This guide includes only the basics to the Tempest class, with the skill build, crests, and rotation provided by Philyo#5606. If you're interested in expanding upon this guide, please reach out to me at ImmortalVino#1239.

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Skill Build

Unified Skill: Max HP Boost, FD Boost


[Somersault Dance DMG] / [Kick Shot DMG] / [Marionette DMG] / [Spirit Boost CDR] / [Furious Winds AS]

+1 [Somersault Dance]


Damage Optimization Tips

Use [Punch Smash] off cooldown, as it is your highest DPS skill. Maximize [Somersault Dance] usage and try to use [Hurricane Uppercut] off cooldown as well to generate more bubbles for Awakened [Punch Smash] spam.

Whenever [Punch Smash] is on cooldown prioritize the following combos in this order:

  1. [Kick Shot] (left click + right click)
  2. [Furious Winds] (left click + right click)
  3. [Marionette] (right click)

While [Kick Shot] and [Furious Winds] do similar damage, [Marionette] can be very inconsistent due to it often doing 4 hits instead of 2 hits – meaning you should not maximize [Marionette] usage during spirit boost.

If your Awakened [Butterfly Effect] passive is on cooldown, you can connect with another skill instead and do [Somersault Dance] after that. It’s very important to maximize [Somersault Dance] usage, especially if you are not under spirit boost effects. In this case you will always want to use the [Marionette] --> [Somersault Dance] combo.

Filler Skills

[Blooming Kick]: Filler skill that you might need to use only if [Spirit Boost] is not up. You can use [Blooming Kick] (spacebar) --> right click to proc [Somersault Dance] and do decent damage. Since you don’t really have other skills to spend SP on, you can max this.

[Spiral Kick]: it’s a decent way to proc enhanced [Punch Smash], [Hurricane Dance] or [Furious Winds]. Just like [Blooming Kick], it’s fine to max this skill.

[Eagle Dive] and [Air Pounce]: Very unnecessary skills for tempest, you don’t ever max these.

Other Essential Skills

[Chain Tumble]: Passive skill that allows you to have a larger [Tumble] distance and iframe duration. It’s good as a gap closer or to get away from stuff.


[Marionette] (spacebar) --> [Punch Smash] (spacebar) --> [Hurricane Uppercut] --> [Punch Smash] (right click) --> [Punch Smash] (right click) --> [Kick Shot] (left click + right click) --> [Hurricane Uppercut] (spacebar) --> [Punch Smash] (right click) --> [Marionette] --> [Kick Shot] (left click + right click) --> [Hurricane Uppercut] (spacebar) --> [Punch Smash] (right click) --> [Furious Winds] (left click + right click)

Note: Pressing spacebar during skills procs [Untouchable], which is needed for using the enhanced versions of [Punch Smash], [Hurricane Dance], and [Furious Winds]. Another way to proc these enhanced skills is by using [Spiral Kick]. Right clicking after using [Kick Shot], [Marionette], [Hurricane Uppercut], [Punch Smash], [Furious Winds], [Twin Shot], [Hurricane Dance] or [Untouchable] is the command needed to proc [Somersault Dance].