Good evening everyone! Bringing in a few changes here this mini-patch and laying down the groundwork for the patches to come. Expect to see some new cosmetics available pretty soon. - Altair

[PvE] Class Balancing 19b


So we totally didn't realize/were aware until now that this gave better-than-HoG invincibility on a skill that has a CDR reset mechanic. Yeeting that out of here, we'll be watching closely and will put power back in other places as needed.
Yes, you now are rejoining the rest of the classes in the game and actually have to play the game

[Phantom Avenger]

  • Iframe buff removed
  • Now invincible during cast
  • Can now use skills out of cast earlier

Guardian Nest Changes

  • [Stage 4 Ignacio] Lightning relic damage nerfed 25%
  • [Stage 4 Ignacio] Lightning relic mechanics do not interfere with players during the safety mechanic.

Miscellaneous / Bug Fixes

  • Prices of skill crests / enhancements.
  • You can now use the Automatic Box Opener on wellspring pouches
  • Various uistring fixes. Thanks for the support on this everyone!
  • Added various new item files to the client in preparation for a future patch.
  • [RDN] Jasmine Cutscene will NOT reset the timer to 20 minutes if you fail to skip it.