the end animation with either input.

/\c85\Black Mara

[Complete Darkness] Dark ATK reduced: 20% --> 15%


[Class Mastery II] Physical ATK increased: 20% --> 25%
[Overkill] damage increased: 1351% --> 1486%


[Arsonist] Fire ATK increased: 15% --> 20%
[Beast Swipe (Ash)] damage increased: 3130% --> 3443%

/\c69\Abyss Walker

[Abyss Strike] action speed increased
[Class Mastery II] Physical ATK increased: 15% --> 25%

/\c91\Blood Phantom

[Class Mastery I] ATK increased: 20% --> 25%
[Swift Cut] damage increased: 209% --> 240%

/\c56\Soul Eater

[Class Mastery II] Magic ATK increased: 20% --> 25%
[Curse] is now an option. Select the corresponding [Class Mastery I] to choose between having [Curse] debuff or do increased damage

/\c89\Oracle Elder

[Oracle Elder (Transformation)] Light ATK decreased: 25% --> 15%


[Class Mastery II] Magic ATK decreased: 30% --> 25%

/\c99\Vena Plaga

[Projection] Dark ATK decreased: 15% --> 10%
[Infection] damage decreased: 15840% --> 13464%


Fex rotation, revert old flow up buffs, buff pressure burst but also buff fkk to compensate/change prio

[Pressure Burst] damage increased: 14153% → 16275%
[Follow Up] damage decreased: 6086% → 5781%
[Flying Knee-Kick] damage increased: 5900% → 6490%


Decreasing board damage of base skills but increasing coefficients in order to discourage mixed tree builds for Lustre. After that, further buffs as it seems to have become quite a lot weaker rework

[L-Action] damage decreased: 9940% → 6958%
[L-Combo] damage decreased: 10668% → 7467%
[L-Buster] damage decreased: 10367% → 7256%
[Stunt Rush] damage decreased: 10784% → 7548%
[L-Action EX] coefficient increased: 30% → 110%
[L-Combo EX] coefficient increased: 30% → 110%
[L-Buster EX] coefficient increased: 30% → 110%
[Stunt Rush EX] coefficient increased: 30% → 120%
[Skipping EX] coefficient increased: 30% → 50%
[Intense Shock] 14000% → 15400%


Impactor buffs from the rework have made Impactor skills such as L-Action and L-Combo stronger than some Lustre skills. Making Lustre more reliant on its OWN skills within the rotation rather than using Impactor skills as filler and having the filler skills do more damage

[Carnival Rush]

  • Cooldown reduced: 20s → 19s
  • Damage increased: 7000% --> 7350%

[Pivot Strike] cooldown reduced: 16s → 15s
[Eternal Light Might] aim at Flood Trick’s field to apply the buff --> animation changed to jump slam, applies buff
[Countdown] cooldown reduced: 60s → 50s

[PvP] Changes

As winter ends and spring begins, a sleepy Roy wakes from his hibernated slumber...

/\c24\Lunar Knight

[Helmbreaker] is now a separate active skill that's learnable after learning [Cyclone Slash EX] S-Cast functionality removed from [Cyclone Slash EX].


[Lightning Dash] cooldown increased: 25s - 45s

[PvE] Player Summon Collision Removal

Now you can't blame relics for your death, Zen

Removed player collision hitboxes from:

  • Saint [Heal Relic EX], [Bind Relic EX], [Cure Relic EX], [Awakened Lightning Relic]
  • Adept [Magma Monument EX]
  • Screamer [Ghost Gate]
  • Soul Eater [Totem]
  • Mystic [Force Mirror]
  • War Mage [Force Mirror EX]


  • Inquisitor [Consecration] properly applies benefits when the caster is iframed
  • Inquisitor [Exceed Lightning] no longer bounces between enemies dealing more damage than intended
  • Impactor [Awakened Limit Runner] properly is iframed when casted mid-air
  • Valkyrie CM3 should stop yeeting things
  • Gladiator [Coup de Grace] should fizzle less often when accidentally mounting an enemy
  • Screamer [Spirit Thorns] should no longer be useable as an escape.
  • SA block added to start of [Ultimate Atomic Blade] so it should now have SA.


  • Skill description clarification for Alchemist [Slime Shake]
  • Skill description clarification for Gear Master [Class Mastery III]
  • Ice Witch, Dark Summoner, and Dragoon bubble durations extended
  • [Trigger] and [T-Operate] descriptions updated as well as all WASD options allow the selection of only the Trigger that sort of works.
  • [Auj's Angery Pandora Box] renamed to [Rob Box]
  • [Aujere] renamed to [Roberee]
  • [Repair Anvil] added to Frozen Foothills
  • [Costume Mirror] added to Colosseum
  • Frozen Foothills and Garden of Solace now reset skills three times (at 2s, 5s, and 10s after loading in)
  • You can now disable the party DPS gate results from automatically popping up
  • Bosses in Ice Dragon Nest (all versions) have been told to update their position, direction, and velocity more often during certain desync-happy mechs, which should reduce desyncing (no promises though, DN's netcode is pretty bad)
  • Pengu's Infinity Stone and Premium Benefit descriptions updated to reflect that they still buff you when stored in General Storage.