Some improvements to early and mid game progression, Quality of Life changes, bugfixes, and some underlying tech work. Reworks coming soon! ✨

[PvE] Content

  • [Desert Dragon Nest (End Game)] renamed to [Desert Dragon Nest (Hardcore)]
  • [Red Dragon Nest (Hardcore)] renamed to [Red Dragon Nest (Easy)]
  • [Black Dragon Memoria I] boss attack power -35%
  • Upon entering [Frozen Foothills], all skill cooldowns (except FF and SB because DN spaghetti code) are reset
  • [Ice Dragon Nest] Boss 1 Kodiak's Poison Rain mechanic SFX updated

[PvE] Equipment

Vibrant Sun Enhancement Rates

Enhancement rates have been adjusted to help push forward progression. Players should not have to grind the early nests as much now due to a higher enhancement success rate. There is now reduced overall material and gold cost for new players.

Golden Wind Enhancement Rates

See above Vibrant Sun explanation. Tl;dr: Less [Daidalos Nest] grind hopefully.

Twilight Luna Enhancement Rates

See above explanations. Tl;dr: No more 80k gold spent from +19 to +20.

[PvE] Shops


  • [Dreamy Revive Scroll] 10x --> 90x (gold cost 200g --> 1g, [Goddess Medal] cost 15x --> 3x)

Overlord Zeke

  • Illusive Burst Shop: [Vahrein] cost 400 Lebrium Points --> 300 Lebrium Points


  • Ice Dragon and Midnight Frost Shop renamed to --> Dragon Exchange Shop
  • Community Point Shop [Blue Messenger Birds] are no longer limited by 1 per week

Priestess of Darkness Madeline

  • Now sells [Holy Muffin] for 100g

[PvE] Class Reworks

Sike. We're working hard on polishing up the three that are almost ready (Reaper, Abyss Walker, and Barbarian) and are tackling a couple more in the very near future!

[PvE] Class Balancing Wave 22.5

Very little class balancing since we obviously needed to wait for the dust to settle with everyone getting +17 Midnight Frost gear, so we're just tapping some initial "safe" changes. We're also shipping those 3 reworks very soon which will be a pretty major change!


For being the arthritis high-effort combo class it is, Gladiator isn’t putting out as much damage as it should be compared to other afk DPS classes, so we’re giving it a bit of a boost to make it more rewarding to play.

Please note that we’re looking into how much class gameplay effort should factor into DPS potential and we’re using Gladiator as the guinea pig for that, since we have multiple devs and veterans who play the class consistently (and it is basically the flagship class for spaghetti finger players). We’ll be looking into other classes soon too. Dev bias will bring this one up first since we know it better.

Also bringing back some of its historical identity as the boss execution class since honestly there’s no real reason to scream “HERE COMES THE COUP” anymore and we miss that. We’re also adding [Destructive Swing] as a trigger for [CM3 (Coup de Grace)] with a modified animation.

[Class Mastery III] enhances [Heavy Slash][Heavy Slash] and [Destructive Swing]

Nice flow, approximately the same cast time as [Heavy Slash][CM3 (Coup de Grace)] since [Destructive Swing][CM3 (Coup de Grace)] skips the jump animation

[Coup de Grace EX] 25% per 1% HP down → 30% per 1% HP down

Higher execution damage to give it that oomf. Also skill FX changed to red for extra OMAE WA MO, SHINDEIRU for bosses!


Guardian is doing a bit toooo much while tanking, so we're shuffling some skills around and making [Overwhelm] a "role" choice. This does end up being a net nerf and a skill cap increase to Guardian due to the overall damage staying the same but [Overwhelm] requiring better Grace management.

A tanking Guardian that’s keeping [Divine Barrier] up will not be able to always use [Overwhelm]'s left click unless they haul some ass farming Graces or are currently in a [Heart of Glory] rotation.


  • Now requires better Grace management by backloading the damage, also buffing the damage to move it higher in the DPS Guard priority list
  • Damage 15567% → 4359%
  • Additional hit damage 15567% → 39229%
  • Total damage 31134% → 43588%
  • VFX updated to reflect damage distribution (left click input action has more visual oomph)

[Justice Crash] 9876% → 8529%

[Divine Ascension EX] 5265% → 4735%

[Divine Ascension EX (Instant)] 5850% → 4735%
Bugfix: Was dealing more damage than non-instant (5850% vs 5265%)


  • [Lumens] and [Box of Lumens] can no longer be sold to NPCs
  • [Duckling's Starter Bag] now gives [Dreamy Revival Scroll] 90x instead of 10x
  • The first time the game is launched, new players will be greeted by a pop-up with a button that opens the Guide that must be dismissed in order to proceed
  • Skill FX changes to Gladiator's [Awakened Triple Slash], [Awakened Forward Thrust], [Coup de Grace EX]
You literally can't play the game without reading or disregarding the guide.

Player Request Shop Remastered

That's right folks! As you may have seen our Discord, Blush has been taking down your inputs and now they are becoming a reality.  Thanks to his dedication we now structured the shop to have a more exclusive and organized shop.

Played a different version of DN? We don't have your favorite costume? Make a request through Discord! - Altair

The shop will be rotated out monthly and the items here are extremely likely to be exclusive to the shop. Save up some gold and get your hands on these ASAP!

Shop Structure Quantity
Wings 2
Decals 2
Tails 2
Earrings 2
Rings 2
Necklaces 2
Hats 3
Mounts 2
Spirits 2
Pets 2


  • [Daidalos Nest], [Black Dragon Memoria I - III], [Desert Dragon Nest (Hardcore)] stage reward previews fixed to show the right drops
  • [Duckling's Starter Bag] can no longer be server storaged
  • [Rune Amplifier] description now tells you to go to the Magical Mirror in Skitzovania instead of Desert Duck
  • Added the missing "P" from the system warning message when unequipping a talisman
  • Ice Witch's [Class Mastery III] no longer says Frozen Spikes instead of Icy Shards
  • Various Lunar Knight yellow spark effects changed to blue to match everything else
  • Guardian's [Stance of Faith EX] now properly deals light damage on [Parry]