Hey ya’ll, I’m Manny (littlemanuel on discord), also known as Gilgamesh in PDN. I’ve been playing the game for over half a year now and I play a few other classes but Randgrid is what I consider my main and favorite. If you have any question regarding the class that is not addressed in the guide, feel free to hit me up in Discord or in-game.

Class Overview

Randgrid is one of the easiest and safest, and tankiest DPS class in the game. With its two parries, long safety net in Horse, lifesteal buff, hp regeneration and damage reduction, dying as Randgrid is considered blasphemous. It is also considered an easy class because there are no strict rules to follow with its skill rotation, all skills are prioritized and used off cooldown basically to build up into using your big damage skill in [Counter Flare]. Basically a freestyle class. Lastly, to be effective and Randgrid, you need to know when to parry and what you can parry to build up your bubbles.

Bubble System

Courage is your bubble. You generate it by using your main skills. ([Iron Lance], [Blazing Flourish], [Lava Raid], and [Land Crush]) [CMII] and [CMIII] also grant courage. A successful Parrying Step grants you 6 courage. There is not much other use to this bubble rather than increasing the damage of your Counter Flare by 10% per 1 courage. Basically, virtually almost all your skills will grant courage. So you would like to parry hits as much as possible to generate bubbles quickly. The max bubble you can hold is 20, which means a 200% increase in [Counter Flare] damage.



[Flash Lift]: Doesn't do much damage on its own but it is used to trigger your [CMIII]. The skill description says in [CMIII] says you take 50% less damage when casted but that's basically useless because its unlikely you’d tank hits with this, just [Parrying Step] or [Hornets Touch] mechs.

[Harmonize]: Class buff, gives 15% Action and Movement speed buff, and 10% increase in attack. Click when you see rebuff icon.

[Hornets Touch]: One of your two parrying skills. You can activate this with Spacebar too if it is not in your skill bar. I mainly use this to animation cancel when needed, and If boss throws an attack while [Parrying Step] is still on cooldown.


[Parrying Step]: Your second and last parrying skill. It has a longer duration than [Hornets Touch], so in a way, it's kind of more forgiving if you mistimed it rather than [Hornets Touch]. It also grants 6 courage (your bubble) when you successfully parried an attack [CMI]. Can be used to cancel any skill mid-cast.

[Force of Knights]: Self-buff. Adds 20% FD. It also gets wiped on buff wipe mechs, so make sure to activate it again when it happens.

[Fighting Spirit] : Basically lifesteal for 10 seconds. I mainly use this with [Heroic Charge] when I am in a pinch, because Fighting Spirit heals per hit, not by the damage you deal, and you are invulnerable (except some wipe mechs) during [Heroic Charge].

[Iron Lance]: One of your main skills. Gives attribute resistance debuff when hit, 50% damage reduction while the duration lasts. It has a low cooldown so debuff should have a 100% uptime.

[Blazing Flourish]: One of your main skills. Good damage and increases super armor upon use. LMB or RMB gives the skill an additional hit, LMB pushes you forward and RMB lets you stay in position. There is no difference in damage, different inputs are based on your situation or preference.

[Lava Raid]: One of your main skills. Good damage and increases your super armor upon use. It also gives increased damage taken by 20% debuff to enemies when hit. Ideal to pair it with [Iron Lance].

[Land Crush]: The last of your main skills. Good damage and applies [Burn] effect to the enemy. This skill is used in conjunction with [Flash Lift] as [CMIII]

[Radical Charge]: Short i-frame only upon the initial launch of animation, and okay damage. A good skill to use to reposition yourself after parrying.

[Rising Lava]: Low damaging skill by itself and is used in conjunction with [Falling Meteors] by clicking RMB after [Rising Lava] to deal good damage. Considered airborne when using the skill and can be used to dodge stomps if in a pinch.

[Falling Meteors]: Low damage by itself and is used in conjunction with [Rising Lava] by clicking RMB while mid-air after [Rising Lava] to deal good damage.

[Blaze Strike]: Your ultimate skill. You are invulnerable when using the skill, so can also be used to dodge stomps or attacks. Big damaging skill, especially when all burn ticks hit the boss. Ideally used off cooldown.


[Counter Flare]: Your biggest damage skill. Courage is used up upon use of the skill. It has a cone hitbox so it is imperative that you aim when using this skill. Though, the max bubble does not guarantee max damage on hit since the skill is rng. Courage only increases the maximum damage the skill can do.

[Brave Heart]: 60% chance of HP regen when taking hits. Also heals 0.4% of HP when courage is generated.

[Class Mastery]: Gives six (6) courage upon successful pary with [Parrying Step]

[Class Mastery II]: 20% increase in Fire Attack. [Falling Meteors] and [Rising Lava] now grants courage upon use.

[Class Mastery III]: Flash lift attribute changed to Fire. Also gives increased casting speed on [Land Crush] in conjunction with [Flash Lift]. Also gives 50% received damage reduction while casting [Flash Lift].


[Hellfire]: Self-buff. Grants one courage every 2.5 seconds while the buff is up. With a 20 seconds duration, you can get eight (8) courage passively. Also increases the damage of the main skills by 25%. Pop this one before your opening.

[Heroic Charge]: Safety net skill. Mainly used to save yourself or dodge certain mechs. Horrible damage and is not ideal to use as a DPS skill. Also has a lengthy cooldown so it is much better to save it for safety.

[Awakened Passive]:

  • Enhanced [Brave Heart] to give HP regen, super armor increase, and 10% damage reduction.
  • Increased the attack power of [Radical Charge] by 50%. Damage taken reduced by 50% while the skill is in use.
  • [Rising Lava] and [Falling Meteor] attributes changed to fire attack, increases the damage of the skills by 50%, and apply [Burn] to enemies hit. [Burn] deals 10% magic damage per 2 seconds, and lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Deal 10% additional damage to enemies inflicted with [Burn].

Skill Build:

Unified Skills:

Max HP boost and Final Damage boost.

Skill Crests:

Damage: Lava Raid and Counter Flare

CDR: Falling Meteor, Rising Lava, Stomp n Stab, Iron Lance, and Parrying Step

+1: Counter Flare


[Radical Charge]: Short I-frame, upon initial launch of the skill.

[Iron Lance]: I-frame the entire time, except the animation transition when clicking LMB for the additional hit.

[Heroic Charge]: Initial casting of the skill. Invulnerable the entire duration of the horse.

[Blaze Strike]: I-frame the entire duration of the animation.

Tips and Tricks:

  • [Heroic Charge] can be canceled by manually clicking [Hornets Touch] to avoid using the full duration of the skill.
  • You can use [Heroic Charge] in almost any mechs to protect yourself unless it is designed not to be. For example the sigil mech in Rune Dragon Nest, you can horse into the sigil and even the circle to avoid the breath in case a mistake happens with the mark.
  • If you feel like you mistimed your [Parrying Step], you can double space bar to leap back to cancel [Parrying Step] and immediately use [Hornets Touch]
  • Use [Radical Charge] to reposition yourself to a better spot after successfully parrying an attack.
  • Try and parry every attack when starting to learn as Randgrid. That's how you can get adjusted to the timing of the skill and familiarizing which attacks you can parry and which are not.
  • Try to use your debuff skills (i.e [Iron Lance] and [Lava Raid]) before [Counter Flare] to ensure the maximum amount of damage dealt.
  • Use [Hellfire] in-between mechs or when it's convenient, it doesn't have to be used off cooldown.

BTG Rotation, Video and Spread:

Although Randgrid is a freestyle class, there are skill sequences that mesh well together like [Iron Lance] to [Lava Raid], [Flash Lift][Land Crush] to [Radical Charge], and [Rising Lava][Falling Meteors] to [Blazing Flourish].

My Ideal opening is [Blaze Strike] for the [Burn] debuff and dot, to [Counter Flare]. Can also use [Lava Raid] in-between the two for the damage taken debuff, if convenient.

Content Video: