We're rolling out some content and shop adjustments – no more dying to tail swipe after you fail 50% mech (curse you desync!) and no more crying after opening 45709273 wellspring pouches and getting one Defense Erosion Wellspring. 👍 Tanks getting a nerf (woah) and hopefully some serverside performance improvements.

[PvE] Content

Ice Dragon Nest Hardcore

  • Failing dragon 50% mech now disallows the dragon from immediately using tail swipe (so you actually have a chance to recover instead of near-wiping and then wiping because Guy said "HAH SIKE")
  • Dragon plummet mech has been reworked to use a more reliable "hey has this monster died" detector which unfortunately has a side effect of requiring me to teleport the entire party to the middle of the map (why? lo mein driven design)
  • Boss HP bars auto-appear at the start of the fight (helpful for those dead weights)

Granom Nest & Guardian Nest

  • Now drop bound 2x [Superb Wellspring Pouches] – these have a higher chance of getting Erosion wellsprings than [Eruption Wellspring Pouches]

Black Dragon Nest Hardcore

You should be able to convert your entire set within two runs. I'm trying to smoothen some stuff around early/mid game progression along the coming patches to help people transition over faster to end game content. - Jorgbi
  • Now drops  7x [Luna Fragments] bound and 11x [Twilight Fragments] bound
  • Also drops additional 10x [Lava Sparks] bound

[PvE] Shop Adjustments

Illusive Burst Shop

  • [Vahrein] now costs 300 Lebrium Points instead of 400
  • Items properly organized to separate Slayer Point and Lebrium Point purchases

Revamp Exchange Shop

  • [Pillowsheep Stuffing] to [Steve Coupon] rate changed from 30:1 to 12:1

Community Point Shop

  • Now sells 5 [Blue Messenger Birds] for 100 points

Priestess of Darkness Madeline

This is the shop in the Garden of Solace.
  • Removed since it didn't do anything anyway

[PvE] Class Balancing Wave Tank (22.5)

Doing a quick pass over tanks since damage-dealt-by-boss reduction is too strong and there's weird stacking interactions with it (like where you can basically get the boss to a point where it barely does any damage). We don't want tanks to be mandatory but we also don't want to completely invalidate most of the nest's attacks – tanks should make things more forgiving, but not free.


There's also a little bug with Justice Crash too where it doesn't reduce the enemy damage dealt by the same amount for physical/magic which we're fixing...

[Justice Crash] enemy damage dealt reduction 30% P/20% M --> 15% P/M


Enemy damage dealt reduction should be exclusive to the three tank classes; also 50% reduction is insane AND it also stacks with the other reductions, meaning you can have 80% damage dealt reduction just from a Destroyer.

[Devastating Howl] enemy damage dealt reduction 50% --> removed
Note: This affects Barbarian's [Havoc Howl] as well. We'll be looking into if we need to fill this gap or not.


[Maelstrom Howl] enemy damage dealt reduction 20% --> 15%

/\c47\Shooting Star

Running into kinks with the Shooting Star rework from live. Pulling one of the changes in while I give myself time to work on projects that won't induce burnout.

[Splash EX] changed from fan shape to hexagonal shape
[Class Mastery II] 15% Physical Damage --> 25%

/\c58\Blade Dancer

Seems the buff given was unnecessary...

[Class Mastery II] 35% Physical Damage --> 25%


[Beyond the Wall EX] enemy damage dealt reduction 30% --> 15%


Doing too much damage for practically buffing as much/more as ice witch. Bubble cost increased on DPS skill to require more to DPS or buff respectively.

[Carnival Rush Instant] 5 Bubble cost --> 15
[Cast Cassia] 13110% --> 11799%  

[PvE] Project Flow

Project Flow is a series of class gameplay improvements/smoothing to PvE. See background info and all changes here.

/\c24\Lunar Knight

[Awakened Luring Slice] camera lock removed
[Half Moon Slash Instant] camera lock removed


[Redemption Aura] camera lock removed


[Thrust Force] removed camera lock, improved hit detection
[Stance of Faith] visuals changed for good block vs great block


[Judgement Spear] camera lock removed


  • Luna and Twilight Fragments can now be server storaged
  • Physical, Magical, and Defensive Erosion Wellsprings now stack up to 100 instead of 1


  • [Hailstones] can now be server storaged (unintentional for them to be storage bound)
  • Impactor's [Awakened Limit Runner] description fixed to remove the guaranteed critical (since it didn't work anyway)
  • [Pengu's Infinity Stone] description clarified and adjusted to match effects
  • Volcano Nest's stage clear rewards no longer says that it drops Ranchea equipment
  • [Crest Vouchers] and [Talisman Vouchers] description clarified
  • [Weapon Engraving Scroll] skills should stop applying to allies. Skill gems are coming next!
  • Ice Dragon 8 Normal entry info fixed to say 1 revive
  • [Legend Weapon Tuner] max stack reduced to 10 to fix an issue where buying a stack of 100 gave you a significant discount
  • Launcher's attack animation should no longer change after looting


  • Spun up a second field/dungeon instance process to spread the workload which hopefully should improve tick rates in raids as we're able to more fully utilize our server hardware (y'know how the DN client is bogged on the main thread? yeaaaa its not much better on the server side either...)