About fricken time, the non-Vahrcore version of RDN has arrived! We've restored most of the original nest, did a modernization pass, and added one or two things from Vahrcore. We also have some minor adjustments to LK.

Red Dragon Nest

Info Value
Party size 1-8
Revives 0
Clear limit 5/week
Location Garden of Solace North Portal (Vahrein's Descent)


Boss VC HP HC HP Difference
Barbatos 748b 599b -20%
Crudelis 798b 614b -23%
Nouvelle 848b 678b -20%
Jasmine 998b 698b -30%
Tacitus 998b 698b -30%
Black Dragon Ghost N/A 484b N/A
Red Dragon Pether 1,258b 944b -25%

DPS mechanics have been adjusted so that a party of 6 reasonably geared players in +20 TL will be able to clear the mech comfortably.

Offensive and defensive stats are unchanged from VC, as VC was balanced according to +20 TL gear.


Rewards have been slightly updated for RDNVC as well

Reward VC HC
Rollable Wraths 8 5
Bound Wraths 8 5
Bound Scales 4 3
Vahrein 3 3
Rollable Pether's Soul Fragment 1 1
Bound Pether's Soul Fragment 1 2 0
Enhancement Voucher 30 10
Talisman Voucher 30 10
Memory of Roy 15 12
Zakad's Crystal 15 12
Rollable RDNL Ring 0 2 1
Rollable RDNL Necklace 0 2 1
Rollable RDNL Earring 0 2 1

The way the reward drops are distributed between chests has been adjusted as well to improve looting.

New System: Gate Revive

For both HC and VC, a new revival system has been added. The entire party will be revived after Gate 2: Crudelis and Gate 5: Tacitus.

[PvE] New Accessories

New accessories obtainable from RDN HC and VC have been added so we can finally stop using BDNL accessories. These accessories will form the basis of the new accessory system that will be implemented in a future patch.

Stat Ring Earring Necklace
STR/AGI/INT 650 1400 1500
VIT - 400 800
FD 70 70 70
PDMG 2100 - -
MDMG 2100 - -

These accessories are server storagable but untradable.

[PvE] Class Balancing

Small class adjustment this time around

/\c24\Lunar Knight

  • [Smash X] is now a ranged skill. The melee hits do a small percentage of the damage and the majority of the damage is spread between 4 hits (2 hits per blade)


  • [Unlimited Skill Reset Scrolls] have been added to Kylie's shop
  • Fixed an issue with [Countdown] being in PvP on [Laser Piercer EX]