This guide to the Black Mara class includes the skill build, crests, iframes, tips and tricks, and rotation provided by Joorji#4444. If you're interested in expanding upon this guide, please reach out to me at ImmortalVino#1239.

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Skill Build


[Smoke Storm DMG] / [Insult CDR] / [Haze CDR] / [Void Coil DMG] / [Black Strike DMG] / [Wraith Form CDR] / [Deadly Smoke DMG] (Optional)

+1 [Cleaving]

Important Notes

  • You can hold S on [Black Mara] transformation to stay in place while casting
  • You can left click after [Black Mara] transformation to use [Ebony Spark]
  • You can left click after [Exhale] or [Inhale] to use [Ebony Spark]
  • You can hold S on [Enhanced Black Strike] to say in place while casting
  • You can right click after [Enhanced Black Strike] to teleport backwards
  • You can cancel any animation using [Wraith Form] (but personally, I'd save it for clutch iframes)


  • Use up all your [Contracts] before using [Wheeling Staff] --> [Insult] as you will overcap your bubbles and they will go to waste
  • Keep [Entomb] up as much as possible
  • Use [Deadly Smoke] to avoid dangerous mechanics while dealing damage
  • [Wraith Form] should be saved and used as a panic button unless you really need to recover HP
  • You can use [Ebony Spark] after [Tumble] is used to dodge attacks for extra [Contract] stacks
  • Use [Wheeling Staff] --> [Insult] --> [Turbulence] to dodge stomps when you're on top of the boss
  • Avoid using the regular version of [Insult] rather than the [Class Mastery III] variant as the regular version deals less damage
  • Use [Black Strike] after every cast of [Haze]
  • Be careful when using [Black Strike] as it tends to desync; I recommend using the S variant of the skill when DPSing and only using the regular cast for chasing enemies
  • Use [Smoke Storm] before transforming as it continues to deal damage over time even after you transform
  • [Enhanced Smoke Storm] is stronger and more reliable than [Enhanced Cleaving] as it has more hits (just in case you don't crit)
  • [Enhanced Void Coil] is not worth casting
  • You can use [Turbulence] to cancel out of most skills as a emergency jump for stomp mechanics
  • Transforming using [Black Mara] resets the cooldown of all [Enhanced Key Skills]
  • Lingering [Black Energy] technique: while untransformed, use the [Contract Ripping Combo], transform as you hit 40 [Black Energy] while [Contract Ripping Combo] is traveling through the air. Your [Black Mara] transformation will consume 10 bubbles but you will immediately gain them back as the [Contract Ripping Combo] projectiles continue to hitting. For an additional effect, you can also use [Smoke Storm] before transforming to continue gaining [Black Energy] while transformed. This typically puts you at around 36 or more [Black Energy] which gives you extra time to DPS with [Enhanced Contract Ripping] combo. You can also detransform with [Exhale] and hop right back into [Black Mara] as you have more than 30 [Black Energy]
  • You can do a quick and powerful burst combo using the lingering [Black Energy] technique for clutch DPS checks using [Black Mara] --> [Enhanced Black Strike] --> [Haze] --> [Enhanced Black Strike] --> [Enhanced Smoke Storm] --> [Exhale] --> [Ebony Spark] --> [Black Mara] --> [Enhanced Black Strike] --> [Enhanced Smoke Storm] --> [Haze] --> [Enhanced Black Strike]

Invincibility Frames

  • Inhale
  • Exhale
  • Black Mara transformation
  • Enhanced Black Strike right click
  • Haze
  • Wraith Form
  • Deadly Smoke

Rotation From 0 Black Energy & Contract

[Meaningless] --> [Entomb] --> [Smoke Storm] --> [Wheeling Staff] (left click) --> [Insult] --> [Turbulence] --> [Haze] --> [Ripping] (left click) --> hold until you have 30 transformation bubbles --> [Black Mara] --> [Black Strike] --> [Ripping] (left click) --> hold until you run out of contract bubbles --> [Haze] --> [Contract Black Strike] --> [Ebony Spark] --> [Ripping] (left click) --> hold until you run out of contract bubbles --> [Enhanced Smoke Storm] --> [Wheeling Staff] (left click) --> [Insult] --> [Turbulence] --> [Ripping] (left click) --> hold until you run out of contract bubbles