Project Duck has several commands that can be used from the in-game chat window.

How to read command help

Use commands by typing the command followed by any parameters.

For example, the command to trade another player is named /trade and has {character name} as its only parameter. Therefore, to trade someone named Tiberius, you would type into the chat box /trade Tiberius and press enter.

Curly braces {} indicate that the parameter is required. Square braces [] indicate that the parameter is optional. Parameters that take one option out of a list are separated by |, such as pve|pvp|gems (you pick one of pve, pvp, or gems)

General Commands

Command Parameters Description
/guide [pve|pvp|gems] Opens the Project Duck Guide. Specify pve, pvp, or gems to open the specific guide
/trade {character name} Attempt to trade with {character name} if they are nearby
/like [character name] Likes [character name], or likes the last person who liked you back if you do not provide a name
/ss none Opens your special server storage
/ref {linked item} Opens Minerva to the given linked item (shift left click an item with the chat window active)

Party Commands

Command Parameters Description
/makeparty none Create a new 4-man party
/invite {character name} Invite {character name} to your party
/ban {character name} Kick [character name} from your party (you must be the party leader)
/leaveparty none Leave your current party
/pl, /partylink none Creates a Party Share Link that you can paste into Discord or other chat apps to allow others to join your party

Gameplay Commands

Command Parameters Description
/escape none Attempt to escape your current location if you are stuck
/ff none Starts a forfeit vote. Many nests and raids allow the party to vote to forfeit the run and return to field.