Good Afternoon Project Duck,

I'm preparing to head out on my final mission for the United States Navy until mid December. Due to operational security I cannot tell you the exact dates I will be gone, but after I come back from that I will be preparing to finish up my contract and return to a normal life as a civilian.

With that, I'll be attending school once more in with a focus on computer sciences and while I am gone on my mission I've picked up a few books to study as well. I want to be able to better evaluate the source code and work on huge projects in the future I.E Map editor, FPS optimization, and creating a subsection of PvP in town, and increasing the quality of life for our players on a whole new level.

I'll see you all once more in 2020. Work is going to be slow for next 1-2 months, but if you can stick with it, expect to see RESULTS. That's what I'm all about.