Tanks? Did someone say, TANKS? We're doing some remastering of our 3 tank classes to better align them with our design principles and get them ready for upcoming content (like it or not, tanks and content are very tightly intertwined, moreso than any other role in the game).

We've also got some more juicy cosmetics and a brand new legacy shop (the irony) which will sell cosmetics from long ago, such as from old limited time events, for gold. Cold, hard gold.

Kaye Shops

Kaye's Green Dragon Shop and Ice Dragon Shop merged to just "Dragon Exchange Shop"

Dragon Exchange Shop

  • All the current Green Dragon and Ice Dragon shop exchanges
  • Added exchange: Starlight Cluster 1x --> Void Essence 20x
  • Added exchange: Starlight Cluster 1x --> Starlit Jewel 10x

Kaye's Social Credit Shop adjustments:

  • Crest Voucher removed
  • Talisman Voucher removed
  • Weapon Tuner - Unique removed
  • Lapis Dragon Soul cost reduced: 80 --> 50 & removed weekly purchase limit
  • Vermilion Dragon Soul cost reduced: 80 --> 50 & removed weekly purchase limit
  • Flawless Dragon Soul added for 100 pts and purchase limit of 10 per week
  • Starlit Jewel cost reduced: 300 --> 80 & weekly purchase limit increased to 100

[PvE] Class Balancing

tl;dr tanks now take on more risk HP-wise, we're nerfing the rediculous amount of healing in the game somewhat, just read the explanation ffs

What's up with all the survivability nerfs?

Basically, survivability is so extreme right now that raids have to practically oneshot in order to be any sort of threat.

  • Raids are very binary damage/threat-wise: you either take no damage, take most of your HP and then instantly heal it back up, or get oneshot
  • Bosses are currently tuned to deal with the fact that the game is very safe. Most classes have a lot of safety (bubble, iframes, blocks, damage reduction, heals) to where the only way to truly punish a player for messing up is to deal an absurd amount of damage, deal %HP, or oneshot them. Antiheal is an option but it has its own issues and tradeoffs
  • This becomes problematic because they're tuned to break tank bubble and deal enough damage to where a healer can't instantly restore your HP, otherwise there's no threat
  • If you lack any part of that (e.g. no tank bubble on you, healer blew all their heals already), then you'll just die
  • This sucks for newer/less experienced players because if you mess up and get hit, you die. If you're playing a healer or tank and you mess up, someone dies. Its known that people avoid healer and tank partially because of the weight of the responsibility on them. Its time to move some of the responsibility back to the party
  • We want to encourage playing better, players should be punished for messing up but still given an opportunity to recover, which also makes things less toxic in parties
  • Other various design reasons that involve upcoming/future content
  • The incoming healing change is to address various factors: reducing excessive healing in general (without having to nerf every single heal in the game manually), making it easier to tune healing (because we don't have to consider cleric buff and cleric buff + phys buff), reducing the gap of the effectiveness of damage taken, and other smaller reasons
  • Tank changes (mostly Destro and Guardian) are to pull them into line with this framework
  • We will monitor the damage that bosses deal after these changes and will adjust accordingly

We plan on changing the usefulness of the Defense stat in the near future, as well as start dialing back the iframes and other survivability tools on other classes in the game.

But first, an LK nerf.

/\c24\Lunar Knight

5s Parry is just a liiiiiiiiiiittle too much on a class that has other short CD iframes, airtime, and tons of damage. Technically this is a Swordmaster change but Gladiator has Awakened Parry which has its own cooldown

[Parry] cooldown increased from 5s --> 15s

Okay, on to the tank reworks:


This is for Destro rework below

[Devastating Howl] renamed to [Subjugate] and has a new animation and now heals for 25% max HP and costs 10 Rage. No changes to Barbarian [Awakened Subjugate]
[Calamity Crush] damage increased 17422% --> 26133%


tl;dr BIG BONK. Destro should now feel MUCH weighter while in Crash Mode. Reduced the amount of CM3 spam, added a new BIG BONK skill with a reset mechanic, and you now should go in and out of Crash Mode more frequently. Also generally toned down the free tankiness you get so you now have to kiiiiiiiinda think about what you facetank. You also get less sustain for free but you now have the option of using [Subjugate] to heal a significant amount of HP
  • Crash Mode HP restoration upon taking damage 0.5% HP --> removed
  • [Crash Mode] enhances into [Earthquake] while in Crash Mode, a slow and heavy hitting skill on a moderate cooldown (not shared, resets upon entering Crash Mode). Take 50% reduced damage while casting
  • [Crash Mode] Crash Skills now cast a little slower (including CM3)
  • [Crash Mode] damage increase increased from 15% --> 25%
  • Taking damage while in Crash Mode reduces the cooldown of [Subjugate] by 3 seconds
  • [[Crash] Assault Crash] damage reduction reduced 50% --> 25%, animation speed increase decreased from 50% --> 30%, healing per swing increased from 2% --> 4%
  • [[Crash] Flying Swing] damage reduction reduced 50% --> 25%
  • [[Crash] Punishing Swing] damage reduction reduced 50% --> 25%
  • [[Crash] Roll Attack] damage reduction reduced 50% --> 25%
  • [[Crash] Bombs Away] damage reduction increased 50% --> 70%
  • [Maelstrom Howl] (including awakening) damage reduction reduced 70% --> 50%, Crash Mode is extended by 10s and costs 30 Rage, cooldown 70s
  • [Class Mastery III Destructive Swing] cooldown increased from 5s --> 11s
  • [Crash] Punishing Swing first half is now a forward tackle
  • New VFX and some new SFX


A common (valid) complaint about tanking is that there's so many things you're responsible for that if you mess up the blame is squarely on you. So we're letting more classes handle at least one of the if-I-don't-do-this-my-party-dies responsibilites. Also honestly Mercenary has this so why not the other tank-adjacent classes.

[Autoblock] has been removed
New (or rather, repurposing an old) skill [Dispel] added, taking the spot of [Autoblock]. Removes buffs from enemies, 27s cooldown
[Divine Vengeance] cooldown reduced 12s --> 9s


tl;dr Goodbye Block and Autoblock, Armor Break becomes pog, reduce sustain, reduce relying on the boss for your everything if your bubble management is good, bubble system is actually useful, Overwhelm becomes pog, goodbye buggy CM3 vanguard, right click for most input chains, left click for vanguard chains
  • [Autoblock EX] removed
  • New EX [Armor Break EX] added. Hold [Regular or Special Attack Button] to do up to 2 additional attacks. Provides the ability to generate [Guardian's Graces], granting up to 1 per cast on hit. Damage increased 700%. No longer soft provokes enemies.
  • [Stance of Faith EX] regular parry no longer heals, perfect parry now heals 10% --> 5% max HP, no longer generates [Guardian's Grace] (moved to CM1)
  • [Class Mastery I] no longer grants 5% light attack, no longer grants 10% PATK after perfect parrying using [Stance of Faith]. Now grants 1 [Guardian's Grace] upon parrying using [Stance of Faith EX] and 2 if you perfect parry. Disables the use of [Block]
  • [Divine Ascension EX] now grants 1 [Guardian's Grace] per cast on hit
  • [Divine Punishment EX] grants 5 --> 2 [Guardian's Graces] upon striking an enemy, no longer removes buffs from enemies
  • [Justice Crash EX] now grants up to 2 [Guardian's Graces] per cast on hit
  • [Class Mastery III] now soft provokes enemies (like [Punishing Swing])
  • [Awakening Passive Heart of Glory] no longer grants %PATK, grants 20 --> 10 [Guardian's Graces] on cast, no longer generates graces over time, no longer enhances [Divine Punishment EX] or [CM3 Shield Blow/Divine Vengeance] to become Vanguard skills, Vanguarding reduces the cooldown by 6s --> 5s, now allows you to use [Regular Attack Button] to manually trigger the Vanguard version of [Awakened Shield Charge], [Thrust Force], and [Overwhelm] at the cost of 10 [Guardian's Graces]. If you don't have 10 graces, it will execute the regular version without consuming graces. While in [Heart of Glory], this grace cost is removed.
  • [Awakening Passive Shield Charge] now grants 2 [Guardian's Graces] upon Vanguarding (moved from Autoblock EX). No longer has damage reduction while casting
  • [Awakening Passive Armor Break] removed (see above)
  • New [Awakening Passive Retribution], enhances [Armor Break EX] and [Divine Punishment EX] to become Vanguard skills while in [Heart of Glory]. Press the [Regular Attack Button] if you have at least 10 [Guardian's Graces] to manually trigger the Vanguard version. If you don't have 10 graces, it will execute the regular version without consuming graces. Grants 2 [Guardian's Graces] upon Vanguarding (moved from Autoblock EX)
  • [Awakening Passive Divine Protection] now also enhances [Iron Will] to become a self cure skill
  • [Thrust Force] activation button switched to [Regular or Special Attack Button], now grants 2 [Guardian's Graces] upon Vanguarding (moved from Autoblock EX)
  • [Overwhelm] no longer enhanced at 20 [Guardian's Graces]. Now press [Regular or Special Attack Button] to do a follow-up attack. Skill is now a Vanguard skill, parry an attack during the first half of the skill to launch high into the air, then crash land dealing massive damage. Grants 2 [Guardian's Graces] upon Vanguarding. No longer has damage reduction while casting

Note: Chip damage upon parrying using Vanguard has been delayed to a later patch due to technical reasons


Again, giving more classes access to boss buff debuff to reduce the responsibility that tanks have

[Concussion Blow] is now a Patrona skill


Defensio had a very stale and linear rotation where [Trick] is supposed to be your main survivability tool but it was also the main enabler of your DPS. These changes should make it easier to play how it was originally designed to be played. We also added Steam Vent to [Awakened Parry] that allows you to have more on demand control for your damage reduction with a slightly higher value than the permanent [Awakened Parry] buff from before. With the addition of the 2x cooldown charges [Trick], you have a lot more safety in evasion options, that's why we removed the permanent damage reduction from [Awakened Parry] in exchange for a temporary one.


  • Damage redistributed to be even across every hit

[Class Mastery]

  • [Awakened Beyond the Wall] now grants 2 Steam
  • Gear Steps no longer grant Steam, [Ducking] now grants 1 Steam
  • Added Energy Bar for Super Armor buff duration

[Awakened Beatdown]

  • Press the [Regular Attack Button] after the final punch to consume 5 Steam to launch an additional attack dealing 50% of the total damage
  • Cooldown increased: 9s → 15s
  • Fixed description showing wrong damage: 11200%


  • Jump height increased
  • No longer reduces the cooldown of [Awakened Beat Down], [Twister Kick], and [Beyond the Wall]
  • Added ability to store up to 2 charges
  • Steam generation increased: 2 → 4
  • Grants CM’s SA effect
  • Damage reduced: 7500% → 2400%
  • Press the [Special Attack Button] to drop you to the ground, doing an additional 20% of the coefficient

[Awakened Beyond The Wall]

  • While casting from the ground, the cast animation is greatly reduced
  • Final Damage buff gained on cast for specific skills moved to [Awakening Passive Dunk]
  • Cooldown reduced: 10s → 6s
  • Damage increased: 5700% → 8550%

[Awakening Passive Defensive Overclock]

  • Allows you to press the [Special Attack Button] anytime during [Awakened Parry] except while counter-attacking to consume 10 Steam to cast [Steam Vent] to launch an additional attack dealing 50% of the total damage and give you a buff that decreases your damage taken by 50% for 10 seconds. 25 second cooldown.

[Awakening Passive Dunk]

  • Additionally increases [Awakened Beat Down], [Awakened Taunting Blow], [Awakened Strike of the Marytr], and [Ruination by 15% permanently

[Awakened Taunting Blow]

  • Damage increased: 3806% → 4560%
  • Can no longer be used in the air

[Twister Kick]

  • Cooldown increased: 13s → 15s
  • 7110% → 8530%
  • Iframe while kicking in the air removed
  • Added high Super Armor

[Pressure Release (Defense)]

  • Final Damage increased: 10% → 15%
  • Hitting 20 Steam no longer consumes 20 Steam to refresh your buff
  • Duration increased to 900s
  • Cooldown reduced to 5s


  • Press the [Regular Attack Button] after the final punch to consume 5 Steam to launch an additional attack dealing 50% of the total damage

[Awakened Parry]

  • No longer grants 15% damage reduction for 10s
  • Reduce the cooldown of Strike of the Martyr by 3 seconds on a successful parry
  • At any point of the skill, press the [Special Attack Button] to consume 10 Steam to cast **[Steam Vent] **to launch an additional attack dealing 100% of the total damage and grant you a buff that decreases your damage taken by 50% for 10 seconds

[Awakened Strike of the Martyr]

  • No longer requires you to cast it consecutively with [Awakened Parry] left click
  • Damage increased: 19780% → 23650%

And now some of those heal changes...


[Redemption Aura] no longer grants increased incoming healing


[Slime Shake] no longer grants increased incoming healing


Compensating for heal changes

[Awakened Subjugate] healing increased from 30% --> 35%

/\c83\Arch Heretic

[Land Devastation] healing increased from 0.12% --> 0.14%

/\c91\Blood Phantom

[Draw Blood] Lifesteal increased from 0.025% --> 0.028%, heal cap unchanged

Legacy Shop

Missed an event from 3 years ago? Got lots of gold? We've got you covered.

Added [Legacy Vault] to Omay Paty. The Legacy Vault contains a selection of old event and other seasonal cosmetic items, purchasable with gold.

Contents rotate every few months.

For event shops that used a currency token (e.g. Spookula tokens) you will be able to purchase the token with gold and then purchase your desired item with the tokens (or if you have leftover tokens from when the event originally ran)

This rotation starts off with two legacy shops: Blush Vault (the gacha box) and Count Crockula Halloween

Blush Vault is back!
All the non-consumable items from the event are back! You can buy Halloween Pumpkin Coins for gold and then exchange them for the items in this shop
Freaky Bear weapons. Tabs 3 and 4 have Bewitching and Ghoulist Bear weapons

Cash Shop


Green Examiner set
Wind Breathing Nichirin Blade
Water Breathing Nichirin Blade
Mist Breathing Nichirin Blade
Dragon Breathing Nichirin Blade
Fuschia Panda Top and Fuschia Rajuul Gloves
Monochrome Devil Hunter set


User Interface

  • Character preview panels (F11 cash shop, NPC shop preview, character inspect, rune amplifier mirror) now allow you to pivot the view vertically too
  • Added support for random/multiple loading screen images (for those that missed the project duck art loading into town, game now randomly picks that or the myla loading screen)
  • Dragon gems equipped on equipment now show their enhancement level
  • Uncrafted skill crests now show the skill they affect instead of a generic crest icon
Now you can easily tell what you're buying or have in your inventory


  • Minor various performance optimizations in certain situations
  • Major rendering performance optimizations (20-40% less time per frame)
  • Added the winner images from ⁠our recent Style Event as loading screens for Myla Laurel as well as a few more images provided by Jiyuu

Misc (lol)

  • Idle animation no longer interrupts ongoing gestures (e.g. Sit)
  • Disable AFK Idle Animation setting removed since no longer useful
  • 2023 Pride event shop is no longer available



  • Fixed dynamic balance not reapplying in Rai and Jotunn trials
  • Fixed Machinas being unable to tab their weapon in when standing still
  • Fixed War Mage's [Spectrum Shower EX] behaving improperly in PvP
  • Attempt to fix [Smash X] sometimes fizzling
  • Fixed Saint getting Trickster's [Class Mastery II] effect
  • Fixed a bug where [Awakened Beyond the Wall] still reduced enemies' ATK
  • Fixed Arch Heretic transform duration showing as 100s when its 900s
  • Fixed [Outlink] description while enhanced by [The Eye]

User Interface

  • Fixed quickswap class filter always showing Vandar
  • DPS meter usable in PvP again
  • Fixed BTG skill spread from not being dismissed when switching to new DPS meter
  • Fixed a crash when previewing pets in NPC shops


  • Fixed dragon gems not opening the "slot equipment" dialog when right clicked
  • Fixed a large number of Vandar costumes not being server storagable (again pls report costumes that aren't server storagable after patch)
  • Fixed a bunch of multi-class cosmetics not being visible on Vandar (some might look weird, please ⁠report those in the Discord if you find more after patch)
  • Fixed Ardent Gauntlet changing into a Ardent Battle Sword instead of a Ardent Wristbow
  • Fixed several costumes having incorrect lighting parameters. If you notice a specific costume piece rendering with a LOT of white edging, please submit a report!
  • Renamed Black Yangban Robe recolor to Ashen Yangban Robe (since the base item is already named Black)


  • Fixed an issue with the party size adjustment buff system that sometimes let you trigger it on disconnect/reconnect