This guide includes only the basics to the Vena Plaga class, with the skill build, crests, and rotation provided by Kel#5486. If you're interested in expanding upon this guide, please reach out to me at ImmortalVino#1239.

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Skill Build

Please note this is a skill build better suited for raids and not nests.


[Manic DMG] / [Projection CDR] / [Thorn of Reproof CDR] / [Infection DMG] / [Sacrifice CDR] / [Blood Shot DMG] / [Grudge DMG]

+1 [Infection]


Rotation can vary depend on habits, but this is the recommend rotation. Please be sure to start with 100 bubbles.

[Projection] --> first hit of [Fatalism] --> [Flow Down] --> [Manic] --> [Bloodshot] --> [Infection] --> [Sacrifice] --> [Infection] --> [Flow Down] --> [Manic] --> [Bloodshot] --> then other fillers until [Manic], [Infection], [Sacrifice] are up again.


  • Make sure you always have bubbles when you use a thorn skill.
  • [Flow Down] can cancel any skill and can be cast anytime, even if you get hit on air, and it can cure up to 3 debuff. For example: Ice Dragon Nest Kodiak's toss mech can be avoided by casting [Flow Down] after you are tossed to prevent being thrown off.