This patch has slight changes to safety offered by supports, some Lustre changes, and a revamped system for Blush's Beauty Bags.

We will be keeping an eye on feedback about tank gameplay over the next few patches in an attempt to find the sweet spot of rewarding team cooperation instead of enabling brain-off DPS.

[PvE] Content

Rune Dragon Nest (All Versions)

The raid is solved, rerunning boss 1 and 2 over and over is cringe (especially when caused by desyncs). This takes pressure off of supports and saves headaches.
  • Added a full party revive after boss 2 (Hrungnir)

[PvE] Class Balancing

We slightly nerfed defensive options available in raids through Endure and Immortality due to how liberally they're used. Guardian has been slightly tuned down, and Lustre has some new shiny effects and skill interactions.


[Crash Assault Crash] now has more range, is separated on the DPS tracker, and has new effects suiting a Crash Mode skill
[Endure] cooldown increased: 180s --> 300s


Guardian is a high skill ceiling class whose damage varies significantly depending on the boss and how the boss acts. Sometimes this means that Guardian is able to keep up with or exceed full DPS classes in damage

[Vanguard Shield Charge] damage bonus reduced: 200% --> 150%
[Vanguard Thrust Force] damage bonus reduced: 300% --> 200%, bonus ball detonation damage reduced: 50% --> 25%, no longer able to infinitely chin vanguard procs so long as you're being repeatedly hit (now capped to 2x)
[Divine Ascension EXi] is now automatically used after vanguarding
[Endure] cooldown increased: 180s --> 300s


[Immortality] range reduced: 3000 units --> 700 units (same size as class buffs)


[Endure] cooldown increased: 180s --> 300s


Lustre recieved a few QoL changes, a slight support adjustment/nerf, and DPS buff

You can now play Lustre as mostly a DPS class if you use [Awakened Flood Trick] with its left click input.

All main skills' effects updated, some of them have sound effect updates
[Eternal Light Might] effective range decreased
[Hyper Galaxy] animation changed, damage remains the same
[Countdown] wings damage increased: 20% --> 25%
[Awakened Flood Trick] can now press the [Regular Attack Button] to more quickly transition into the laser firing attack which deals 25% more damage than retreating backward. The laser attack additionally reduces the cooldown of [Hyper Galaxy] by 10 seconds


Blush's Beauty Bags

It's consistently been difficult to dance around legacy items, so now all of the Seasonal Blush Bag items are available in one place.
  • Blush's Beauty Bag tab removed from Alter Roy's Cosmetic shop
  • Blush's Beauty Bag Shop added to Omay Paty
  • Legacy Blush's Beauty Bag items have returned and are ALL available in Omay Paty's shop. The pricing is the same as it used to be: Helmet/Body/Leg/Glove/Boots cost 2 bags, One Pieces cost 8 bags, Wings and Weapons cost 10 bags.
  • A new way to obtain Blush's Beauty Bags has been added to the cash shop: Blush's Beauty Bundle. Getting bags from Rob Boxes has always been inconsistent and fills your inventory with too many extra items. Rates are available here on Minerva after patch.
Blush's Beauty Bundle

Blush's Beauty Bundle will cost 6,000 QC each. Buying a stack of 10 is rewarded with a slight discount at 54,000 QC.


Black and White Black Dragon Sword
Purple Accent Heroic Axe
Black and White Samurai Greatsword
White Desert Dragon Package
Muted Purple Jade Dagger
Edgy Gehenna Darkness Scimitar
Skitzovania Prep School Uniform
Jacketless Skitzovania Prep School Uniform


  • Added an Energy Bar for Silver Hunter's transformation timer
  • Re-implemented Lustre's [Countdown] wings to hopefully make them more consistent
  • Fixed Clever Machina Face looking really stupid
  • Lustre's [Countdown] skill description updated to be more obvious as to what it does
  • Clarified Lustre's [Eternal Light Soul] skill description
  • More projectile netcode work
  • Opening the inspect menu shows the player's account nickname
  • Gave the Antisocial Jade Claw a proper item icon
  • Added a search bar to your inventory
  • Added fast class filtering to Quick Swap
  • All echo plates now apply their buffs faster and should be less prone to bugging out


  • Fixed Autobubble not working for Shooting Star's Munitions
  • Fixed Autobubbler giving bubbles with the wrong icon to most classes
  • Fixed Chaos Mage [Awakened Triple Orbs] particles showing up to party members even with maxed transparency settings
  • Attempted to fix Lustre's [Awakened Cast Cassia] from fizzling
  • Fixed VP not showing up on the character create tree
  • Attempted another fix on RUDN Boss 2 barmech iFrame