The Community Point shop was a mistake. Jokes aside, the Community Point shop introduced a new meta of sorts when it came to farming Lapis and Vermilion Dragon Souls. Farming ABN on alts and multi-clienting was huge and that was not the direction I intended for it to go in. It only became meta because I made the mistake of accidentally making it 5 souls per purchase and 5 Defiled Dragon runes per purchase instead of 1.

When the "meta" was happening. People were able to get their preferred rolls on their gems and enhance a lot faster. Prior to the Community Point shop update, it was incredibly slow. I like the pacing of how fast gem acquisition was with the Community Point meta but needless to say, it is a terrible way to progress. Making alts and doing Arch Bishop Nest is not "quality content" and lets you completely dodge a lot of the new content. That being said, this patch is a ways of fixing that. I'm changing a lot of the drops and rates of content and systems to match or get close to how efficient the Community Pont shop grind was without the cringe of spamming ABN on alts. The Community Point shop was intended to be a bonus soul gain, not the absolute best way.

Community Point Shop

  • Lapis Dragon Soul: 5 per purchase --> 1 per purchase
  • Vermilion Dragon Soul: 5 per purchase --> 1 per purchase
  • Defiled Dragon Rune: 5 per purchase --> 2 per purchase


Those of you who have already crafting Evolving Radiance T6 accessories will be compensated
  • Defiled Dragon Rune: 50 of each relic --> 25 of each relic, 750g --> 300g
  • Evolving Radiance Tier IV: 150 Vahrein --> 60 Vahrein
  • Omega Dragon Gems: 2500g --> 1500g


People don't really extract their enhanced gems anyway, but in case they do...

Armor Omega Dragon Gems

Levels +1 through +5
  • 10, 15, 25, 30, 45 --> 10, 25, 50, 75, 90

Weapon Omega Dragon Gems

Levels +1 through +5
  • 10, 15, 25, 30, 45 --> 15, 50, 85, 120, 135


  • 6-9 Lapis Dragon Souls --> 11-14 Lapis Dragon Souls

Professor K Nest

  • All boss HP nerfed by 15%
  • 20-25 Vermilion Dragon Souls --> 46-52 Vermilion Dragon Souls

Sealed Omega Dragon Gem

  • Chance of conversion gem: 9% --> 5%
  • Chance of other gems: 9% --> 11%

Defiled Dragon Rune

Drops cut in half as crafting cost was cut in half since it would take you forever to craft enough Dragon Runes to open all the keys you get from raids
  • Lapis Dragon Soul: 15 --> 8
  • Vermilion Dragon Soul: 25 --> 12
  • Iridescent Dragon Gem Core: 5 --> 2