Evolving Radiance Adjustments

You can now "enhance" your Evolving Radiance accessories to higher tiers using [Luminous Sparks]! Evolving Radiance accessories also got a new icon. Luminous Sparks is a new item that can be obtained by extracting Evolving Radiance accessories.


[Evolving Radiance Ring/Necklace/Earring] can now be extracted for 40 [Luminous Sparks].

Quick maths: this means in order to get Tier III Evolving Radiance, you will need to extract 6 Evolving Radiance accessories.


You can now craft upgraded versions of the accessory through Belin's crafting menu as pictured below.

Tier Material Gold
I Base Accessory + 10x Luminous Sparks 5,000
II Tier I Accessory + 15x Luminous Sparks 8,000
III Tier II Accessory + 30x Luminous Sparks 10,000


Evolving Radiance Necklace I 1600 825 80
Evolving Radiance Necklace II 1700 850 80
Evolving Radiance Necklace III 2000 950 90

Evolving Radiance Earring I 1500 500 80
Evolving Radiance Earring II 1600 550 80
Evolving Radiance Earring III 1900 650 90

Evolving Radiance Ring I 2350 700 80
Evolving Radiance Ring II 2600 750 80
Evolving Radiance Ring III 3000 900 90


  • [Pengu's Infinity Stone] is now Lv70
  • [Wing/Tail/Decal Engraving Scrolls] are now tradable
  • [Armor Engraving Scrolls] are now server storagable
  • [Varnak Crest Breaking Point] added to Auj Boxes
  • [Item Protection Jelly] removed from Auj Boxes (since we don't need them...)
D/N: We'll be adding some of "required" Cash Shop items to basic shops soon to commit to 100% F2P as stated in our website

Trial Nests

D/N: We've run into issues implementing the modernized trials so in the meantime we've replaced [Trial of Stagnation] with [Trial of Haste] because stagnation sucks that much. Yes, we're giving you so much AS, MS, and CDR that it can actually make the nest harder. Or not. IDK consider this a potentially "beneficial" trial as we mentioned in our roadmap
  • Removed [Trial of Stagnation]
  • Added [Trial of Haste]: +70% AS/MS, +50% CDR

[PvE] Class Balancing Mini Patch


[Lingering Swing EX] 109% → 130.8%
[Spear of Light] Center explosion damage increased 100% → 200%
[Piercing Spikes] 1218% → 1705%
[Angelic Spear] 420% → 550%
[Enhanced Circle of Spears] Afterimage explosion 400% → 500%
[Awakened Stalwart Spirit] damage increase for [Lingering Swing] and [Twirl Trance] removed; [Lingering Swing] damage reduced by 30% while [Awakened Stalwart Spirit] is active


[Mist Caper] debuff duration increased to 20s


[Flashbang] AoE increased (similar size to Patrona's)


[Class Mastery II] no longer requires [Carnival Rush EX]

Project Flow

Project Flow is a series of class gameplay improvements/smoothing to PvE. See background info and all changes here

/\c87\Ray Mechanic

[Stun Grenade] Faster input to Mulit Ray Shot/Reduced end lag  
[Multi Ray Shot] Faster input CM3/Reduced end lag
[Plasma Boost] Reduced end lag
[Lasernator] Reduced end lag [Singularity] Reduced end lag/Slightly faster input
[Satellite Beam] Reduced end lag
[Flick] Reduced end lag
[Plasma Grenade] Reduced end lag
[Dynamic Laser] Reduced endlag/Camera lock
[Atomic Blade] Reduced end lag/Faster inputs
[Generation Field] Reduced end lag  
[Dynamic Voltex] Reduced end lag on roll out
[Crashing Charge] Reduced end lag
[Land Crash] Removed Camera lock/Reduced end lag
[Bombardment] Removed Camera lock/ Removed end lag
[Whirlwind] Reduced end lag
[Power Punch] Reduced end lag


[Feint] dialed back some of the Flow-ness

[PvP] Class Balancing

Coming soon when Roy can write it all up, in the meantime see here

[PvP] New/Returning PvP Maps

  • Re-added [Ice Dragon's Den] as a PvP map, with fixed spawn locations
  • Added [Mamon's Arena] as a PvP map, which is the RuDN Gate 1 boss arena. Minus the spikes. Delayed due to issues, coming soon
  • [Forest Dragon's Treetop] will be coming soon


  • You can now learn a passive skill in the Gladiator or Lunar Knight skill tree that allows [Feint] or [Eclipse] to be used with spacebar inputs
  • Default character creation now gives 4 [Kavsnacks] instead of 2 to fix some classes costing more than 50g to learn skills
  • You can now choose to specialize as a dark class via Kylie as a regular base class (e.g. Warriors will see the options for Swordmaster, Mercenary, and Avenger when they talk to Kylie)
  • It has started snowing in Skitzovania! Soon the townspeople will put up Christmas decorations and maybe the port might freeze over who knows
  • Siiiiiiiiiiiilent niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, hooooooooooooooly niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight


  • Warrior Awakening headpiece is no longer a tail
  • Attempt 2 at fixing Warrior [Dash Kick] fizzling out while casting
  • Lunar Knight [Smash X] should more reliably register hits against enemies
  • Lunar Knight [Flash Stance] no longer ghosts
  • Defensio [Twister Kick EX] should be more reliable on uneven terrain
  • Blade Dancer [Chakram Storm EX] action speed fixed
  • Spirit Dancer [Awakened Illusion Dance] should recover all Dance of Ecstasies
  • Lustre [Laser Piercer EX] damage now matches tooltip
  • Knightess [Blaze Strike] should be more reliable on uneven terrain
  • Character creation no longer shows the wrong class icons for the class tree

Hotfix Patch v547 December 14, 2019


  • [Class Mastery II] descriptions and effects should be fixed on the following classes: Gladiator, Light Bringer, Ruina, Defensio, Impactor, Luster, Vena Plaga
  • [Phantom Avenger] should now properly reduce cooldowns

Small PvE Adjustment

[Dance of Ecstasy] minotaur attack power changed from 15% → 30%
[Smash X] should now do the correct amount of damage (previously doing 2x damage)

Skitzovania Weather Update

NPCs have now put up more decoations for Skitzovania as the holiday nears!